12 Most Beautiful Orange Roses For Your Garden

Welcome health, happiness, and peace to your surroundings with these beautiful blossoms.

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Orange roses are a symbol of youth, vibrancy and life. They also make great wedding roses. These roses can add playfulness to any garden. Here is a list of orange roses.

1. Abraham Darby:

This rose has been named after Abraham Darby. It grows as a tall shrub or as a short climber. It belongs to the category of English roses and is very hardy. These gorgeous roses have a delightful and fruity fragrance that can mesmerize anyone. The average height of these roses is five feet.

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Abraham Darby is also popularly known as AUScot, candy rain, and country darby tree.

2. Tamora:

The name of these magnificent roses has been incorporated from Shakespeare play ‘Titus Andronicus’. These roses are perfect for rose beds. They are cup shaped flowers and smell like lilacs or mimosas. They generally don’t grow very tall in warm climates and are very hardy.

3. Port Sunlight:

These glorious apricot coloured roses are hardy and have a wonderful rich tea fragrance. They make wonderful decorations for occasions like weddings, anniversaries and so on. They have excellent repeating and thus can be a very pleasurable plant to grow in a garden.

4. Lady of Shallot:

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Named after the Lady of Shallot, a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, these roses are pretty and mystical just like the lead character in the poem. The petals are chalice shaped and have a warm tea fragrance which is infused with the lovely smell of apples and cloves. These are perfect garden roses.

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In 2012, Lady of Shallot was honored with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. It was also awarded the American Garden Rose Selections award in 2017.

5. Lady Emma Hamilton:

Lady Emma Hamilton orange rose
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These roses are perfect for an amateur gardener because they are very hardy and easy to grow. They have a vibrant citrus orange and yellow-orange hue about them and look wonderful set against the background of the deep green leaves. Along with beauty, they also have a very pleasant fragrance.

6. Jude the Obscure:

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This rose species bears roses with a very strong and elegant fragrance. These roses should be planted near a house or somewhere where their wonderful fragrance may be appreciated. In places with a warm climate, these roses make great climbers and can be thus planted along a wall or tall fence.

7. Ambridge Rose:

These roses belong to the English rose species. They have excellent repeating and are very hardy plants. They bloom in beautiful apricot, peach and orange colours and their strong and delightful fragrance make them perfect plants to grow in a garden or have around the house.

8. Crown Princess Margareta:

These roses have been named after the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She was a talented landscape gardener and just like her, these roses add a sense of beauty and wonder to any landscape. They are very hardy roses and can be grown as a medium sized shrub.

9. Grace:

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Much like their name, these roses are full of grace and elegance and make for a gorgeous bouquet. They are strong and hardy plants with a delightful fragrance. They also have a good repeating and thus make great garden flowers. They can be used to decorate various occasions to add vibrancy to the atmosphere.

10. Oranges & Lemons:

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This rose species has a very unique colour as it has orange with yellow striped petals. They have a pleasing fragrance and have a good enough repeating. They are hardy flowers and thus can be grown by even inexperienced gardeners. They are great flowers to have around in a garden or at home.

11. Alstroemeria

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Alstroemeria is also called Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas. It is a beautiful and vibrant flower known for its delicate charm. Its graceful petals bring elegance to gardens and bouquets. It has a subtle, pleasant fragrance and is often chosen to symbolize friendship and mutual support in bouquets exchanged between friends.

12. Sneezeweed

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This flower is also known as Helenium. It gets its quirky name from the historical use of its dried leaves in making snuff, a kind of tobacco. It is a cheerful and colorful addition to gardens. It comes in various warm shades such as yellow, orange, and red that can brighten up outdoor spaces. It attracts butterflies and bees, making it a favorite for pollinator-friendly gardens.

Rajiva Wijesinha, a blogger, recalls his personal experience of basking in the bounties of his home-grown garden laden with pink and orange roses. He shares some eye-catching pictures of the orange roses that bloomed in this terrace garden. He explains all the processes and placements he did for his garden. He rejoices at the sight of the unique hue of the rose and adds, “Almost exactly three months ago I showed both pink roses and also an orange one (i).”

Infographic: 5 Stunning Orange Rose Varieties

Fresh, blooming orange roses can make for the most enchanting garden! The zesty and vibrant tones of orange pop against the green backdrop looks alluring. These brightly-hued floral blooms look gorgeous in cottage-style settings and add color to the garden. They are also fairly easy to grow. The infographic below has a list of the top orange rose varieties that are great for backyards and small gardens. Check it out!

5 stunning orange rose varieties (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Orange roses are a sight to behold. They are boons of nature to mankind. While red, pink, yellow, and white roses are quite popular, orange roses are equallly colorful and add vibrancy to the garden. These roses’ bright and enchanting colors bring a fresh and positive vibe to the garden or the place decorated with these roses. The orange roses are beautiful and are considered the symbol of vibrancy, life, and youth. It can also be used for wedding arrangements. Ambridge rose, port sunlight, tamora are some of the varieties of orange roses. The list above discusses all the other varieties available in this color.

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Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What do orange roses symbolize?

Orange roses symbolize energy and desire. They speak of the joy that a relationship can bring you.

Do orange roses need full sun?

Yes, they need good amount of sunlight to blossom and flourish well.

How do you take care of orange roses?

You need to plant the orange rose saplings in a sunny location with good drainage. Water them regularly and nourish them with good fertilizer to get beautiful blooms. You can prune the stems of established rose bushes any time around early spring

What is the most fragrant orange rose?

The English rose, ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ is known to be the most fragrant orange rose with a pleasant fruity scent.

Are orange roses rare?

Orange roses are not rare. They are not a naturally found variety of roses. They have been cultivated as a cross-breed between red and yellow roses and have gained wide popularity.

Key Takeaways

  • Orange roses are a great addition to wedding bouquets and stand for youthfulness, vibrancy, and life.
  • They add a sense of playfulness to any garden they are planted in and carry some mesmerizing fragrances.
  • Some of the most beautiful orange roses in the world include the Tamora rose, port sunlight rose, lady Emma Halton rose, ambridge rose, grace rose, etc.

Beautiful orange roses are a symbol of passion and enthusiasm. Check out the video below to learn how to care for them and make them bloom!

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