How Do Celebrities With Diamond Face Shape Style Their Hair?

If you have a pointed chin and small forehead, take hair inspiration from celebs with this face shape.

By Anjali Sayee

A diamond face shape has a narrow forehead and pointed jawline. So when picking hairstyles, you need to make sure you don’t choose one that harshens your face shape. Here are some celebrity hairstyles for diamond face shapes to show classic examples of good cuts. Celebrities have expert hair stylists who pick only the best hairstyle for them to flaunt. So, take a leaf out of their books to know which styles go best with the diamond face shape. Keep reading to know more!

Hairstyles of Celebrities with Diamond Face Shapes

Read below to know more about hairstyles the diamond shaped face celebrities sported on:

1. Viola Davis:

Image: Getty

Viola is a celebrity who knows how to use her diamond face shape to get that perfect look with short hair! She uses the medium or short hair length very well that complements the diamond face type that she has been blessed with by keeping the hair off her face and taking the attention away from the rather sharp features that come with this face type.

2. Yvette Nicole Brown:

Image: Getty

She is a good example of a celebrity who tries on various looks on a diamond face type that complements her chubby frame. If you notice she has a very apt length of hair till her shoulders which does not take off attention from her distinctive facial features.

3. Garcelle Beauvais Nilon:

Image: Getty

She will stun you with the different kinds of hairstyles that can go with the diamond face shape. She carries the formal look very well with her rolled shoulder length hair that falls well on her diamond face type.

4. Tyra Banks:

Image: Getty

She is known for her sharp facial features that make her stand out even in a crowd. This supermodel sure does know how to make such a face look good with her tresses that are coloured just right and falling on her shoulders. This helps her carry the semi-formal look that she mostly portrays.

5. Shilpa Shetty:

Image: Getty

Though her face is long and oval as a whole, her sharp jaw line makes her face to be categorized under the diamond type. Shilpa is a well-known bollywood actress who is now a fitness guru to many. Her choice of medium and long hair is something that is not too common with the diamond face type but she sure does look stunning every time!

6. Koena Mitra:

This Hindi film actress has a very prominent looking diamond face type and her sexy body and fair complexion is well balanced with the kind of make-up and hair she wears. Again she is one person to look out for if you want a longer length with this face type.

7. Mallika Sherawat:

Image: Getty

This sultry Indian and International movie actress knows how to make the attention shift from her hot body to her diamond shaped face which is well presented with good hair cover. Mostly seen in black hair her wide smile complements her entire look.

8. Rihanna:

Image: Getty

Rihanna is a singer who can be distinctly identified to have a diamond-shaped face. Her hairstyle has always been short, close to a bob cut and has always looked good with her body and face type.

9. Serena Williams:

Image: Getty

Serena Williams is certainly a style icon of today for many women. This tennis star always keeps shoulder-length hair and makes it look great on her diamond-shaped face. Her dark complexion can be used well with the colour of her hair and does not overshadow her facial features.

10. Brandy Norwood:

Image: Getty

This dusky beauty has a beautiful smile which attracts a lot of attention. Her curly back hair goes a little beyond the shoulder length, has good volume and thickness to it that makes it look good on her frame.

Getting a perfect hairstyle for a diamond face shape can be tricky if you consider sharp facial features. However, you can get some inspiration from celebrities with the diamond face shape. Viola Davis, Yvette Nicole Brown, Garcelle Beauvais Nilon, Tyra Banks, and Shilpa Shetty are popular celebrities with diamond face shape. These people have a sharp jawline and narrow forehead. You can follow these flattering hairstyles from these top celebrities and try your favorite one on your hair that suits your diamond face shape.

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