Top 10 Skin Care Brands Available In India

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Here is a list of our top 10 Indian skin care brands that have products for each and everyone’s needs and demands.

1. Olay:

Olay is a U.S based cosmetic brand having product ranges like ‘The total effects’, ‘Perfect Radiance’, ‘Olay vitamins and professionals’. Their entire range is specially designed for moisturizing and toning your skin.  Products like ‘The Regenerist’ have been particularly formulated to help get rid of the skin problems caused by age. Being as effective as high end luxury products, Olay is the world’s leading cosmetic and is among the best of the skin care brands.

2. ProActiv:

Proactive is the world’s popular acne treatment brand. Proactive offers various products like cleansers, toners, repair treatments, moisturizers, and masks to fight acne and acne related problems. This is again one of the top skin care brands especially if you need a solution for acne problems.

3. Neutrogena:

Neutrogena has a huge variety of cleansers, face washes, creams, lotions and self-tanners that can be very easily found in drugstores. For soft hands without making them feel oily, try – The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. They  also has self-tanning products that help in conditioning your skin, giving you a beautiful, warm, bronze glow.

4. Estee Lauder Companies:

Estee Lauder is a U.S based cosmetic brand. It is a very popular brand dealing with hair, skincare, makeup and fragrance products. It is also one of the oldest cosmetic brand and was founded in 1946. Estee Lauder also owns several companies having skin care and make up lines, including M-A-C, Clinique, Origins, Aveda, Bobbie Brown, Estee Lauder itself and etc. The entire skin care range is formulated to help and keep the skin healthy glowing, including the repair creams and wrinkle reducing creams in their product line and having products to cater to different skin types.

5. Lotus Herbals:

Lotus Herbals is India’s leading natural cosmetics company. Their products utilize herbal ingredients instead of chemical-based, synthetic and cruel animal tested cosmetics. Emphasizing on a holistic approach to products, each of their products contains a combination of extracts of different herbs to protect, heal and enhance skin and hair. Providing from skincare to hair care products and make up, Lotus herbals is a brand delivering and promising products with reasonable prices.

6. L’Oréal:

L’Oréal, one of the world leaders in cosmetics, is synonymous with beauty and innovation. From their starting price range to their high end professional products, they deliver all good products. They have an entire huge line of makeup, hair care and skincare products, suitable for every skin and hair type.

7. Nivea:

Nivea, one of the leading companies in skincare, have products that cleanse, nourish and protect your skin. They have an entire range of moisturizers, daily creams and cold creams among others. They have products for both men and women, suitable for all skin types and combinations.

8. Avon:

Avon offers complete skin care products for the mature woman under the Avon brand, and also a line for younger women and teens under the Mark brand. Ranging from lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes to fragrances, Avon has a lot to offer.  It also has products suitable for men.

9. The Body Shop:

Founded in the UK, The Body Shop is a global manufacturer and retailer of naturally inspired, ethically produced beauty and cosmetics products. And each of their products is animal cruelty free and vegetarian. Ranging from skincare, make up to hair care, The Body Shop products are quite popular among the masses. They also have hair care range that doesn’t contain any silicone, parabens and sulphates. Among their skin care products their body butters  is a hit in the market.

10. Lakmé:

Lakmé is an Indian brand of cosmetics, owned by Unilever. Including many make up products and skincare, haircare products, ranging from eye shadow quads, lipsticks, liners and even moisturizers and sun screens; It provides products at a reasonable price.

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