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10 Must-Try Lakme Products of 2018 for Oily Skin

10 Must-Try Lakme Products of 2018 for Oily Skin February 23, 2018

Lakme is India’s No.1 Beauty brand and has a huge portfolio of products for everyone. Here, we picked the Top 10 products from Lakme stable.

Lakme Products For Oily Skin

1. Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Face Wash:

It’s a perfect face wash for oily skin, lakme’s perfect radiance intense whitening face wash fights the 6 blocks of fairness.

Deep derma clean action :

It extracts impurities from the deepest layers of the skin .It works at fighting 6 blocks of fairness namely dark spots, acne marks, blemishes, oiliness, tanning and dullness.

Continuous release technology :

Perfect radiance range has the breakthrough technology to release skin lightening vitamins into your epidermal skin cells throughout the day. This is suitable for oily skinned beauties as it helps in removing the excess oil from the face along with the dirt and grease. It does not completely strip you off of the natural oils off your face but helps in maintaining the moisture balance.

2. Lakme Fundamentals Skin Balancing Toner:

Toning the skin is very essential for everyone after cleansing your face especially for oily skin people. It helps in closing up the pores after cleansing and maintains the ph level of your face. It is important for oily skin people as it helps in removing the impurities and dirt which might have been left out by your face wash. And if you wear heavy makeup, then using a toner is a must. Lakme fundamentals skin balancing toner contains natural ingredients like witch hazel and lavender which are known for their toning properties. It also tightens the pores and helps in maintaining the ph balance; providing a complete skin hydration.

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3. Lakme Matte Effect Refreshing Astringent:

It’s a new range of product that’s been launched by Lakme. The matt effect astringent prevents any formation of oil and debris on the face, close the pores and restore the skin’s balance.Take a few drops of the astringent on a cotton pad and lightly dab on your face for a refreshing feeling.

Price: Rs 150 for 120 ml

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4. Lakme Perfect Radiance Day Cream:

Most of the oily skinned beauties stay away from using any kind of creams on their face. However you should know that even oily skin needs hydration and protection. If your looking for a lakme cream for oily skin then perfect radiance day cream is not greasy at all but is very light and smooth on skin giving a total matte finish. It has a sweet fragrance and is light pink in colour. This cream has extracts of white lily and scared lotus and helps to fight all signs of skin damage. Perfect day cream for oily skin beauties, do give it a try!!!!!!

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Price: Rs 99 for 15 gm

5. Lakme Sun Expert with SPF 30:

The lakme’s sunscreen range has something for every skin type. The sun expert Lakme sunscreen for oily skin with SPF 30 has a special oil control formula. It contains mineral clay which is the best ingredient for oil control and also contains natural ingredients like cucumber and lemon grass extracts which protects the skin and lighten the blemishes. With the SPF 30, it is very light weight and keeps your face fresh and oil-free. It also gives you an instant cooling effect to your skin when applied.

6. Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Soufflé:

Lakme had recently launched the daily wear soufflé which has been an instant hit.  Its 100% water based formula is lightweight so skin does not feel weighed down by extra layers. The soufflé enriched with sunscreen and cucumber extracts is ideal for daily wear. It does not clog your pores and does not sweat your face. Available in 3 shades, this is ideal for oily skin.

7. Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation:

This is perhaps the only Lakme foundation for oily skin in the Lakme range. The new Lakme invisible finish foundation blends perfectly with your skin and provides a full coverage for a matte and flawless invisible finish. This foundation is water based and thus is light weight. It has a SPF 8 and is available in 6 shades.

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8. Lakme Intense Whitening Compact:

This compact flawlessly blends into your skin making it look visibly fair and translucently radiant. Its unique formula contains skin brightening pearls, vitamin B3 (lightens skin) and SPF 23 UVA and UVB protection. It provides a matte finish and gives an oil free look.

Price: Rs 160 for 8 gm

9. Lakme Nine to Five Dual Action Makeup Remover:

The removal of makeup is very important as it can lead to clogged pores; break out, pimples and uneven skin tone. Oily skin people should specially make it a habit to remove the make-up before going to bed. It removes thoroughly all kinds of make- up.

Price: 295 for 120 ml

10. Lakme Matte Effect Mattifying Fluid:

Even oily skin needs hydration and protection throughout the day. This Mattifying fluid retains and replenishes moisture that is lost during the day.  It is ideal for oily skin as it has a water based formula.

*Subject to Availability

Let us know what your favourite Lakme products are? Keep it stylish!!!!!

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