Top 10 Most Beautiful White Roses

Written by Khushboo Mehta

Flowers are a great way to communicate. Different flower colours can communicate different words. The white rose means a symbol or gesture that conveys purity, innocence, reverence and bliss. They are the most common wedding flowers and come in wide varieties. Listed below are some most popular white rose images and species.

Most Beautiful Of The White Roses

1. Mme. Alfred Carriere Rose

Mme. Alfred Carriere rose is a gorgeous variety of white roses. These almost thorn less roses bearing a somewhat informal shape are in full bloom during the months of June and July. These are climber roses that grow up to twenty feet. They have a snow white interior with tinges of orange/pink.

2. Winchester Cathedral Rose

Winchester Cathedral rose belongs to the English rose species and is named after the Winchester Cathedral in Britain. These have a very beautiful snowy white colour with occasional touches of pink. These roses offer a very delicate fragrance thus providing both an aesthetic and aromatic appeal.

3. Mme Plantier Rose

These are essentially climber roses and can grow up to nine feet in height. They are hardy and resistant to pests but only flower properly during winter. They grow in clusters but the petals on each flower are neatly arranged around the centre. They can be grown as either a shrub or a climber and have a very strong and appealing fragrance.

4. Glamis Castle Rose

Glamis was Macbeth’s castle in Shakespeare legendary play. Duncan described the castle by stating it ‘hath a pleasant seat’ where the air ‘sweetly’ recommended itself onto his senses.  This rose thus has a very appropriate name.  The flowers are stunning and have an exceptionally pleasant fragrance that can make the surrounding air sweet and delightful.

5. Long John Silver Rose

These roses grow tall and have a silvery white colour, just as the name suggests. These are dazzling roses to grow in a garden or to decorate a room with.

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6. Mrs. Herbert Stevens Rose

This belongs to a climbing rose species and can grow up to twenty feet. Along with height, this variety of roses has grace and elegance that can make any garden glorious. They have a strong fragrance and should be grown in such a place where this fragrance can be appreciated.

7. Wollerton Old Hall Rose

These chalice shaped roses have a tinge of mystery around them. A Wollerton Old Hall rose garden would provide a divine escape to anyone seeking it with their strong fragrance and  marvellous colour.

8. Alba Maxima Rose

This rose species has survived through the times and look grand when planted to fit an old garden theme. They are hardy and can live through harsh and difficult conditions. These roses thus are a symbol of persistence and perseverance. They have a creamy white colour and look magnificent when grown in clusters.

9. Yvonne Rabier Roses

Yvonne Rabier Roses are full bloom roses that grow in clusters. They have a creamy white texture and smell very good. These look charming when grown in clusters or shrubs.  These flowers are unique and bewitching, just like their name.

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10. Mountain Snow Rose

These climber roses can grow up to fifteen feet. They belong to the climbing and rambler rose’s species and are very shapely and pretty. They can be used as wedding decorations or as decorative flower arrangements for homes. Garden lovers can plant these to improve the landscape considerably.

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