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India’s first Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen, its second Lara Dutta, and third Harnaz Sandhu have ensured that the country has unimaginable talent. They have inspired so many female models in India that today we feel more and more of the country’s people. However, while we celebrate the success of many Indian models, it is also essential to have a great understanding of their journeys. From acing the catwalk, creative photography skills, finding agencies, creating portfolios, and acing the makeup, hair, and accessories, modeling is not an easy feat. These successful models/actresses are the pride of our fashion industry. All you will have to do is, scroll below to look at the top models of the country and their inspiring stories below. So without further ado, let us get started.

1. Aishwarya Rai

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Image: Instagram

Okay, if your first reaction to this is WHAT?!! – We need to talk. We know her as an actress and Miss World, but she was a model much before any of this, so how could I not start this article with Aishwarya? There’s nobody quite like this Mangalore beauty with such beautiful eyes, hair, and skin. But, we are grateful that she started off as a model – because how else would we have discovered this beauty?

2. Padma Lakshmi

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Image: Instagram @padmalakshmi

The damsel from Chennai, who was the mother of all supermodels of India, made a name for herself even before cultural diversity was a thing. It was pure serendipity that an agent discovered her at a quaint cafe in Madrid, Spain, and the rest is history. Her Paris Week assignment was only a start to her modeling career, and she soon became a supermodel as dusky beauties had started to become a thing. Padma Lakshmi is known for being the judge on ‘Masterchef Australia’, has acted in films and TV shows, and written her own cookbook. She traipsed through so many odds both personally and professionally, which is what makes her an inspiration to millions everywhere.

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Padma Lakshmi was 21 years old when she started her modeling career. She has modeled for prominent designers like Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Gianni Versace.

3. Archana Akhil Kumar

Archana Akhil Kumar is among the top female models in India
Image: Instagram @archanaakilkumar

Another diva from Bangalore who was discovered right out of college. She walked in the Paris Fashion Week – and this is what all model dreams are made of. After her stint at the Paris Fashion Week, she bagged another big break when she was asked to participate in ‘Elite Look Of The Year’ in 2011 and made it to the final few. She has ever since been shuttling to and from New York, Paris, London and all other big fashion destinations. It’s been over 7 years that this twenty-something model set her foot into modeling, but she is still huge in the industry.

4. Bhumika Arora

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Image: Instagram @bhumika_arora04

Bhumika Arora, a name you would have heard of if you are even remotely into fashion, style, modeling, etc. After the legacy of Anjali Mendes, Ujjwala Raut, and other Indian supermodels who took the Indian modeling scene to the next level, we have people like Bhumika Arora amongst others that are carrying the baton. At 26, she first walked the ramp at the Paris Fashion Week and went all out the next three years with big names just getting added to the list. From sharing cover pages on magazines like ‘Elle’ to an individual cover story on Vogue, and making it to the Forbes ‘30 Under 30 List’, Bhumika Arora is a fighter and gives us inspiration for all the right reasons.

5. Nina Davuluri

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Image: Instagram @ninadavuluri

Nina Davuluri is the first female of Indian descent to have won the ‘Miss America’ title. While there’s a lot of fluff about her being more American than Indian, we or anyone cannot deny that the world celebrated cultural diversity with her. She now hosts a show called ‘Made in America’ that airs on Zee TV America. She beat all odds to be where she is, and that’s the kind of inspiration we could all use.

6. Lakshmi Menon

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Image: Instagram @menonlakshmi

Lakshmi Menon is one of the few Indian fashion models who has continuously been working with International model agencies from the time she first started modeling. Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Chanel, Stella McCartney, etc. are just a few big names she walked the ramp for. She is not a typecast of a dusky Indian beauty working her way towards bagging minuscule roles in Hollywood. From magazine covers to editorials all over US, UK, and Europe, Lakshmi Menon has set the world on fire.

7. Nicole Faria

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Image: Instagram @nicolefaria9

India was all praises for Nicole Faria when she brought home the Miss India Earth title in 2010; it was the only title we won that year. Nicole, who is from Bengaluru, always knew that she had a strong affinity for modeling, and wanted to make it big in the industry. And, that’s precisely what she did. She has ever since been a staple at the runways, fashion shows, magazine cover, and all things supermodel-like!

8. Angela Jonsson

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Image: Instagram @angela.jonsson

Angela Jonsson is not your average Indian model – her mother is from Mangalore and father is from Iceland. She aims to make it big in Bollywood soon. Her career took off when she was first signed up for the Kingfisher Calendar in 2011, which was and is still a big deal. From studying dance and taking up yoga to become a teacher and becoming a supermodel, Angela has a lot of firsts to her name. A bunch of magazine covers followed her first big stint, and there has been no looking back for her.

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She also was voted as one among the Times 50 Most Desirable Women in India in 2011. Later, she became a judge in the Kingfisher Calendar Girl Hunt 2012.

9. Radhika Nair

Radhika Nair is among the top female models in India
Image: Shutterstock

Radhika Nair is the first ever Indian model to walk the ramp for Balenciaga for its Spring/Summer collection 2017. She was popularly known as ‘that girl with curly hair,’ and worked for significant brands right after making her debut. If anything, stories like these give us reassurance that diversity still exists and provide enough validation for us or anyone else aspiring to be a supermodel.

10. Diana Penty

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Image: Shutterstock

Diana Penty is an Indian model and actress born to a Parsi father and Christian mother. Based out of Mumbai, India, she started her modeling career in 2005 and was associated with Elite Models India. She quickly became one of the most coveted models in the industry, and made her Bollywood debut in 2012 with the movie Cocktail. As a model, Penty has done amazing work and has features in various well-known magazines, including Vogue, Verve, Elle, and Femina. She has also walked the ramp for some of the best and most renowned Indian designers, such as Rohit Bal, Rina Dhaka, and Wendell Rodricks.

Infographic: Top Models From India – The Best To Grace The Ramp

We actually think that it’s unfair to narrow down the best models from India. Often referred to as a land of exotic beauty, Indian models leave the world awestruck the moment they take to international runways. However, if we are to recognize them by their achievements, there have been a few who have put India at the top of the global fashion scene. We have narrowed them down further in the infographic below. Take a look!

top models from india the best to grace the ramp (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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India has given us so many models who have inspired many people to understand the importance of having a dream and the hard work behind it. Be it the beautiful Aishwarya Rai, Bhumika Arora, Nicole Faira, or Radhika Nair, these female models in India have inspired us to explore our creativity. They have shown us that anything is possible if you dare to dream and believe in yourself. If you are looking for some courage and what to do next, read this article on these successful models to understand their journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Indian Victoria’s Secret models?

There are many Victoria’s Secret models from India. Monikangana Dutta was the first model from India to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel.
Banner Image Credits: Instagram

What are some common misconceptions about female models in India?

A common misconception about female models in India is that they have to eat very less food to stay in shape. There are many models who love food and don’t restrict themselves. Other misconceptions may be that they have to fit into certain body standards, age parameters, and economic backgrounds to make their name in the field.

What are some challenges female models in India face?

Some challenges female models in India face include dealing with rejection, maintaining optimal work-life balance, managing finances, and more.

Is modeling a successful job?

Yes, modeling is a successful job if you have the right confidence and poise in your personality and behavior.

Key Takeaways

  • India’s top female models have diverse backgrounds and inspiring journeys that highlight the country’s talent and cultural richness.
  • From Aishwarya Rai’s move from modeling to acting to Padma Lakshmi’s rise to fame as a supermodel and TV personality, these women have overcome challenges to achieve success.
  • Models such as Bhumika Arora and Lakshmi Menon opened the road for aspiring Indian models to break stereotypes and achieve global recognition.
female models in india

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