10 Best Places (Or) Studios To Get Tattooed In Bengaluru

This city has the best options according to your budget and preference.

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Looking to get a tattoo in Bangalore? They are quite popular in the city. Though there are several tattoo places available – from roadside stalls to sections in sophisticated malls, you should be careful where you get your tattoo inked from. Choose a place that is hygienic, and where the designers are the ones making the tattoo – and not just letting their students loose. Here is a list of the best tattoo parlors in Bangalore to assist you.

Where To Get A Tattoo In Bangalore

1. Brahma Tattoo Studio:

This is the first tattoo studio that was opened in Bangalore. It has a mystic ambience – one that suits its designers. The artists here are cool and talented. They will design any tattoo according to your description. You will not regret going to this place! The address is – No. 5o/1 Church Street, off M.G. road, below State Bank of India.

2. Junior Tattooz Studio:

Junior Tattooz Studio maintains good hygiene levels. The needles are disposed of after each use and the inks used are made from vegetable dyes. The designers are quite skilled in their jobs and they specialize in Tribal tattoos, Butterfly tattoos, Fairy tattoos, Biomechanical Tattoos, Japanese tattoos and Portrait Tattoos. They will also design anything you ask them to. Pradeep Junior, the one who opened this studio, has been engaged in tattoo making since 2009. So you can imagine how deft his fingers are!

3. Eternal Expression:

Eternal Expression is another awesome tattoo parlor in Bangalore. The designers here will take care of all your tattoo demands! Portrait tattoos are their general specialty but they make a host of other tattoos too!

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Eternal Expression boasts of artists experienced in 3D ink, cosmetic tattoos, and painless piercings. They have worked in filmmaking projects as well. Additionally, they also have a training program in place to train professional tattoo artists.

4. Dark Arts – The Tattoo Studio:

Pradeep Menon, the founder of this studio, is an excellent tattoo artist. Located in Frazer town, this studio sometimes produces unparalleled work!

5. Gold Touch Tattoo Studio:

Gold Touch Tattoo Studio’s primary artist Puneet is one of the best professional tattoo design makers in Bangalore. The best part about this designer is the way he treats his clients. He will warn you of all the possible consequences of getting the tattoo and also tell you the precautions you must take.

6. Buddha Tattoos:

The best part about Buddha Tattoos is that they will send an artist over to your place – and that too at an affordable price!

7. Kraayonz Tattoo Studio:

This studio is located at Raheja Arcade in Koramangala. It is a part of a chain of tattoo parlours which was started by Sameer Patange. One of his best students, Deep, is the main designer here. This studio maintains top-notch hygiene standards. The skill of the designers who work here is evident in the designs they create.

8. Heavens Tattoo Studio:

The studio’s address is 8, Castle Street, 1st Floor, Ashoknagar. The designers here are very skilled and can make almost any design look realistic.

9. Maria Tattoos Studio:

The address of this studio is No.17 D, HDFC ATM, Lubbay Masjid, Commercial Street. The studio is clean and hygienic and the designers are skilled.

10. Inkprik Tattoo Studio:

The designer who opened this studio has trained under the international tattoo expert Lancelot Wilkie. So you can imagine the extent of his skill!

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Inkprik studio has been a popular tattoo parlor in Bangalore since 2008. They are knowledgeable and have a distinct craft offered at affordable rates.

Infographic: 5 Tips To Choose The Best Tattoo Parlor

Getting a tattoo is a long-term commitment, so you need to choose a tattoo studio that offers a professional and welcoming environment while prioritizing your safety and ensuring the use of proper equipment and sterilization techniques. Expect a thorough consultation where the artist will listen to your vision and provide expert advice on how they will create the tattoo of your dreams, giving you confidence in their abilities. Ultimately, the best tattoo parlor provides a comfortable experience while delivering a high-quality tattoo that you’ll cherish for long. The infographic below lists 5 things to remember so you choose the best place to get tattooed. Check it out!

5 tips to choose the best tattoo parlor (infographic)

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Tattoos are an incredible way of revealing your inner style and personality. These bold and beautiful patterns and body art can convey your emotions, beliefs, and creativity. In reality, however, you are just a canvas. What truly matters is the artist who paints their masterpiece on you. Therefore, it is important to consult a seasoned expert to make sure you can express your feelings effectively. If you’re looking to get a permanent tattoo in Bangalore, these artists may help you with the process. They can assist you in getting tattooed, what to expect, and how to care for your ink and skin, so you keep it looking good as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a tattoo in Bangalore?

Depending on the level of complexity, tattoo prices in Bangalore can range from 1500 to 3000 rupees per square inch.

Which is the best place to get a tattoo in Bangalore?

One of the best places is at Brahma Tattoo Studio, Eternal Expression, or Dark Arts – The Tattoo Studio.

Which city is famous for tattoos in India?

Goa, and the artists in Goa are renowned for experimenting and their flair for innovation, regardless of what you want or where you want it. Goa is known for its nightlife, but it is also the best location for getting inked because it is dotted with tattoo parlors.

What is the legal age for tattoos in Bangalore?

In India, there is no set age at which one can get a tattoo.

Key Takeaways

  • Getting inked is a popular form of self-expression in Bengaluru. Hence, there is no dearth of good tattoo parlors in the city, be it a tiny studio on the street or a posh parlor in a mall.
  • Before you choose a parlor for yourself, do look over their social media accounts and artist portfolios online to get a fair idea of their work ethics, skills, specialization, customer satisfaction, hygiene practices, and more.
  • Ask for a consultation before you book an appointment. During the consultation, share your vision, ask your queries, and note if the artists and other staff are polite and communicative to ensure your comfort during the process.

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