Top 15 Trending Tommy Hilfiger Watches For Women

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Preppy. Cool. Effortless. These are the words that come to mind when one hears the name Tommy Hilfiger. With its signature navy blue, red, and white shades, Tommy Hilfiger’s branding as fashion fit for the “all-American girl” hits the nail right on the head. And with its nautical-themed designs that continue to hold the fashion world’s attention year after year, it’s not surprising to know that women all over the world are in love with anything “Tommy.”

Well, if your closet is filled to the brim, and you can’t possibly justify buying another dress, why don’t you treat yourself to a classy Tommy Hilfiger watch to brighten up your day? Here’s our guide to all the Tommy watches trending right now to help you make your decision!

Top 15 Trending Tommy Hilfiger Watches For Women

1. Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch

The love for florals and rose gold is for real, ladies. Suit yourself with a floral analog watch. With flowers scattered across the dial and the gorgeous rose gold finish given to the metal strap, Tommy Hilfiger has made a beautiful piece of art out of this watch.

2. Blue Dial Analog Watch

Simple and elegant. If those are the words that describe your style, here’s a watch that was made just for you. The blue that they have tastefully played with to create a beautiful shine and the simple dial design keep it all low-key.

3. Three-Panel Blue Strap Watch

When it comes to making watches that are comfortable to wear and look like a million bucks, Tommy Hilfiger does the job perfectly. This navy blue watch, for instance, has a functional strap that packs in a whole lot of finesse. The blue dial has a bezel set in a gorgeous navy blue ring. The silver hour markers, chronograph, and day and date dials make this watch irresistible.

4. Analog Rose Gold Watch

Here’s a piece that you can wear to glitzy occasions (a dinner party or a wedding, maybe?) without looking over the top. It balances out with its muted rose gold finish and bezel with sparkling white stones.

5. Silver Dial Women’s Watch

With the advent of rose gold on the fashion scene in the past couple of years, it’s no surprise that Tommy Hilfiger jumped onto this bandwagon. This marvelous timepiece wrought in rose gold-plated stainless steel can be effortlessly styled for work, a casual day out, or a date night, thanks to its understated white dial.

6. Black Analog Watch With White Stones

A classic black watch is an essential in everyone’s wardrobe. If you are on the hunt for one, here’s a piece you cannot say ‘no’ to. The elegant black strap and analog dial engraved with white stones make this watch a perfect everyday essential.

7. Stainless Steel Sports Watch

Make a bold statement with this stainless steel Tommy Hilfiger watch that is made for the powerful woman. The silver metal strap paired with the powerful white dial and bold-faced numerical hour markers work to create an elegant piece. The Tommy Hilfiger charm has been added to this piece with the signature colors used in the minute hands.

8. Pink Strap And Dial

Pamper yourself with this fancy Tommy Hilfiger watch to satisfy your girly side. This fancy piece features a pink leather strap with a self-design that looks dainty yet classy. The highlights of this watch, though, are the date and day indicators that go perfectly with the rest of the design.

9. Full Steel Analog Watch

With a full-blown steel body and dial, this Tommy timepiece is perfect for someone who leans more towards androgynous styles. While the dial is minimalistic and sophisticated, the little bursts of colors in the hands add some life to this design.

10. Square Dial Analog Watch

If you are the kind of person who can never decide between girly and sporty watches, this piece will work perfectly for you. The cylindrical strap and square dial are unique and stand out. The white dial adds to the aesthetic and infuses a touch of romance into this piece.

11. Brown Strap Watch

If black is too mainstream for you, here’s a dark brown watch that will satiate the fashionista in you. The beautiful blend of the white dial with gold stones, tan strap, and pops of vibrant blue and red is what all Tommy dreams made of.

12. Textured White Watch

With its stark white strap and all-silver dial, ‘Snow White’ is the only phrase that comes to mind when looking at it. This is one of the most elegant Tommy Hilfiger watches for ladies. It features a white dial embossed with an intricate repeating pattern of the TH monogram and is set with gorgeous white alternating numerical hour markers to complete the elegant design.

13. Dress Watch With Aqua Dial

Here’s something for the women who prefer understated elegance and timeless classics. The aqua shade of the dial and shimmering mesh bracelet with accents bring an unmistakable feminine finish to this dress watch.

14. Sports Watch With Mesh Band

This sleek but sporty monochrome watch from Tommy Hilfiger features a dial with a mixed texture. It gleaming finish is unique and exciting. It is water-resistant and perfect for outdoor activities.

15. Vintage Watch

For the love of all things vintage, get a hold of this stylish and casual watch with a vintage streak. Its band goes with all outfits and makes for a perfect accessory for workwear. This 3ATM water-resistance watch can take a few splashes, which is a plus.

Those were our top picks from the latest Tommy Hilfiger watches for women. Which one is your favorite? Let us know by dropping in a message in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main materials used in Tommy Hilfiger women’s watches, and how do they contribute to the overall design and durability?

Tommy Hilfiger uses high-quality materials to ensure durability and quality. The most common materials they use are stainless steel, mesh, leather, and silicone.

How does Tommy Hilfiger ensure the quality and accuracy of their women’s watches?

The women’s watches are made of Quartz movements from Japan that are highly reliable and accurate. They require less maintenance.

What is the warranty for Tommy Hilfiger watches for women?

Tommy Hilfiger watches usually have a 2-year international warranty.

What are the different occasions that Tommy Hilfiger watches for women are suitable for?

The Tommy Hilfiger watches are suitable for both formal and casual occasions. These are perfect accessories for a party or a business meeting.

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