24 Incredible Short Hairstyles With Bangs To Try In 2024

Steal the show with these amazing hairstyles because you deserve to be the showstopper.

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Short hairstyles like the shag, pixie, and bob cuts look edgy and cool. But if you want to zhuzh up your short hairdo, consider adding a fringe. Here are the trendiest short hairstyles with bangs to get your creative juices flowing!

To pick the right bangs for your hairstyle, consider your face shape. Sometimes, adding a fringe changes your face shape to your advantage. For example, side-swept bangs can make a round face look longer instead of wider. If you are unsure which bangs to choose, check out our suggestions below.

protip_icon Quick Tip
The biggest benefit of short hair with bangs is that it creates an illusion of more volume and movement for thin hair.
Short hairstyles with bangs to match your face shape
Image: Shutterstock

The way you style your bangs depends on your face shape. To help you figure out which bangs will look amazing on you, here are a few pointers.

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Trim the bangs every 5-6 weeks to maintain the look.
  • They need more frequent washes than the rest of your hair as the scalp and face oils make them greasy.
  • Bangs dry faster than the rest of your hair. So after a shower, blow dry them first to ensure they are tamed the way you want them.
  • Do not overuse styling products to tame your bangs. That will weigh them down. Instead, use a comb to style them.

Master cosmetologist from DashStylists, Gabrielle White says, “Before trying out bangs, determining your face shape is a great idea to see which will suit you best. There are a couple of apps using your own picture that can help find out.”

And once you are certain of your face shape, just read through our guide to understand the best styling options for you.

Square Face

If you have a square face, keep your bangs straight and just below the eyebrows. A straight fringe that’s feathered in the center creates a symmetrical look. Tapered bangs leading into a layered lob will look stunning on a square face.

Round Face

An arching straight full fringe that ends just below the eyebrows complements round faces. Deep side bangs also work. Since your face is circular, a short haircut might accentuate the shape more. So, make sure you pick the right haircut. Try a bob or a pixie cut with a long side fringe or feathered wispy side bangs. Choose a side parting over the middle parting. This step will go a long way in framing your face.

Heart-shaped Face

Arched side-swept bangs that are longer on the sides look amazing on heart-shaped faces.

Oval Face

If you have an oval-shaped face, consider yourself blessed! Any type of bangs will look great on you. So, try them all! Heavy or blunt bangs look especially cool on oval faces.

Rectangle Face

Feathered side bangs, deep side swept bangs, and tapered frontal bangs look beautiful on rectangular faces. These help in framing your face, making it look slim and angular.

Triangle Face

If your jaw is the fullest part of your face, and your forehead is the narrowest, you have a triangular face. Asymmetrical bangs and side swept bangs look great on this face shape.

The type of bangs that suit your face also depends on whether you have a high or short forehead. The way to check that is to see if your forehead is smaller or larger than your nose. If your nose and forehead are the same length, you can try out any of these styles, and they’ll look incredible on you.

Long Face

Short bangs are a strict no-no if you have a long face as they will accentuate your forehead. Try long bangs with either a full center or that are side swept as they will draw attention away from the length of your face. Voluminous short wavy hair will look gorgeous on a long face.

Short Forehead

If you have a short forehead, consider a sloped fringe that is longer on one side. It looks like a deep swept side fringe.

High Forehead

If you have a high forehead, full side swept bangs are the way to go. Let the bangs start near your eyebrow and taper along as they reach the sides of your face.

Now that you’ve figured out exactly what shape your face is, it’s time you chopped your own bangs! Here are 2 simple methods that you can use to give yourself the bangs of your dreams.

How To Cut Your Own Bangs

The Twist Method

This is the simplest method for cutting bangs. You’ll need a pair of scissors, a water spray bottle, a rat tail comb, an elastic band, and a hair dryer.


  1. Using the rat tail comb, create a triangular parting where you want your bangs to be.
  2. Clip off the rest of your hair.
  3. Let the triangular section of hair fall on your face.
  4. Twist it together and use the scissors to cut it straight across.
  5. Dampen the bangs and use a hair dryer and comb to style them the way you want.

The Upward Cut Method

You’ll need a pair of scissors, a water spray bottle, a rat-tailed comb, an elastic band, and a hair dryer.


  1. Separate the section of hair that you will use to make your bangs and let it fall on your face.
  2. Clip off the rest of your hair.
  3. Comb the hair making sure to remove any tangles.
  4. Usually, most women use their eyebrows as reference and cut a straight line across to create their bangs. Don’t do that! Use your index and middle fingers to hold your hair out in front of your face. Place the scissors underneath your hair so that it points diagonally outwards (and upwards). Gradually start cutting your bangs, using your eye line as a reference.
  5. Style the bangs as needed.

Wasn’t that easy? Now that your bangs are in place, let’s look at all the gorgeous ways that you can style them with short hair to create some awesome hair looks.

22 Incredible Short Hairstyles With Bangs

1. Short Hair With Curtain Bangs

Short Hair With Curtain Bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Feminine and chic, curtain bangs have taken the beauty world by storm, and who better than Dakota Johnson to take some inspiration from? The curtain bangs beautifully frame her face and look oh-so-gorgeous. Also, curtain bangs work with most hair types like straight, curly, or wavy.

 2. Piecey Bangs

Piecey Bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Rihanna makes our jaws drop in this shaggy, chin-length bob with separated eye-skimming bangs. The grown-out bags look fresh and fuss-free and they go well with oval-face shapes.

3. Wavy Side Bangs

Wavy side bangs short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Cate Blanchett looks stunning with a wavy side fringe. This hairstyle is perfect for those hot summer days.

protip_icon Quick Tip
These wavy fringes on one side will visually add more volume to your hair and even out the locks in your hair.

4. The One Swoop Fringe

The one swoop fringe short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

This Atomic Blonde looks like a deity with this curly tousled lob hairstyle. If you have curly hair, instead of straightening your bangs, try a one swoop (or wave) fringe. These bangs accentuate your eyes.

5. Long Side Bangs

Long side bangs short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

ScarJo is the queen of short hair. If you love short cropped hair but have a round or heavy-set face, try long side bangs. These bangs frame your face perfectly, adding focus to your cheekbones and eyes.

6. Sleek Side Bangs With A Pixie Cut

Sleek side bangs with a pixie cut short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Is there any hairstyle that Halle Berry can’t pull off? This short bob with long and sleek deep swept bangs looks incredible on oval and heart-shaped faces.

7. The Blonde Pixie

The blonde pixie short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

No one sports the pixie as gracefully as Michelle Williams does. This silky blonde side swept bangs hairstyle works wonders for women with round faces.

8. Deep Wave Bangs

Deep wave bangs short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Elsa Pataky looks stunning with this boy cut hairdo. The deep wave side bangs bring a lateral focus to her face and draw attention to her eyes.

9. Unkempt Side Bangs

Unkempt side bangs short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

These choppy unkempt side bangs add height to your face and make you look chic. If you have a square, round, or heart-shaped face, sport these bangs the way Tilda Swinton does.

10. Short Tapered Bangs

Short tapered bangs short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Short tapered bangs look incredible on women with round faces. When coupled with a pixie cut, these short bangs draw attention towards your eyes and jawline.

11. A Textured Bob

A textured bob short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

A long angled textured bob is one of the most sought-after hairstyles right now, all thanks to Victoria Beckham. The long side bangs help add sharp definition to her face. If you have a round face, this is the hairstyle for you!

12. Front Bangs With Wavy Ends

Front bangs with wavy ends short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Have an oval face and love short hair? Then try this hairstyle. The thick front bangs with wavy ends draw attention to your eyes and define your cheekbones. This short hairstyle works well for high foreheads too.

13. Deep Side Swept Bangs

Deep side-swept bangs short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

If you have a diamond-shaped face, you have something in common with Rihanna. Deep side swept bangs with a short bob is the way to go. Brush your hair outwards while blow drying it to get those voluptuous upturned ends.

14. The Diamond Lob

The diamond lob short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

If your jaw is the broadest part of your face, this short hairstyle is here to save the day. This textured lob with long face-framing bangs covers the width of your jawline, giving your face a more oval look.

15. Layered Bangs

Layered bangs short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

This Top Model turned a lot of heads with this short hairdo, and it’s obvious why. Front layered bangs upturned at the ends look incredible. Try this hairstyle if you have an oblong face.

16. One Side Bangs

One side bangs short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

You don’t need to be as edgy as Katy Perry to sport this look. Shave off the hair on one side of your head and brush all your hair towards the other side. Try this hairstyle if you have an oval face.

17. Front Bangs

Front bangs short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

The first time we saw Taylor Swift sporting this hairstyle, we loved it! The thick front bangs taper towards her eyes, making them the center of attention.

Sophie, a blogger, shares how she was tired of her hair not growing fast enough and wanting a change. Bangs turned out to be the perfect solution, as she says, “And yet, with this simple change. I feel renewed. At church, two people reintroduced themselves to me (i).”

18. Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs short hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Feathered bangs look incredible on all face shapes. Paired with a long bob, they define your jawline and make it look more angular. If you have a rectangular or square face, this hairstyle will do you wonders.

19. Retro Waves With Deep Side Swept Fringe

Retro waves with deep side swept fringe short hairstyle with bangs
Image: Shutterstock

The wavy lob makes Emma Stone look like a classic vintage starlet. Additionally, the thick side swept bangs conceal the length of her forehead.

20. Thick Straight Bangs

Thick straight bangs in short hairstyles
Image: Shutterstock

If you have a diamond-shaped face, consider this hairstyle. While Zendaya is known for her on-fleek eyebrows, this hairstyle covers them up, centering the focus on her beautiful eyes.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Straight hair with straight bangs gives you a very ultra-chic and polished look

21. Wavy Lob

Wavy lob short hairstyle with bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Brittany Snow’s blond wavy hair flatters her heart-shaped face perfectly. Her side swept bangs add to the elegance of her look.

22. The Vintage Look

Vintage short hairstyle with bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Emma Watson looks absolutely incredible in this vintage hairstyle. Right from the dramatic deep swept bangs at the top to the curls at the ends, there is nothing we don’t love about this look.

23. Short Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

Jenna Ortega
Image: Shutterstock

The wolf cut is a trendy hairstyle characterized by layered, shaggy hair. When combined with short curtain bangs, it creates a chic and edgy look, as sported by Jenna Ortega. The curtain bangs frame her face, while the wolf cut adds texture and volume. This combination offers a stylish and effortless appearance.

24. Choppy Bangs Short Hair

 Maisie Williams
Image: Shutterstock

Choppy bangs on short hair are a bold and stylish choice and Maisie Williams rocks this look. These bangs feature irregular, textured edges that add a touch of attitude and flair to a short haircut. It is versatile, allowing for a range of looks from edgy to playful, and can frame your face beautifully while creating an eye-catching focal point.

Infographic: How To Take Care Of Short Hair

The hairstyles discussed above are something to die for. Surely, you can’t wait to get them to give that instant twist to your look. But won’t it be great to know how to take care of the short hair and learn how to style it? Check out the infographic below to learn some care tips for short-length hair.

how to take care of short hair (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Short hair and bangs go hand in hand. Why, you ask? Think of a movie or a book where the main character undergoes a dramatic experience like a breakup. So, they always chop off their hair for dramatic effect and add bangs to look chic and edgy. It is almost like a rite of passage. Also, think of any badass character – anime, cartoon, or real life, and you will see that most of them have short hair paired with bangs. Even Taylor Swift, when she wanted to make a drastic change to her cutesy curly-haired look, opted for sultry short hairstyles with bangs.

short hairstyles with bangs_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bangs in style in 2022?

Yes, bangs are on full trend mode in 2022. From global celebrities to your co-worker and your neighbor, almost everyone is rocking bangs in the 21st century. It enhances your look and you can find a bangs style for every face shape.

Do shorter bangs make you look younger?

Yes, shorter bangs may make you look younger. But don’t make the bangs too short. It may accentuate fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes, making you look older.

Do bangs make you more attractive?

Yes, face-framing bangs can make you more attractive by making your face look thinner and angular. It gives you a complete new look while hiding the wrinkles and fine lines effectively.

What is the best short hairstyle for over 60s?

Short hairstyles that are best suited for people over 60 are neat pixies and classic bobs, paired with delicate bangs. They are easy to style and require less maintenance.

What is the difference between bangs and fringe?

Bangs can be of different types like side-swept, long side bangs, or curtain bangs. A fringe is a type of bangs. Fringes are full-frontal bangs that reach till the eyebrows.

Do glasses look good with bangs?

Yes, glasses do look good with bangs, especially if the bangs just touch your frame. It works well with every pattern of bangs to enhance the chic look for any occasion.

Key Takeaways

  • Short hairstyles with bangs complements a variety of face shapes and offers a versatile look.
  • Short hairdos paired with bangs require a good maintenance routine, including steps like regular trims, washing your hair twice a week, and proper styling for a polished appearance.
  • The twist and upward cut methods offer easy ways to achieve the desired bangs style without the need for a salon visit.

Get inspired by this captivating video showcasing short hairstyles with bangs. Explore the chic appeal of these trendy looks, and find the perfect style to transform your appearance.

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