13 Quick And Easy Short Straight Hairstyles That You Can Try

Asymmetrical bob to blonde and polished pixie, chic short haircuts that never go out of style.

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From classic anime characters to classic French characters, we all have our favorite short straight-haired heroine. If it has been on your mind to chop off your tresses, check out our list of the best short straight hairstyles. Short curly hair looks very pretty, but there is something so badass about sporting a sleek straight, short bob, or pixie cut. It might not look like it, but the creative options for short straight hair are endless.

Award-winning hairstylist Alicia Igess Jones opines, “I believe any of us can pull off short hair. You just have to get the best haircut that goes well with your hair, head shape, facial shape, hair texture and type as well your hairline.” So, here are some hairstyles inspired by 12 celebrities for your consideration. Scroll down at your peril because you will be craving a trip to the salon once you are done.

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Short hairstyles are not easy to maintain. They need regular trimmings to retain their look.
  • These hairstyles are best for people with fine hair and traditional office employees.
  • Invest in a good anti-frizz serum as dryness looks very evident in short hairstyles.

1. Side-swept, wavy blonde

Image: Shutterstock

Selena Gomez rocks the effortless glam look with a side-swept, wavy blond hairdo. Her hair is slick down on one side at the front to flaunt her dark roots and avoid creating a full triangle look with her tresses as they get fuller near her jawline. The dark roots add a sense of interest to her hairdo by creating a fierce contrast. Wave your hair outwards (away from your face) and spritz on some volumizing spray to amp up the volume. Don’t forget to add that subtle lift with the swept hair. It ties in the whole hairstyle and adds height to her face.

2. Curved in Blunt Bob

Image: Shutterstock

Taylor Swift always brings her A-game to the table, even when it comes to hairstyles. The blunt bob with blunt bangs is a perfect choice for those red carpet events. But to avoid the ends from sticking out and creating a triangle look, curve in the ends of your hair with a round brush, mousse, and a blow dryer. Repeat the same for your blunt bangs too. It gives the hairstyle a more chic and Parisian touch that completely sets it apart from other short hairstyles. The blunt bangs highlight Queen Tay’s baby blues stunningly.

3. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bob short straight hairstyle
Image: Getty

Katy Perry’s side-swept blue bob is just wonderful. Sporting a blunt bob that frames her face beautifully, this classic hairstyle with subtle layers can be tweaked to suit any face shape. However, since this polished hairstyle grows out rapidly, make sure you visit your stylist every 5 weeks to keep your hairstyle in perfect shape. While opting for a new, bright shade, ask your hairdresser to choose a color that compliments your skin tone.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Red, orange, or yellow shades complement dark skin with golden or warm undertones. Choose purple, blue, or green hair dyes to enhance pink or blue undertones.

4. Long Blonde Bob

Long blonde bob short straight hairstyle
Image: Getty

Actress Julianne Hough rocked her super-sleek and sharp angular long bob with side-swept bangs. Known for further elongating a rounder face, the side swept fringe gave her edgy hairstyle a romantic touch and softened her features.

To recreate this chic and smooth look, apply an anti-frizz serum to straighten your hair. Once you are done straightening, spritz on some hairspray to tame flyaways.

5. Pixie Cut

Pixie cut short straight hairstyle
Image: Getty

Pixie cut is undoubtedly the best short haircuts for women with straight hair. Emma Watson’s pixie is a bold step towards a poised and confident personal style. Equally chic, clean and feminine, this combed, simple and easy-to-recreate bob is a great in-between style during the growing out period of a pixie cut. To keep your hair in shape and style flawless, visit your salon for regular trims.

Stephanie Ales, a blogger, shared her experience with getting a pixie cut for the first time. She was uncertain after the cut until she started receiving compliments for her haircut. She also agreed that the pixie cut allowed her to style her hair in various ways. “Wearing your hair sleek and shiny for formal events looks way different than giving your bangs some lift in the front on edgy days (i).”

protip_icon Quick Tip
Pixie haircuts suit people with an oval face shape. Avoid short bangs and opt for layers if you have pronounced round features.

6. Short Pixie

Short pixie straight hairstyle
Image: Getty

Over the years, actress Ginnifer Goodwin has worn her hair in a lot of different ways, but this retro pixie is the most classy and sophisticated of them all. The actress looks boyish-ly radiant with her poker-straight bob, stylish side-swept parting, and subtle layers. Maintain this look with a straightening iron and a good supply of smoothing anti-frizz hairspray.

7. Long And Side Sweeping

Long and side sweeping short straight hairstyle
Image: Getty

Anne’s flirty style looks fresh and modern ending at the cheekbones with a low side-parting. This style looks incredible on the former The Princess Diaries star Anne Hathaway. We love how her side sweeping hair falls on her cheekbones, drawing attention to her eyes and facial features. Not to forget Anne’s auburn hair colour, something we’d like to recreate in the near future.

8. Sweeping Bangs

Sweeping bangs short straight hairstyle
Image: Getty

Here, actress Sami Gayle sports a look with shorter bangs and sides, similar to that of Anne Hathaway. We adore the way her bangs sweep across her face, directing attention to her beautiful facial features. A perfect everyday pixie hairstyle, the actress looks charming with her neat and simple-to-create-maintain hairdo.

Tip: Opt for natural hair colors is a must if you are thinking of getting a short haircut as they complement your hair length and complexion best.

9. Round Bob

Round bob short straight hairstyle
Image: Getty

Singer Ashlee is totally owning the bob. It’s flirty, short, and blonde, therefore, checking all the boxes on the list of latest trends this season. Bravo!

Her below-the-chin hair length and the sweeping bangs are perfect for her round face shape. Not to forget, we equally love her platinum blonde hair color. To maintain the look and color in check, visit your stylist for the regular trims and touch-ups.

10. Bob With Blunt Bangs

Bob with blunt bangs short straight hairstyle
Image: Getty

Wanda Badwal looks gorgeous with her flirty, glossy, and contemporary brown bob. Pair your bob with blunt bangs to further conceal an oval face shape; and for a bold look, glam up the hairstyle with a quirky hair color. Just remember to choose a color that flatters your skin tone, and you are good to go with your perfect bob hairstyle.

11. Combed

Combed short straight hairstyle
Image: Getty

Bombshell Rihanna. We cannot express how stunning and absolutely cool this combed pixie looks on the talented songstress. Make the use of flat iron, texturizing serum, and light hairspray to recreate this look. And voila. Someone please pass us the scissors and hair products!

12. Blonde And Polished

Blonde and polished
Image: Getty

When we spotted actress Michelle Williams in this polished pixie, we almost reached for the scissors! The beautiful actress shows us how a look can transform with a simple blonde pixie cut. Her boyish ‘do is a fabulous contrast to her round feminine face, and it accentuates her eyes beautifully. Flirty and very nice indeed.

13. Razor Cut

Billie Eilish sporting a razor cut
Image: Shutterstock

Billie Eilish raised a wave with her razor cut look as much as she did with her baggy fashion on the red carpet. Razor cut hairstyles feature wispy strands of hair with thinner ends. If you are inspired to change your mane and give yourself a bold and edgy look, this hairstyle is for you. This trendy layered haircut gained popularity in the 70s, and has made a successful comeback in recent years due to many celebrities and influencers sporting it. It is ideal for women with thick hair who want to reduce the density for a lightweight and bouncy appearance, but retain depth with some texture. Razor cut styles give you a sexy bedhead aesthetic that you can carry off effortlessly.

Infographic: Myths About Short Hair

There are many reasons people could be hesitant to cut their hair short. Your hair can completely redefine how you look, and therefore, any hair-related decision could be tough to make. However, we want you to know that you can always style your hair in a way that suits you. Here is a fun infographic on modern myths about short hair and why they are untrue.

short hair myths (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Short straight hairstyles are a new rage in fashion circles worldwide, and celebrities are rocking their looks in sleek and tidy straight, short bobs, or pixie cuts. From a long blonde bob to a round bob, the hairstyles listed above certainly can up your style game. However, if you consider chopping your locks, choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape. For example, bob with blunt bags suits those with oval faces. Also, choose a dye that goes well with your skin tone if you plan to color your hair. Visit salons for regular trims and treat your hair with anti-frizz spray regularly.

short straight hairstyles

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

How can short straight hairstyles be styled and customized to suit different face shapes and hair textures?

The idea is to balance the face and achieve symmetry. For example, round faces need hairstyles with sharp edges to make the face appear less round. Hair texture also plays a key role. People with thin hair should opt for hairstyles with layers that give volume.

How can you achieve a sleek and polished look with short and straight hair?

Hairstyles like bob, lob, and asymmetrical bob with long side-swept bangs look extremely sleek and polished when styled right with short and straight hair.

What are some ways to add volume and texture to short straight hair?

A blunt lob can add a lot of thickness to hair and pairing it with highlights will give the right amount of texture as well. Blow dry and use volumizing products while styling for extra volume.

Are there any particular hair products or tools that are recommended for short straight hair?

Texturizing and volumizing products can make styling a lot better. Tools like curling iron and roller sets help achieve many hairstyles.

How can you transition from long hair to a short straight style, and what are some things to keep in mind during the process?

Some things to keep in mind while transitioning from long to short hairstyles are that it requires maintenance and frequent salon visits, as you will have to wash and style your hair more often and get regular haircuts to maintain the length.

What are some of the most daring and edgy short straight hairstyles, and who might they be best suited for?

A pixie haircut is one of the most daring and edgy short straight hairstyles. They are not considered particularly feminine but they are timeless and most well-suited for round, oval, and heart face shapes.

How can you choose a short straight hairstyle that complements your personal style and unique look?

Your hairstyle should reflect your personal style. Hairstyles like curly or wavy bobs suit people with romantic personal style while asymmetrical bobs and pixie cuts are for people with sleek and edgy personal style.

Key Takeaways

  • Dark roots, ombre, and highlights can create a fierce contrast for short, straight hairstyles.
  • Bob hairstyles are always in trend, and you can try variations like asymmetrical, round, or curved-in bob hairstyles.
  • Pixie cut is best suited for straight hair and never fails to give an edgy look.
  • Bangs and fringes with short hairstyles can direct the attention to the eyes.

Get ready to rock your short hair! Check out this video for stunning hairstyles that will allow you to enhance your natural beauty and make a bold statement.

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