Top 10 Copper Rich Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

by Jayshree Bhagat

Boy: I need Vitamins, Carbohydrates, and Proteins to be as strong as my Daddy.

Mom: Oh! You forgot Iron & Copper too.

Boy: What is Copper? Do we eat it? Will you cook it?

That was a small kid who wanted to know about Copper? Do we adults know??

In this article, we will explore a little on Copper, its importance to human body and top food sources. 

What is Copper?

Copper is one of the minerals required for coding enzymes, producing melanin and tissues in our body.

Along with Iron, it also helps in the formation of red blood cells. It is naturally found in various foods.

Deficiency of Copper can be treated with proper diet or with supplements.

How much Copper does a human body need?

Adults above 19 years old should consume about 900 mcg of copper everyday for good health.

What does Copper do?

Copper helps in maintaining healthy bones, immune system and blood vessels.

A rich mineral like Copper should be a part of our daily supplementary diet. To understand better, let us look at some of the top natural sources of Copper:

Top 10 Copper Rich Foods:

1. Seafood: 

Seafood is definitely one of the category food rich in copper! Some of these varieties are tuna, calamari (or squid), lobster, haddock, salmon, and sardines. Among all seafood, Oyster is the richest source of copper.

SourceCopper in 100g
Oysters7.2 mg
tuna0.1 mg
salmon0.1 mg
sardines0.3 mg

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2. Meat: 

Meat apart from Proteins also has Copper in it. Meats like beef, pork, liver, turkey, and chicken contain Copper and can help get rid of copper deficiencies. In an animal, its liver is filled with many vitamins and minerals, including copper. Veal liver has the highest amount of copper in meat variants is considered high among the list of foods rich in copper.

SourceCopper in 100g
Veal cooked15.1mg
beef14.3 mg
pork0.7 mg
liver7.0 mg

3. Eggs: 

Egg yolk contains small amount of Copper in it as well. Even if you are not a meat lover but can digest Eggs, then it can help you here. This gives us one good reason to eat those yummy cakes!

SourceCopper in 100g
Egg yolk0.2 mg

4. Spices & Herbs:

Some spices have Copper in them. Their usage in foods everyday can provide copper to our body. These spices are mustard, chilli powder, cloves, celery seed, cumin, saffron, spearmint, coriander leaf, dill, mace, curry powder and onion powder. Dried herbs like chervil, marjoram, tarragon and thyme also contain small amount of copper in them.

SourceCopper in 100g
celery seed1.4 mg
cumin0.9 mg
mustard0.4 mg
chilli powder0.4 mg
saffron0.3 mg
spearmint0.2 mg
coriander leaf0.2 mg
onion powder0.2 mg

5. Sun Dried Tomatoes:

This is a widely known source of copper. These are also good in Iron and Potassium. They are used often in pizzas, sauces and salads.

SourceCopper in 100g
Sun Dried Tomatoes1.4 mg

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6. Vegetables, Fruits & Pulses: 

Vegetables like mushrooms, soybeans, radishes and kidney beans which are easily available in the market have copper in them.

Fruits are known for Antioxidants, Vitamins, Iron and Minerals like Copper. The fruits that help in providing Copper are lemon, star fruit, blackberry, litchi, guava, pineapple, apricots & bananas.

SourceCopper in 100g
mushrooms (shiitake & scooked)5.3 mg
soybeans0.4 mg
radishes0.1 mg
kidney beans0.2 mg
SourceCopper in 100g
lemon0.3 mg
star fruit0.1 mg
blackberry0.2 mg
litchi0.2 mg
pineapple0.1 mg

7. Nuts:

Nuts have a load of goodness in them. Almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, pistachios, pine nuts, hazelnuts and walnuts are the richest sources of Copper. Their usage in foods everyday provides both Copper and Iron to our body. These nuts also contain good amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids which help in maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails.

SourceCopper in 100g
Cashew Nuts2.0 mg
Almonds0.9 mg
peanuts0.7 mg
pistachios1.6 mg
pine nuts1.8 mg
hazelnuts2.0 mg
walnuts1.9 mg

8. Chocolate:

Yummy! Now, someone talks sense. Isn’t it??

Unsweetened cocoa powder or hot chocolate is high in Copper. Go on people stack your kitchen with Coco now!

SourceCopper in 100g
cocoa powder3.8 mg

9. Beverages: 

Beverages like black tea, cocoa, coffee, beer; wine have a small amount of copper present in them. They can fulfil the amount of copper required by our body, but must be taken in small quantity due to caffeine and other ingredients present in them.

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10. Seeds:

Usually all types of edible seeds are rich sources of copper. They also contain Protein, Potassium, Zinc, Iron, B&E Vitamins, Magnesium and Calcium.

Pumpkin, squash, watermelon seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds are some varieties that contain Copper.

SourceCopper in 100g
sesame seeds4.1 mg
Pumpkin0.1 mg
watermelon seeds0.7 mg
flax seeds1.2 mg
sunflower seeds1.8 mg

Knowing which foods give us Copper is not enough, also knowing how much to consume is important too! Some key tips about copper foods:

  • Don’t over eat Copper rich foods. At times more than large portions can turn poisonous.
  • Excessive intake over a long run can lead to hepatitis, kidney problems, brain disorders, cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, depression, schizophrenia, hypertension, senility, insomnia and several other disorders.
  • Low copper levels can lead to anaemia, joint pains, lowered immunity and osteoporosis in some cases.
  • To check copper levels in a human body, a hair sample is collected for analysis by labs at various medical centres.

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We hope that this article would have given you a bit of an insight into Copper rich foods. Do drop in a couple of lines for us to read and share it with your friends. Good information is useful only when shared!

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