53 Trendy And Easy Asian Girls’ Hairstyles To Try

From round bobs with bangs to a ponytail – these trendy Asian hairstyles make you look young.

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Asian hair is so beautiful. Many people admire the beauty of Asian hair, which often appears silky, healthy, and smooth. There are numerous stunning hairstyles for Asian girls and women that you can flaunt. And it does not matter what your age is, these hairstyles will make your hair look youthful.

Keep reading to check out some incredibly youthful hairstyles for Asian women to flaunt their lovely tresses. Scroll down to pick your favorite.

Keep reading to check out some incredible hairstyles for Asian women to flaunt their lovely tresses. Scroll down to pick your favorite.

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Short haircuts, especially bobs with bangs and lots of layers, require frequent trimming every 1-2 months to maintain the look.
  • Consider your hair type before getting bangs, as they get greasy faster than the rest of the hair. So, if you have oily hair, you may need to wash them more frequently.
  • Hairstyles like short bobs do not suit an oblong or rectangular face, as they don’t soften the prominent jaw. Instead, a mid-length layered cut with side bangs is the best choice.
  • Sleek Asian hairstyles complement the round-shaped face. Sleek high buns or ponytails with deep side partings give an elongating effect.

Top 53 Asian Girl Hairstyles

1. Low Ponytail With Side Sweeps

Low Ponytail With Side Sweeps
Image: Shutterstock

Turn heads with this soft yet glamorous hairstyle! The low ponytail with elegant side sweeps will instantly give you a refined aura. All you have to do is style your hair in soft, loose curls and secure them in place with a hair tie and some bobby pins.

2. Loose Waves With Side Part

Loose Waves With Side Part
Image: Shutterstock

If you want to accentuate the beauty and texture of your locks, go for some soft waves. It will give a delicate flair to your look and help bring out the natural highlights in your hair.

3. Long, Straight Layered Hair With Fringes

Long, fringed, straight layered hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Being really comfortable and easy to carry, this long layered hairstyle is extremely popular among Asian girls. Those soft layers and straight fringes go very well with their face shapes,

4. Round Bob With Front Bang

Round bob with front bangs hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Round face is extremely common among Asians, which makes this face-contouring bob one of their most favorite hairstyles. The front bang meets softly with the round hair giving a great shape to the hair.

5. High Looped Ponytail With Hair Wrap

High looped ponytail hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Loop is the modified version of a regular ponytail that can be created effortlessly and offers a trendy look. You can wrap a thin section of hair around its base to make it more modish.

6. Loose Low Ponytail With Casual Side Bang

Low lying loose ponytail hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

To recreate this Asian girl hairstyle-next-door look, you just have to make a loose low ponytail at the base of your neck and add a lovely side bang to it. Casual and chic, we must say!

7. Messy Short Bob With Side-Swept Fringes

Messy short bob hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Does this short Asian hairstyle impress you? Give it a shot by getting a short choppy bob with slightly curved front fringes. That messy finish can actually make you look like a rockstar.

8. Very Short Stacked Bob With Messy Finish

Super-short stacked bob hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

This is one of the best hairstyles for Asian hair and is a favorite of many Asian teen beauties. It is basically a short stacked bob with relaxed bangs and a somewhat tangled finish. A very sweet and edgy one, isn’t it?

9. Sexy Low Bun With Side Sweep

Sexy low bun with side sweep hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

After sweet, it’s time for something sensational. How about this loose bun hanging at the nape of the neck with sexy smooth side sweep? Well, it is a good choice for both blonde and brunette.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can add gold, metal, or silver clips to your bun to add a splash of dazzle to your look.

10. Middle-Parted Relaxed Bob With Side Sweeps

Relaxed center-parted bob hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Asian women prefer loose and relaxed hair over tightly set ones. The same goes true for this short angular bob too. The center part and those two thin side sweeps complement the style perfectly.

11. Sleek Straight And Long Layers

Sleek and straight long layered hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

The appeal of sleek sharp layers is equal in all parts of the world. A side part and the smooth straight layered hair make a real great combo. Do you agree with me?

12. Simple Loose Black Waves

Simple black wavy hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

What can be more attractive than a bunch of jet-black hair? To adopt this style, comb through your locks and curl them up a little bit. Then, add hair spray generously to keep them in place.

13. Shoulder-Length Bob With Side Bang

Shoulder length sleek bob hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Shoulder-length bob is very much in fashion these days. A curved side-swept bang makes the simple hairstyle quite fashionable. Also, do not forget to curl the ends of your hair for a delicate finish.

14. Loose Waves With Twisted Side

Loose wavy twisted side hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Waves on black hair look absolutely amazing. However, the specialty of this look is the twisted section that is secured at the side of the head with bobby pins. A perfect boost to your girly appearance!

15. Messy Updo With Free Curly Ends

Messy updo bun hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

When you need a quick hairstyle to keep up your glam quotient without spending much time, go for this messy updo. Just twist up your curls, secure them at the back and let their ends swing freely.

16. Soft Highlighted Curls With Side Part

Soft highlighted curls hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

If you have highlighted hair, these loose curls can help you show them off better. Just create a side part and let your curls rest on your shoulders freely. Aren’t those colored streaks looking beautiful?

17. Elegant High Bouffant Bun

Elegant high bouffant bun hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Asian women also love to wear bouffant. In this image, the smooth round bouffant bun is made at the top of the crown and accessorized with a beautiful hair brooch.

18. Long Hair With Straight Fringes And Wavy Ends

Long hair with straight fringes hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Long hair with blunt ends is quite common in many Asian countries. All you need to do is get rounded front fringes and make the edges of your long hair a little wavy.

19. Long Wavy Hair With Side-Swept Bangs

Long wavy hairstyle for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Sleek and shiny hair with moderate waves is a signature style of cute Asian girls. You can always add a zing to this look by getting thick, curved side-swept bangs.

20. Wavy Asymmetric Bob With Short Hair On One Side

Wavy asymmetric bob for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Love to experiment with your hair? Then, you will definitely love this edgy asymmetric bob. It features very short hair at one side of the head and chin-length waves at the other.

21. Straight Layered Hair With Twisted Top

Layered hair with twisted top for fashionable Asian girls
Image: Getty

If you have long layered hair, style it up in a simple yet fashionable manner with this hairdo. Take a section from the top of your head, twist it up and secure at the crown with a nice hair clip. You are done.

22. Sweet And Adorable Chinese Bob

Adorable Chinese bob for trendy Asian girls

Image: GettyWhen it comes to Asian hairstyles for women, we can’t miss out the cute and adorable Chinese bob. This is a short bob in which the entire hair, including the front fringes, is cut into precise layers and rounded up.

23. Long Hair With Slicked Back Top

Long hair with slicked back top for Asian girls
Image: Getty

A slicked back hair looks highly sophisticated. If you want to wear this hairstyle confidently, you have to apply lots and lots of mousse or serum to your backcombed hair.

24. Soft And Casual Curls With Front Fringes

Soft and casual curls with front fringes for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Asian girls love to have fringes irrespective of long or short as well as straight or curly hair. This is a casual hairstyle that shows how to wear brief front fringes with soft, romantic curls.

25. High Long Ponytail With Hair Wrap

High long ponytail for Asian girls
Image: Getty

This super long and super straight dark brown hair itself is enough to leave others speechless. Want to style it up? Simply create a tight high ponytail and wrap a thin portion of hair around the elastic band.

26. Blunt Wavy Bob With Center Part

Blunt wavy bob for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Here is a shoulder-length bob with a neat center part. Delicate waves and dull edges make it look quite simple and comfortable. It is easy to wear and trouble-free to maintain.

27. Medium-Length Red Hair With Fringes

Medium-length for Asian girls
Image: Getty

If you are a redhead with medium-length hair, this would be the most perfect Asian hairstyle for you. It comprises cool front fringes and slightly rounded, even ends. A good pick for round faces.

28. Tight High Ponytail With Fringes

Tight high ponytail for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Looking for Asian girl hairstyles that can help you hide that wide forehead, while giving you a modish look? This straight, high and tight ponytail with eyebrow-length fringes and a thin strand of loose side hair can be your solution. Did you like it?

29. Elegant Messy Updo On Curly Hair

Elegant messy updo for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Asian women with thin curly hair simply love to flaunt this hairstyle. It needs you to gather all your hair behind your head and twist it up to create a messy updo. It gives an illusion of thick, volumized locks which is the best thing about this hairstyle.

30. High Bun With Twisted Hair Wrap And Graduated Side Bang

High bun with twisted hair wrap for Asian girls
Image: Getty

A high bun balances off round or oval Asian faces perfectly. You can jazz up the look even more by wrapping the bun with a twisted section of hair and a graduated side bang.

31. Braided High Bun With Layered Side Bang

Braided high bun for Asian girls
Image: Getty

This braided high bun is not only graceful but quite cute also. The braids circling the bun add an impressive touch. And look at the layered side bang embracing the face and the fresh pink flower adding life to the bun! We simply love this hairstyle.

32. Smart Short Bob With Choppy Ends

Smart short bob with choppy ends for Asian girls
Image: Getty

If you need your hairstyle to be fresh and smart enough, go for this short bob. Brief bangs and choppy edges are what make it highly trendy. Also, try to stick to different shades of blonde in order to retain that up-to-the-minute look.

Grace, who frequently shares her adventures of food and travel on her blog, decided to get a haircut in a new city and documented her experience. She mentioned, “I mostly wanted to shorten the hair on the back of my head, and didn’t want bangs. I didn’t really have any specific idea of what I wanted, partially because I figured there are only so many variations on short hair when bangs are out of the picture (i).” She further expressed that she was genuinely pleased with the final result.

33. Braided Bun With Puffy Crown

Braided bun for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Women above thirty years will find this look absolutely classy. It is basically a simply low bun decorated with braided hair. The center part, puffed up crown and subtle side sweeps are add-ons for it.

34. Gorgeous Side Hairdo With Puff And Curls

Gorgeous side hairdo for Asian girls
Image: Getty

What can be more feminine than this sexy, romantic hairstyle? You have to puff up your crown nicely and create a gorgeous side hairdo with your luscious curls. And, do not miss out those soft, coiled side bangs at all.

35. Loose Flowy Curls With Long Side Bangs

Loose flowy curls for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Most Asian women like to flow their curly hair down their shoulders and it helps them glam up their looks almost instantly. A long side bang and a simple hair accessory can complement it the right way.

36. Short Rounded And Textured Bob

Short rounded and textured bob for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Let your hairstyle keep you youthful for long. Opt for this rounded short bob that ends right at the top of your ears. You should also texturize it in order to prevent flyways.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Add silver, caramel, ash, or blonde highlights to take your smart bob to the next level. You can also try complete ombre or balayage looks in shades complementing your skin tone.

37. Layered And Outward Feathered Bob With Bangs

Layered and outward feathered bob for Asian girls
Image: Getty

You can give your long, narrow face a fuller effect by choosing this layered medium-length bob featuring outward feathered edges. The sleek front bangs can also help it look a little less elongated.

38. Luscious Curls With A Puffy Crown

Luscious curls for Asian girls
Image: Getty

If you have long hair, this easy curly Asian style will make you look super stylish anytime. Just puff up your crown and curl up the rest of your hair intensely. ‘Gorgeous’ – all we can say!

39. Angular Updo With Waves And Texture

Angular updo with waves for Asian girls
Image: Getty

This is an angular updo that can be sported quite easily and comfortably. All you need to do is texturize your waves and turn it into a small bun at the middle of the back of your head. Simple!

40. Messy Voluminous Ponytail With Textured Bangs

Messy voluminous ponytail for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Make a high ponytail right at your crown and give it a highly voluminous look by messing it up completely. Simultaneously, apply lots of hairspray to keep the front and side bangs at their places. So, are you ready to rock?

41. Elegant Messy Updo With Side Bangs

Elegant messy updo for Asian girls
Image: Getty

This unique Asian updo will show you how to sport a messy look with the utmost elegance. Tease the top of a lot and let the side bangs rest on your forehead casually. Here you go!

42. Chin-Length Bob With Middle Part

Ching length bob for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Straight chin-length bob looks flattering on Asian hair. But give the fringes a miss this time. Rather, opt for a middle part and flaunt the relaxed hairstyle gracefully.

43. Short Asymmetric Bob With Textured Curls

Short asymmetric bob for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Check out another example of short asymmetric bob that you will love to give a try. It comprises textured curls at the shorter side, while the longer side features chin-length loose waves.

44. Very Short Boyish Bob With Texture

Short boyish bob for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Those who are planning to sport a cool, boyish look should try out this short bob at least once. Add a little volume to the top and comb the hair sidewise. Finally, texturize it to get a neat and tidy look.

45. Volumized Curly Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

Volumized curly bob for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Intense volume is the secret to this amazing curly bob hairstyle. The curls should be teased enough at the top in order to create puffiness, while the deep side bangs should be texturized for added beauty.

46. Cute Hair With Fringes, End Curls, And Headband

Cute hair with fringes for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Don’t like super straight hair? Curl up its edges and let them rest on your shoulders. At the same time, grab attention to your straight front fringes with the help of a cute headband.

47. Retro Side Hairdo With Texture

Retro side hairdo for Asian girls
Image: Getty

If you want to recreate a sophisticated Asian look, go retro. Gather all your wavy hair at one side of your head and fold it inward to create this awesome side hairdo. Finally, add texture to it.

48. Sleek High Bun With Side Sweep

Sleek high bun for Asian girls
Image: Getty

This sleek high bun can be created effortlessly and worn on all occasions. However, make sure that you add the precise side sweep to it properly.

49. Straight Side Ponytail With Center Part

Straight side ponytail for Asian girls
Image: Getty

A simple side ponytail always looks great on straight smooth hair. If you want to add a twist to it, simply create a neat center part and comb the hair present at the top of your head flat down.

50. Messy High Ponytail With Teased Top

Messy high ponytail for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Here is another sexy Asian hairstyle that includes a long and messy ponytail made right at the crown of the head. Do not forget to tease your hair at the top and puff it up slightly.

51. Stylish Updo With Puffy Crown And Bangs

Stylish updo for Asian girls
Image: Getty

Be it a formal event or a casual date, this chic and elegant updo can serve each and every purpose. The puffy crown and the wavy side bangs make it look even more fascinating.

52. Turned And Twisted Pigtails With Front Fringes

Turned and twisted pigtails for Asian girls
Image: Getty

These long high pigtails are made by turning, twisting and securing the hair at the crown area. For added cuteness, pay attention to the slightly curved front fringes. Doesn’t it look adorable?

53. Pixie Cut With Undercut

Pixie cut with an undercut
Image: Shutterstock

The pixie cut with an undercut is a tribute to all the fashion-savvy people who love to experiment. This biker hairstyle fuses two versatile and cool cuts: the undercut and pixie for a low-maintenance edgy hairstyle with a slight feminine touch, despite its bold look. You can pair it with shaggy bangs, side-swept layers, and even a faux hawk for a trendy rocker look. Styling wax and gel are your best friends to keep the strands in place, while lending you a sleek look. Add highlights to your hair for greater depth and dimension. You can leave out wispy pieces of hair to frame the face for a sculpted look and defined jawline.

Infographic: Trending Asian Girls’ Hairstyles To Try

Asian women mostly have silky, straight, and frankly enviable hair. They look amazing in almost every hairstyle, but some hairstyles look especially gorgeous on Asian hair, including straight bangs, long straight hair, and the long bob.
Check out the infographic below to find out what are the most trending Asian hairstyles right now.

trending asian girls’ hairstyles to try (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

No matter which part of Asia you are from, all Asian women have one thing in common – silky, dark, and healthy hair. But, constantly searching for new ways to style your lovely locks can be problematic. However, thanks to the list above, you have 53 new and trendy Asian girl hairstyles you can try out. From a long, layered fringe look to an anime-esque pigtails style, you can find a hairstyle for any occasion, mood, event, or season. As you practice these styles, you will become a pro and start adding your touches. If you are reading this article worried that your hair is not smooth or healthy enough for these hairdos, try following a hair care regimen specific to Asian hair. It will improve your hair texture and make it look strong and beautiful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What hairstyles are popular in Korea?

Koreans are very experimental with their hairstyles and you would always find their trends changing rapidly. However, some styles that seem to be constant favorites are blunt or wispy bangs, sleek blunt cuts, layered cuts, low ponytails, and messy top knots.

What hair type is Asian hair?

Type 1 hair is most common among Asians. It is straight, highly pigmented, and has thicker strand diameter. The type 1A hair, the most stubbornly straight and rarest hair type in the world, is also majorly recorded in people of Asian descent.

Do Asians have naturally curly hair?

Yes. Although the majority of Asians have straight hair genes, a significant portion of the ethnic population do have the gene for naturally curly hair.

How do Asians get soft hair?

In straight Asian hair, it is easier for the natural oils from the scalp to travel down the lengths of the hair and keep it nourished. Additionally, hair care routines and treatments in east Asian countries are extremely elaborate and thorough.

Key Takeaways

  • Asian hairstyles are best ideal for round faces and help in accentuating facial features.
  • The most popular and chic Asian hairstyles include styles like loose waves with side parts, long, straight hair with fringes, short messy bob, and side-swept sleek high bun.
  • Asians are known for their Type 1 hair that features straight, sleek tresses with a thicker strand diameter.

Now you can get stylish and cute hairstyle looks effortlessly. Watch this video for 6 quick and easy hairdos for long hair!

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