41 Triangle Tattoos For Women That Are Super Inspiring

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Triangle tattoo designs have become very popular these days. They have been spotted on celebrities like Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding. Triangle tattoos look stylish, sexy, and romantic. The three points of the triangle can be associated with any three meanings: wisdom, love, and faith; past, present, and future; mind, body, and spirit; or mother, father, and child. It’s on you to pick the meanings you want to convey. A triangle tattoo symbol also signifies creativity, harmony, growth, expression, and change.  If you intend to get a triangle tattoo inked, here are some amazing designs that are very inspiring.

41 Most Inspiring Triangle Tattoos

1. Triangle Tree Tattoo

livisouma / Instagram

A tree growing in a triangle chalice holds very symbolic meaning. The tree in the triangle signifies the tree of life. A tree of life tattoo symbolizes immortality, eternity, knowledge, wisdom, strength, protection, abundance, and growth. All of these represent a close-knit family, and this gorgeous triangle tattoo is what holds it all together. This is a simple, stylish, and appealing tattoo with a deep meaning. You can place this tattoo on your arm, shoulder, or the back of your neck.

2. Triangle Feather Tattoo

matillatattoo / Instagram

This skillfully designed triangle tattoo features an intricate feather. The feather is designed in such a way that it goes through the triangle and looks stunning. According to Greek culture, the triangle symbolizes a doorway to higher wisdom, while in the Native American culture, a feather signifies spiritual protection and courage. You can get this tattoo inked on your arm, neck, thigh, or leg.

3. Geometric Triangle Tattoo

yarotattooart / Instagram

This cute and minimalistic geometric triangle tattoo looks simple and elegant. If you are a working woman who loves tattoos but can’t really show them off at work, this geometric triangle tattoo design is for you! You can place it at the back of your neck to be able to conceal it with your tops or dresses. This tattoo has multiple triangles within itself, making it the perfect geometric triangle tattoo that is not too complicated but looks subtle and elegant. You can ink this tattoo design on your wrist or foot. You can color each triangle in individual colors to jazz it up.

4. Cool Triangle Tattoo

arki.tat / Instagram

This gorgeous triangle tattoo has the simplest design but with a pop of color. These two interlocked triangles – one in black and the other one colorful – look beautiful against the skin. You can even fill in the triangles with colorful designs to brighten up the tattoo. This would make a beautiful matching triangle tattoo design to get with your friends, family, or partner. The places you can get it inked are your arm, wrist, neck, or ribs.

5. Infinity Triangle Tattoo

nikatattooing / Instagram

Infinity triangle tattoo designs are currently trending amongst the youngsters. Actress Sophie Turner has a stunning infinity triangle tattoo on her left upper arm, and it looks alluring. An infinity triangle tattoo features two or more interlinked triangles. This geometric design looks like two or three overlapping triangles, but it is actually made of one continuous line that weaves over and under itself. These infinity triangle tattoos are also known as ‘sibling tattoos’ because usually siblings get them.

6. Simple Triangle Tattoo

nieun_tat2 / Instagram

Nothing looks as gorgeous as a simple line tattoo of any design, and this simple triangle tattoo is no different! You don’t have to worry too much about designing or placing it. This tiny tattoo fits literally anywhere! A finger, wrist, neck, or behind your ear – you can place it anywhere. A simple triangle tattoo is often used to represent the Christian faith because its three sides are symbolic of the Holy Trinity. The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit are represented by each side of the triangle.

7. Three Triangle Tattoo

marlenelecidre / Instagram

Who would have thought that three simple triangle line tattoos could look so good? This three triangle tattoo design is exactly the reason why minimalistic designs are a hit these days! Placed beautifully along the upper arm, these three triangle tattoos are actually glyph symbols that are used in the Greek language. You can get this three triangle tattoo inked on your fingers, wrist, or arm.

8. Triangle Wrist Tattoo

prime_tattooer / Instagram

The wrist is one of the most common places to get inked. It is an ideal place if you wish to look at your tattoo all the time. Also, in the olden days, the wrist was believed to exude spiritual energy, making it a natural spot for a symbol that’s significant to you. When it comes to triangle tattoos, they hold great spiritual meaning in Christianity as they represent the Holy Trinity. You can play around with designs if you are not a fan of simple triangle tattoos and add some elements to make yours even more attractive.

9. Two Triangles Tattoo

arodinho / Instagram

This stunning tattoo has two triangles overlapped and pointing in one direction. Two superimposed triangles are a symbol in alchemy that signifies the element of imagination and spirituality along with fertility, birth, and growth. More generally, it is the symbol of creation and construction. This triangle tattoo has a stunning floral element added to the design to make it a little more feminine and cute. It is inked on the upper arm, but you can place it also on your wrist, neck, back, or ankle.

10. Black Triangle Tattoo

la_french_sarah / Instagram

This simple black triangle tattoo looks great against the skin and is appealing because of its modest design. A black triangle tattoo symbolizes harmony, proportion, illumination, and integration. A triangle tattoo can also be used as a symbol of creativity and simplicity. You can place this tattoo anywhere on your body it is tiny.

11. Floral Triangle Tattoo

In this stunning tattoo, three triangles overlap to form a black triangle tattoo in the center. A delicate vine creeping from the base to the top adds to its beauty. It is subtle yet striking and will instantly attract attention for all the right reasons. You can get this design inked on your arm, back, shoulder, neck, or foot.

12. Triangle Rose Tattoo

Flowers and triangles look awesome when put together in a tattoo. This tattoo features a rose with a black triangle outline. Some parts of the rose are inside the triangle and some of it is on the outside. This triangle tattoo looks unique because of its intricate detailing and delicate grey shading that make the rose look realistic and 3D. A triangle rose tattoo like this will look amazing no matter where you place it! You can even jazz it up and add some colors to make it look even more attractive.

13. Open Triangle Tattoo

jaketattos / Instagram

An incomplete delta tattoo with a slight opening in the triangle means that the person is open to change. This stunning open triangle tattoo is inverted and has a gorgeous sunrise with mountains scenery inscribed within it. Just the sun is inked in color, and the trees and mountains are done with black and gray ink. This tattoo symbolizes that the person is open to new things and willing to try a new path in life. Such a pretty triangle tattoo with an impeccable meaning, isn’t it? You can place this gorgeous triangle tattoo on your shoulder, neck, wrist, or upper arm.

14. Three Triangles In A Row

This interlinked three triangle tattoo looks amazing and is beautifully placed on the back with a quote. It is known as an ‘equilibrio’ tattoo, which means an equal balance between the past, present, and future. While the past and future are unfinished and open triangles, the present holding it all together is a complete triangle. You can shrink down this triangle tattoo design and place it on your finger. You can also ink it on your foot, thigh, or shoulder with fine lines or do each triangle with a different color representing each phase of your life.

15. Triangle Tattoo On Chest

melhuwe_tattoo / Instagram

If you are a spiritual person, getting a triangle tattoo on your chest would be a great way to keep the essence of God close to your heart quite literally! As you know, in Christianity, the triangle represents the Holy Trinity. You can either get a small and simple triangle or add a few elements to make it more feminine, like flowers or hearts.

16. Red Triangle Tattoo

Red Triangle Tattoo

ginateslaru / Instagram

Singer Ellie Goulding’s first tattoo was a stunning red triangle tattoo on her wrist. Just like the regular black triangle tattoo, the red-colored triangle holds the same symbolism. This triangle tattoo looks like it’s watercolored with its unfinished edges and blurry lines instead of crisp, straight ones. If you are bored of the same old simple triangle tattoos, try out this one which isn’t very different but still has a fancy twist to it. Place it on your finger, wrist, neck, or behind your ear.

17. Penrose Triangle Tattoo

lealio / Instagram

The penrose triangle is also known as the penrose tri-bar or the impossible tri-bar. The penrose tattoo design consists of a two-dimensional triangle that looks three-dimensional. To brighten up this tattoo even more, this penrose triangle tattoo has a beautiful mandala design around it. How stunning, isn’t it? You can place this penrose triangle tattoo with a mandala design on your thigh, hip, foot, or back.

18. Upside-Down Triangle Tattoo

hemstattoos / Instagram

Triangle tattoos usually point upwards, but an upside-down triangle tattoo has a beautiful meaning too. A triangle turned upside down represents a woman, mother, positivity, balance, and creativity. In short, an upside-down triangle is all about power and strength. To add some more meaning to this upside-down tattoo, a wave has been added to it. Waves symbolize strength, emotion, and ferocity. You can ink this bold tattoo on your upper arm, shoulder, or leg.

19. Triangle Forearm Tattoo

tattooist_banul / Instagram

Forearm tattoos are appealing and can be flaunted whenever you want! If your triangle tattoo is this gorgeous, we urge you to ink it on your forearm for everyone to admire and stare at it in awe. This triangle tattoo has a colorful galaxy with stars etched within its borders, and it looks simply stunning. The beautiful colors add to its charm and make the tattoo look alluring and worth getting inked.

20. Flower Triangle Tattoo

arodinho / Instagram

If you like elaborate tattoos, this one is for you! This tattoo is a pretty floral piece with a triangle outline in the middle. The flowers are vibrant and colorful inside the triangle and black and white outside the triangle. This is a beautiful idea that can be recreated with any flower or any other design. Get it inked on your back, waist, thigh, or calf.

21. Celtic Triangle Tattoo

alicetattooart / Instagram

This Celtic symbol consists of three interlocking spirals and is also called the ‘Spiral of Life.’ It symbolizes motion, movement, and a journey through life to reach the spirituality of pure enlightenment. The Celts believed the three spirals represent the celestial world, the mortal world, and the other world. If you believe in the supreme power of God, this tattoo is just for you. It also indicates your acceptance of being one with the endless universe. It is very common in Ireland for couples to get matching trinity knot tattoos before they get married. You can get it on your arm, back of the neck, or leg.

22. Triangle Circle Line Tattoo

krimson.ink / Instagram

A triangle tattoo with a circle and a line within stands for ultimate strength and power. The triangle represents rising again from the ashes, the circle represents wholeness, and the line stands for strength. This Harry Potter-themed tattoo is beautifully designed with the word ‘Always.’ Get this tattoo on your forearm.

23. Triangle With A Circle Inside

dasha_sumtattoo / Instagram

This stunning tattoo of a triangle with a circle looks mesmerizing and gorgeous! The circle looks embossed while everything around it is hazy and shaded. Adding a circle inside the triangle symbolizes that you believe in multiple lives and that humans are born again and again, which gives them a chance to make it right. This beautiful triangle with a circle tattoo is done with the dotting technique that creates a spraypaint effect. And this tattoo is inked on the back of the neck and looks simply spectacular. You can try getting it inked on your upper arm or shoulder too.

24. Deathly Hallows Triangle Tattoo

If you are a Potterhead, you will love this tattoo and know the meaning behind it. The triangle represents the Invisibility Cloak, the circle enclosed in the triangle represents the Resurrection Stone to recall the loved ones who have passed on. The vertical line up the middle of the triangle represents the Elder Wand. This triangle tattoo is the perfect one for Harry Potter fans as it is a reminder of how you can get you through some tough times in your life. You can rock this tattoo on your wrist, upper arm, or back.

25. Double Inverted Triangle Tattoo

denny_mur / Instagram

Triangle tattoos pointing upward represent the masculine spirit, while the inverted triangle tattoo stands for femininity. Thus, this tattoo is also known as the feminism tattoo, and you can spot many ladies sporting this inverted triangle tattoo with pride. This tattoo here is designed keeping its key element in place. While one inverted triangle tattoo is done in blurry dots, the other is simply a line tattoo. A flower tattoo is placed amidst the overlapped triangles to add a feminine touch to the design. You can ink this tattoo on your arm, shoulder, or back.

26. Impossible Triangle Tattoo

abacus.face / Instagram

The Penrose triangle is called an impossible triangle because you cannot figure out which triangle starts where. This one here is a beautiful yet simple impossible triangle tattoo design. This one has simply been done with black and gray ink. Flaunt it with style on your sleeve, arm, or wrist.

27. Hipster Triangle Tattoo

mia.elite / Instagram

These hipster triangle tattoo look like mosaic tiles have been cut into the shape of a triangle. One hipster triangle holds a beautiful design of roses. The other tattoo design is of lines and mountains that fill in the triangle space. They both are exquisite and charming in their own way!

28. Glyph Symbol Tattoo

naptime.pokes / Instagram

Glyph symbols are Greek symbols that are not exactly letters, but more like characters. They can be anything from numeric, alphabetic, or symbols within a character. Thus, a glyph tattoo can be as cryptic as you want it to be. This one is a simple triangle with a line across one edge of the triangle which means ‘explore.’ Placed beautifully on the back of the ear, this tattoo is simple yet so sexy!

29. Four Triangles Tattoo

Spiritually, triangles represent extreme power and strength. Any weight placed on them is evenly distributed on all three sides. The four elements — Earth, air, water, and fire – can also be represented by triangles in different colors. You can get this inked beautifully on your shoulder, wrist, or forearm.

30. Heart Triangle Tattoo

mamaintheburbs / Instagram

A heart triangle tattoo looks stunning and holds special meaning. It is the symbol for open adoption. It denotes the relationship between the birth family, the adoptive family, and the adoptee. In this triangle tattoo, the triangle is in black while the heart is in bright red to add some love to the entire design. Get it done on your wrist if you are comfortable flaunting it.

31. Three-Dot Triangle Tattoo

little.tattoos / Instagram

Three dots in a triangular arrangement have a universal meaning. They stand for ‘mivida loca’ which means ‘my crazy life.’ It meansthat you have chosen to live life to the extreme regardless of anyone else’s approval. It is usually inked on the wrist, neck, or near the eyes to make a bold statement.

32. Tribal Triangle Tattoo

yoshikyu_tattoo / Instagram

This Aztec-style triangle tattoo has strength and power written all over it. The triangles have been tattooed in a loop around the belly button, making this piece look super stunning and bold. You can add some more tribal designs to it to make it more elaborate. Tribal triangle tattoos look great on chest, shoulders, and arms as well.

33. Love Triangle Tattoo

mac_fineline / Instagram

Love tattoos can never get too old or boring! And, this one is no different. This delicate triangle tattoo with ‘love’ inscribed within its lines is gorgeous. If you are a fan of simple and minimalistic tattoos, this one would be a perfect pick for you. You can add a tiny heart or write the word in a different color. Experiment with this design to get a fabulous love triangle tattoo.

34. Triangle Tattoo On Ring Finger

staygoodtom / Instagram

Finger tattoos are trending currently, and everyone loves how beautiful they look. These triangle tattoos on the fingers look no less beautiful. The complete triangle on the ring finger denotes fire, and the inverted triangle with a line across on the middle finger represents the Earth. You can fill in the ring finger triangle tattoo with red or orange ink to represent what it stands for. Ring finger tattoos look extremely delicate and gorgeous, which makes them worth a try.

35. Triangle Tattoo On Arm

leclaireink / Instagram

Arm tattoos are usually for men, but if the design is this pretty, there’s no reason why women shouldn’t experiment with it too! This gorgeous triangle tattoo on the arm consists of beautifully outlined peony flowers overlapping a triangle. Peony is the flower of wealth and honor. It symbolizes romance and prosperity, and people consider it brings good fortune and happy marriage. When it’s combined with a triangle, it brings family into the focus and represents father, mother, and child – the three sides of a triangle. You can add color to the peonies to brighten up the tattoo or leave it subtly outlined like this one.

36. Eye With Triangle Tattoo

yamagamitattoo / Instagram

Another Christian symbol is a triangle with an eye. The eye tattoo stands for the Eye of Providence, Eye of God, or the all-seeing eye. This is depicted as an eye inside a triangle, which means God pays attention to everything we do. Some people get an eye inside a triangle to remind themselves that no matter where they are in life, God is watching over them. To add a touch of charm to this rather serious tattoo, you can simply add a few roses or flowers to it. Place this tattoo on your arm, wrist, back, or neck.

37. Rose With Triangle Tattoo

The inverted triangle is a symbol for femininity, strength, power, and motherhood. It becomes even more feminine when done with black and gray roses. This tattoo features beautifully rendered roses with a black triangle outline. Some parts of the roses are inside the triangle and some are outside. Even the leaves look gorgeous and realistic due to their shading. Get this tattoo inked on your forearm, wrist, neck, hip, or thigh, and you are sure to love the look of it against your skin!

38. Jewish Triangle Tattoo

sappysnappy18 / Instagram

The Jewish triangle tattoo is also known as the Star of David tattoo. It features two triangles overlapped on each other to create a star. It is a religious symbol that refers to Judaism and symbolizes the perfection of God. It symbolizes three corners of the world, heaven, and Earth. It is believed that a person with this tattoo is under the protection of God. This tattoo is popularly placed on the wrist, neck, or any other body part where it can be seen or flaunted.

39. Greek Triangle Tattoo

tattoozoan / Instagram

In Greek, the triangle symbol is the letter delta, which represents positive change. It is a simple yet meaningful tattoo. This triangle tattoo design symbolizes strength and change, and the gap within the tattoo represents being open to change. This beautiful delta tattoo is designed in a stylish and chic way. With the fine lines, dots, and a stunning leave branch – this tattoo makes for a beautiful minimalistic design. Rather than getting it tattooed on the usual places like the wrist or arm, this tattoo is inked on the ribs. Doesn’t it look stunning?

40. 3D Triangle Tattoo

3D tattoos look stunning and are worth getting inked on your body. Instead of getting a regular triangle tattoo, opt for a unique and mesmerizing tattoo like this one. A 3D triangle tattoo design looks great as it creates an optical illusion. This 3D triangle tattoo has a beautiful galaxy pattern inked within it to enhance the 3D effect. Get it inked on your wrist, neck, shoulder, foot, or hip. You can recreate the design and replace the galaxy pattern with any other pattern.

41. Egyptian Triangle Tattoo

jay.sickboy / Instagram

A triangle with an eye in it is known as the Eye of Horus in Egyptian mythology. It means that God’s eye is always watching over us, no matter what we do or where we go. It also stands for humanity, focus, vision, and protection from evil. This tattoo is placed on the back of the neck and looks stunning. You can also get it inked on your arm, chest, leg, or back as well.

Aren’t these triangle tattoos simply amazing? You can take the creative route with your triangle tattoo to look unique and attach a spiritual meaning to it. Pick a design and make it yours with your life experiences and stories. We hope these beautiful designs of triangle tattoos tempted you enough to get one inked on your body!

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