Top 10 Most Beautiful Yellow Roses

Top 10 Most Beautiful Yellow Roses September 22, 2017

Yellow roses were discovered in the eighteenth century and immediately became popular. The saying state that yellow roses meaning stands as a symbol of friendship, joy and platonic love. As bright and yellow as the sun, these roses reflect the purity of friendship. Hybridization techniques have made it possible to create new and numerous varieties of yellow roses, some of which are listed below.

Most Beautiful Yellow Roses

1. Shrub rose:

This term was coined by the American Rose Society to include the various varieties of roses that did not particularly fit into any category. These are very hardy roses and grow very tall. They are grown in shrubs and do a perfect job of lining fences and cottage gates. They can be used for decorative and cooking purposes.

2. Teasing Georgia yellow rose:

This variety of roses is simply gorgeous. They have a vibrant yellow center which is neatly surrounded by a few white petals. These roses can be very picturesque climbers. They are indeed magnificent flowers to have in your garden.

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3. Yellow English rose:

These densely perfumed flowers are perfect for a garden because they have both an aromatic and aesthetic presence about them. English roses generally have thick petals and are quite hardy. That is why they are great flowers to use at a wedding.

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4. Golden celebration rose:

These are giant cup shaped roses and have a brilliant golden hue. These gorgeous flowers are hardy and easy to grow. These qualities have made them a commercial hit. They are now used in major ceremonies as decorations.

5. Sun sprinkles rose:

This rose looks literally looks like the sun has sprinkled all of its warm yellow color on it. They can be used as delightful landscape décor. The blazing yellow is contrasted with the deep green hue make these roses very photographic. This miniature rose variety has also won the AARS honor.

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6. Graham Thomas rose:

Voted the World’s Favorite Rose, this delightful yellow rose has a very fascinating appearance. They are very tall climbers and can grow up to ten to twelve feet when grown against a wall. This variety is both bewitching and hardy.

7. Lady of shallot rose:

Named after the legendary Lady of Shallot, these roses have a very deep hue, which tend towards orange but retain their magnificent yellow. These are chalice shaped and a lady of shallot rose bush grows up to eight feet as a climber. It has been named after Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem and projects all the glory of the eighteenth century.

8. Mint Julep Rose:

This dazzling rose has a lemon yellow interior with delicate lime green fringes. This variety of roses is truly something worth looking at. They have a combination of two very delicate colors to give it a feminine and soft appearance. These roses only look delicate but are in fact quite pest resistant.

9. Long Stem Yellow Roses:

When you gift someone a bunch of Long Stem Yellow Roses you gift them a tuft of sunshine too. Warm, inviting and cheerful, these are the perfect roses for a bouquet.

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10. Geisha yellow rose:

These are extremely pretty roses that are used mainly for decorative purposes like weddings, anniversaries, bridal showers, and so on.

Don’t these yellow rose images just steal your heart?

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