11 Most Beautiful White Rose Varieties You’d Have Ever Seen

White flowers are a treat for the eyes, whether for outdoor or indoor decorations.

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While flowers make for a lovely gift for someone special or your own self, do you know that they symbolize more than just their delicate colors? For example, consider the different colors of roses. While the red roses signify love, passion, and romance, the white roses stand for purity, tranquility, innocence, bliss, and reverence. So, imagine what a bunch of red and white roses together would mean to your loved one. They would also be the most popular choice for memorials and wedding flower decorations. To help you know more about white roses, their varieties, and combinations, we have listed them all here for you. Read on to pick the one that best suits your pure heart.

Most Beautiful Of The White Roses

1. Mme. Alfred Carriere Rose

Mme. Alfred Carriere rose is a gorgeous variety of white roses. These almost thorn less roses bearing a somewhat informal shape are in full bloom during the months of June and July. These are climber roses that grow up to twenty feet. They have a snow white interior with tinges of orange/pink.

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Mme Alfred Carriere was given the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society’s “Award of Garden Merit” in 1993.

2. Winchester Cathedral Rose

Winchester Cathedral Rose
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Winchester Cathedral rose belongs to the English rose species and is named after the Winchester Cathedral in Britain. These have a very beautiful snowy white colour with occasional touches of pink. These roses offer a very delicate fragrance thus providing both an aesthetic and aromatic appeal.

3. Mme Plantier Rose

These are essentially climber roses and can grow up to nine feet in height. They are hardy and resistant to pests but only flower properly during winter. They grow in clusters but the petals on each flower are neatly arranged around the centre. They can be grown as either a shrub or a climber and have a very strong and appealing fragrance.

4. Glamis Castle Rose

Glamis was Macbeth’s castle in Shakespeare legendary play. Duncan described the castle by stating it ‘hath a pleasant seat’ where the air ‘sweetly’ recommended itself onto his senses.  This rose thus has a very appropriate name.  The flowers are stunning and have an exceptionally pleasant fragrance that can make the surrounding air sweet and delightful.

5. Long John Silver Rose

Long John Silver Rose
Image: Shutterstock

These roses grow tall and have a silvery white colour, just as the name suggests. These are dazzling roses to grow in a garden or to decorate a room with.

6. Mrs. Herbert Stevens Rose

This belongs to a climbing rose species and can grow up to twenty feet. Along with height, this variety of roses has beauty grace and elegance that can make any garden glorious. They have a strong fragrance and should be grown in such a place where this fragrance can be appreciated.

7. Wollerton Old Hall Rose

These chalice shaped roses have a tinge of mystery around them. A Wollerton Old Hall rose garden would provide a divine escape to anyone seeking it with their strong fragrance and  marvellous colour.

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The white rose is named after one of the most beautiful private gardens in Shropshire. The gardens are set around a 16th-century hall and feature roses in creative plant combinations. They are open to the public on select days throughout the summer.

8. Alba Maxima Rose

This rose species has survived through the times and look grand when planted to fit an old garden theme. They are hardy and can live through harsh and difficult conditions. These roses thus are a symbol of persistence and perseverance. They have a creamy white colour and look magnificent when grown in clusters.

9. Yvonne Rabier Roses

Yvonne Rabier Roses are full bloom roses that grow in clusters. They have a creamy white texture and smell very good. These look charming when grown in clusters or shrubs.  These flowers are unique and bewitching, just like their name.

10. Mountain Snow Rose

These climber roses can grow up to fifteen feet. They belong to the climbing and rambler rose’s species and are very shapely and pretty. They can be used as wedding bouquets or decorations or as decorative flower arrangements for homes. Garden lovers can plant these to improve the landscape considerably.

11. Lichfield Angel Rose

Lichfield Angel Rose
Image: Shutterstock

The Lichfield Angel Rose looks like a special flower inspired by a really old, beautiful sculpture called the Lichfield Angel, making it a perfect blend of nature and history. When it blooms, its gentle soft-colored petals remind us of the calm and peaceful feeling that the angel statue makes each of us feel. This rose is nature’s way of saying “thank you” to the amazing work of artists from a long time ago. The beautiful outer white petals and delicate inner light peach petals, truly make this rose a work of art. This special rose brings together ancient art and modern beauty, making us feel connected to both the past and the natural world. It is a sweet-smelling reminder of something really special in England.

Infographic: Trivia About Roses

With thousands of species mesmerizing the world for ages, there was no way roses could prevent the popularity they have always been enjoying. From literature and music to art across the globe, this flower has seen its presence almost everywhere. While it is not easy to know everything about it, we can still try, can’t we? With that in mind, we have created an infographic introducing you to some amazing facts about roses. Check it out below.

trivia about roses (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

White roses are a sight to behold. These roses bring a fresh and positive vibe to the garden or the place decorated with these roses. The white roses are beautiful and are considered the symbol of calmness, purity, serenity, innocence, and loyalty. It can also be used at memorials, weddings, and other celebrations. Winchester Cathedral rose, Glamis Castle rose, and Mrs. Herbert Stevens roses are some of the varieties of white roses. The list above discusses all the other varieties available in this color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do white roses grow naturally?

Yes. They exist in the wild and as cultivated varieties in different parts of the world.

Are white roses romantic?

Yes. Giving white roses as a gift may symbolize that the love you have is also pure and innocent.

Why do girls like white roses?

White roses are popular among men and women alike. But girls seem to like white roses more because it represents purity, faithfulness, and feminine energy.

How do I choose the best white roses for a wedding or other special occasion?

The size, number of petals, fragrance, and shade are some important factors to consider while choosing white roses for a wedding or other special occasions. If you have a wide space, go for bigger and more fragrant flowers.

What are some popular cultural or literary references to white roses, and how have they been depicted in art and media?

White roses can be easily seen in various cultural and literary references. Vincent Van Gogh’s famous work “Roses” features white roses. White roses are an important motif in the movie “White Roses” (2014). It is often used as a symbol of peace and romance in movies.

What are some fun and creative ways to incorporate white roses into home decor or crafts?

White roses make for amazing home decor. You can put them in a vase as a centerpiece on the table. They look great with baby’s breath, hydrangeas, and pink roses. You can also make a resin decor piece with your wedding white roses and keep them forever.

Key Takeaways

  • Some beautiful varieties of white roses include Winchester Cathedral, Alba Maxima, Mountain Snow, and Lichfield Angel.
  • They symbolize purity, loyalty, innocence, calmness, persistence, and perseverance.
  • These flowers bring a positive and fresh vibe to the garden and are perfect for memorials, weddings, and similar celebrations.

white roses_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Discover the best 30 white, fragrant rose varieties! From classic favorites to modern hybrids, find the perfect rose for your garden in the following video.

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