32 Stylish Faux Hawk Hairstyles You Should Try Out Today

Play with the edgy hawk by introducing a touch of classy elegance with these faux hawks.

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Edgy, bold, and fierce – we are talking faux hawk hairstyles. Faux hawk means a false mohawk, where you style your hair to look like a mohawk without really having one. This allows you to play around with how you want your mohawk to look. If being edgy is not your cup of tea, you can give your faux hawk an elegant twist.

Scroll down to check out some truly versatile faux hawks you should try out!

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Applying mousse on your damp hair can help add volume and lift when styling a faux hawk.
  • Avoid using too much product on the ends of your hair. It may weigh the hair down. Instead, distribute the products through the roots.
  • A medium-or strong-hold hairspray can keep the faux hawk intact throughout the day. For short, choppy styles, medium-hold sprays work best.

And if you’re brave enough, give these Faux Hawk hairstyles a try!

1. Highlighted Faux Hawk:

Highlighted Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

An upward-curly faux hawk, Eva Marcille uses her beautiful natural curls to her advantage here. The front blonde highlights, white eye pencil, and gorgeous smile complement her look so well. A perfect example of how to make colors work for you, this look is surely winning a point for faux hawk hairstyles.

2. Kinky Twist Faux Hawk:

Kinky Twist Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

Coily hair has a distinct charm of its own and we are all for it! Lupita Nyong’o’s look here is a reminder of how they can rock almost every hairstyle. Her well-defined brows, smokey eye, and glossy lips accentuate her beautiful cheekbones and add a beautiful edge to her look.

3. Retro Wavy Faux Hawk:

Retro Wavy Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

Tilda Swinton’s cool look reassures us that faux hawks are very much in trend and are here to stay. This curly retro take on the faux hawk along with the beautiful blue suit is a look the veteran actress carries off with grace.

4. Blonde Balayage Faux Hawk:

Blonde Balayage Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

This is not the only time that Julianne Hough has sported the faux hawk but oh, she’s just so smooth with it. This balayage brown and blonde faux hawk goes incredibly well with her complexion and makes her ocean eyes pop out. Her sides are swept backwards in a sleek manner, intensifying the faux hawk. To recreate the look, take some volumizing product, apply it to the front and crown area to create a messy puff, and sweep the sides backwards.

5. Forward Braided Faux Hawk:

Forward Braided Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

Alicia Keys’ forward braided faux hawk look was surely a head-turner. The braid certainly adds a feminine and elegant touch to the faux hawk. She looked astonishing with her stud earrings, blue eyelids, and pink lips. To achieve this look, sweep your sides backwards and make a front-facing loose French braid at the crown. Tuck the braid back at the crown area, letting it stay halfway through the forehead.

6. Blonde Wavy Faux Hawk:

Blonde Wavy Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

Pink is known for her hair as much as she is known for her music and we can totally see why! She sported this modern wavy faux hawk at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. The sides are cut short and the blonde waves have us gazing at her sleek updo. To recreate this look, straighten the hair at your crown area and create waves towards the back to achieve this gorgeous updo. Fix the look with a strong-hold setting spray.

7. Vertical Waves Faux Hawk:

Vertical Waves Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

We loved how Kesha looks like a total badass in this look that she did for the 2010 American Music Awards at Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. She sported high vertical waves in faux hawk style. The dark-rooted blonde hair paired with embellished eyebrows and dark lips adds to the dramatic effect of the overall look. To recreate this look, use a texturizing product and tease the crown area well to create a messy look. Use a strong-hold hairspray to keep the hair upwards.

8. Victory Roll Faux Hawk:

Victory Roll Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

Ooh, the drama in this look! Gwen Stefani added just the right amount of glam to the faux hawk hairstyle with this look at the 2006 Billboard Music Awards. The blonde victory roll faux hawk with sides swept back is glamorously paired with glossy nude lip and black eyeliner. To achieve this look, pull the sides back as smoothly as possible. Using a texturizing spray on the hair at the center to make a big victory roll. Finish with a setting spray to set the look.

9. Highlighted Wavy Faux Hawk:

Highlighted Wavy Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

Okay, we loved the coy girl in the Twilight series but this look is on another level! Kristen Stewart absolutely rocks short hair and she is especially killing it in this faux hawk hairstyle. For this hairstyle, sweep the sides backwards using a hair gel or spray. At the crown, start taking small sections of hair in the middle and make light waves to give them a soft romantic vibe.

10. Short Coily Faux Hawk:

Short Coily Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

Samira Wiley is one such actress who has never hesitated to flaunt her natural coily hair and we absolutely love her for that. She is often seen sporting a sexy faux hawk hairstyle and this one was no different. The sides are kept very short and the crown has small coily strands to create a voluminous ‘do. She looks stunning with defined brows, glossy maroon lips, and those big hoop earrings.

11. Jumbo Twisted Faux Hawk:

Jumbo Twisted Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

Willow Smith has emerged as a queen of unconventional hairstyles and always leaves us wanting more. Here she sports a jumbo twisted faux hawk with teased crown and shaved sides. To achieve this hairstyle, you need to bring all your hair to the front, twist it, and tuck back at the crown. Tease the hair at the crown and set it upward for this edgy look.

12. Big Brown Faux Hawk:

Big Brown Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

Whether it’s music or her awesome looks, Rihanna is such a goddess! She has tried a bunch of hairstyles and honestly, we are fans of them all. She carried this particular hairstyle at the 2010 Pre-Grammy Gala in California. To recreate this look, go all out and color your hair golden brown and keep the sides and roots black. Use a texturizing product and set the hair upwards from the roots till the ends. You can use a setting spray to fix it.

13. Faux Hawk Ponytail With Blonde Shaved Sides

Faux Hawk Ponytail With Blonde Shaved Sides
Image: Shutterstock

Who says that faux hawk hairstyles are not for long hair? Here’s a variation that people with long hair can go for and it’s every bit as stunning. Jada Pinkett Smith sported a faux hawk ponytail and we just love it. To recreate this look, cut your tresses at the sides and go forward with a voluminous puff with a ponytail at the crown. You can also go for shaved blonde sides to add a pop of color to the look!

14. Sleek Black Faux Hawk:

Sleek Black Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

We are obsessed with Rihanna’s black hair, and pairing it with a faux hawk hairstyle? That’s just melting our hearts. Rihanna looks like the star that she is in this super-trendy ‘do. We love the subtle makeup with nude lips that accentuate the eyes and the hair even more. Everything ties well together with the metallic outfit.

15. Thick Blonde Faux Hawk:

Thick Blonde Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

Miley made her appearance with this sexy thick blonde faux hawk at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards looking very confident of her newfound personality. Blonde hair has always been her thing and this faux hawk adds another dimension to it. We love the bold eye, subtle lips, and statement earrings.

16. Lavender Braided Faux Hawk:

Lavender Braided Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

The swag! Kelly Osbourne looks stunning in this braided faux hawk hairstyle. The lavender hair suits her so perfectly. Add to that, the bullet hair accessories and she is certainly dressed to kill! The hair is given a French twist at the back and the hair at the front is braided and twisted to create a bun resting at the center. Pink lips, defined lashes, and subtle makeup allow her hair and outfit to shine.

17. Swept Back Faux Hawk:

Swept Back Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

Margot Robbie’s looks always come as a pleasant surprise to us and we are always waiting for the next. Here, she sports a swept-back faux hawk and we simply love everything about it. The sleek blonde hair is swept in three directions- downwards on the sides and backward at the center. To recreate this look, use a volumizing spray at the center and set it higher than the sides.

18. Faux Hawk Ponytail:

Faux Hawk Ponytail
Image: Shutterstock

If you are not ready to shave your head, that’s okay. Just take inspiration from Kim Kardashian here and accentuate the hair at the crown section of your head and sweep the sides tightly while making a high ponytail. We absolutely love this hairstyle and those long lashes on Kim.

19. Half Up Half Down Faux Hawk:

Half Up Half Down Faux Hawk
Image: Shutterstock

We are constantly amazed by how versatile this hairstyle is and how very few people think of trying them. Who would have thought that faux hawk would look cute too? Well, have a look at this look of Brec Bassinger at the 26th Annual Environmental Media Awards and you’ll know what we’re talking about. She has made a French braid at the center and swept the hair on the sides backwards while leaving her hair down at the back. This is a must-try for ladies who are beginners at faux hawk hairstyles.

20. Faux Hawk Pigtail:

Faux Hawk Pigtail
Image: Shutterstock

Do you want to keep your long tresses but also want to experiment with edgy hairstyles? Take a look at this gorgeous hairdo sported by Selena Gomez at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. She looks spectacular in the golden dress and this gorgeous hairdo. To recreate this look, sweep up the hair at the sides of your head and make an elevated puff at the center using a texturizing product. Make a ponytail at the crown and then braid the ponytail hair into a pigtail.

21. Whippy Faux Hawk

Whippy faux hawk hairstyles
Image: Getty

Rocking a long side fringe, Ruby Rose’s whippy faux hawk was a show stealer at the MTV Summer Party in Brisbane. A great option for adding some edge to a very short haircut, Ruby’s faux hawk frames her face beautifully. For extra impact, work some volumizing gel into your bangs with your fingers and tease them up for a soft and romantic touch.

22. Edgy Bouffant

Edgy bouffant faux hawk hairstyles
Image: Getty

Julianne Hough went punk, and we’re digging it. At the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, the dancing star wore her hair with a mighty bouffant. To recreate her style, Spritz a texturizer spray, and then tease the roots. Next, hold sections and mist roots with hair spray. Rake your hair back to the crown for a piecey look. Once done, rub pomade on your palms and slick back the sides. Finish the look by sweeping the faux hawk over the crown, rolling ends gently with the pins.

23. Curly Faux Hawk

Curly faux hawk hairstyles
Image: Getty

Short, curly and seriously blonde, Model Eva Pigford demonstrated this gorgeous close curly faux hawk at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles – and we can’t take our eyes off it. If you’ve short curly hair and are looking for a chic and feminine ‘do, make like Eva and keep some length at the crown to accentuate your face features.

Licensed hair styled, Megan Senner advises, “To help keep this style frizz-free, make sure to use curl products and a diffuser.”

24. Pixie Perfection

Pixie faux hawk hairstyles
Image: Getty

Marking her new rebel image, singer Miley Cyrus looks stunning with her pixie styled in a faux hawk. The bold hairstyle is both chic and stylish, suiting Miley’s edgy personality perfectly. To style the look, scrape your hair unevenly to one side, and pump the top section full of texture. Once done, use some firm holding spray to keep your blonde pixie in perfection.

protip_icon Quick Tip
This hairstyle looks good on oval, round, or heart-shaped faces. It’s also a great short hairstyle for older women who don’t want to keep their hair long.

25. Hair Knot

Hair knot faux hawk hairstyles
Image: Getty

Actress Jennifer Morrison looks stunning with her short blonde hair done up in a punk faux hawk. We love how she paired her messy knotted updo and dynamic honey blonde low-lights with a classic Donna Karan gown. Ravishing!

To recreate Jennifer’s hairdo give your short locks some sex appeal by teasing them at the crown carefully. Next, apply volume-boosting hair products and knot the hair following from the crown to the back of your head.

A beauty blogger shared her experience of experimenting with the faux hawk hairstyle in her blog. She states, “The faux-hawk couldn’t have turned out better for my first attempt – considering I didn’t use hairspray or any sort of gel to construct it (i).” She also mentioned how she followed a simple YouTube tutorial and it helped her achieve her desired look effortlessly.

26. Spiky Faux Hawk

Spiky faux hawk hairstyles
Image: Getty

If now feels like a good time to punk up your hair, take inspo from singer Willow Smith. The singer has gone for a unique spiky faux hawk, and we cannot take our eyes off. Just apply lots of Volumizing mousse, backcomb the top sections to create the necessary height and mist with a stronghold texturizing spray.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Most people with straight, fine hair look fabulous in this haircut. But if you have curly hair, you can try the curly fauxhawk, which also looks great on most women.

27. Edged Out

Edged out faux hawk hairstyles
Image: Getty

Are you bold enough to go for a quirky look like our edgy kid Kesha? Give it a chic twist with minimal makeup, a flick of feline liner and a nude lip. The songstress’ bold hairdo is simply fabulous and with her silver sequined dress, her entire style comes together magnificently – talk about being trendy and sexy!

28. Big, Wavy Faux Hawk

Wavy faux hawk hairstyles
Image: Getty

Stepping out at the 2010 PUNK: Chaos to Couture exhibition, JLo wows with a big, wavy faux hawk – a style we have fallen in love with. We love everything about this sexy look: the two-toned hair color, the wispy hair and the luminous, smooth and shimmery texture that accentuates her face. And oh, don’t even get us started on the gravity-defying volume. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

Senner adds, “To achieve this style, you want to use a shine paste for the sides and a shine texturizing spray for the faux part. Don’t use the paste for the faux, or it won’t get the bouncy volume you want.”

29. Oh, Ombre!

Ombre faux hawk hairstyles
Image: Getty

Getting tired of the same old blacks and blondes? If you are, then take a page out of Rub Rose’s style book and glam up your pixie with a bit of red, orange and pink! Oh, and if ombre isn’t enough, you can further spice up the overall look by opting for a faux hawk. Now, that’s stunning!

30. Killer ‘Do

Killer 'Do faux hawk hairstyles
Image: Getty

The former Pussycat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt, looks striking with a long, spiky faux hawk. Pair this killer ‘do with smokey eyes and minimal makeup for a rebellious impact. So for that perfect party look, do follow Kimberly’s sexy lead and opt for a golden sequined dress.

31. Faux Hawk Updo

Faux hawk updo
Image: Shutterstock

Janelle Monae sports a bold and edgy faux hawk updo that defies convention with its rebellious elegance. This hairstyle creates a sleek and daring look on her with just the right amount of sophistication. Styled with finesse, this hairstyle is skillfully sculpted into a central crest, delivering a statement that exudes confidence and flair.

32. Messy Dutch Braid Faux Hawk

Messy Dutch braid faux hawk
Image: Shutterstock

The messy Dutch braid faux hawk by Chrissy Teigen is a fusion of rugged and refined. This audacious style combines the strength of a hawk’s crest with the intricacy of Dutch braids cascading down. The combination of structured height and flowing braids captures attention, making a daring statement of individuality and chic rebellion.

Faux hawk hairstyles mirror a traditional mohawk without shaving the sides. It allows you to experiment with different styles without being too edgy. The best part about versatile hairstyling is that it allows you to switch from a salon-like professional look to a fun look in just a few minutes. You can go for the curly, spiky, or wavy faux hawks, as per your preferences. Add a little bit of volumizing mousse and hair-holding spray to keep the faux hawk in place. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the best faux hawk hairstyle for you that various singers and celebrities have sported and get going for some grooming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the faux hawk out of style?

No, the faux hawk is still very much in fashion, especially among men. It is also be a good alternative to regular hair styles. Adding to it, the most stand-out style for men at the moment is a mix between a mullet and a faux hawk. This style looks exactly how it sounds, with hair grown long as a mullet in the back and a faux hawk on the sides and front.

Is a faux hawk professional?

No, the faux hawk is not considered a professional hairstyle, but you may style it to look more formal.

How do you do a faux hawk ponytail?

There are multiple variations of the faux hawk ponytail. The simplest version involves sectioning your hair into two parts—one rectangular section from the front and the remaining for the ponytail. The next step involves putting up a ponytail as high as you want and securing it with a band. Then, you have to take the section of the hair at the front and backcomb it to fluff it up. Finally, secure it with bobby pins to the ponytail while keeping it puffed up and loose.

Who started the faux hawk?

David Beckham introduced the faux hawk hairstyle to Europe in the early 2000s as a fashion statement.

Key Takeaways

  • The curly finger waves are ideal for those with curly hair, bringing back the retro vibes.
  • The wavy faux hawk is perfect for achieving a soft, androgynous look.
  • Asymmetrical pixie hair is ideal if you want to get a chic yet subtle look.
  • A braided-style faux hawk is a good choice for parties and other occasions.
faux hawk hairstyles

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Discover the secrets to achieving the perfect faux hawk hairstyle in this informative video below. Unleash your inner trendsetter as you master the art of styling your hair for a bold and edgy appearance.

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