13 Signs Your Twin Flame Reunion Is At Hand

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

A twin flame is not your twin in the biological sense. Rather, it is a person who reflects your inner self as a mirror would, a perfect imitation of yourself that you can find in just one other person. A twin flame soulmate is your soul’s perfect match that persists through lifetimes. Both of you are two halves of a soul. Meeting your twin flame brings happiness, excitement, and a feeling of wholesome fulfillment. The connection you have is more on a spiritual plane than the physical one. It can run so deep that you can almost hear each other’s thoughts. Or rather, understand each other to the extent that you don’t need to speak out loud to communicate with each other. It is the kind of connection that biological twins possess. Remember Fred and George Weasley from The Harry Potter series?

Sometimes, it can be hard to pinpoint feelings or understand what they might mean. A few conflicting thoughts, experiences, and actions might make it hard to recognize the importance of a person in your life. So, this article talks about the meaning of twin flame soulmates, signs that someone is your twin flame, and some common questions to help you navigate the subject. Read on.

What Is A Twin Flame Reunion?



It is said that when you get reincarnated, your soul is split into two, and your journey in life is to find that other half through ups and downs. A twin flame reunion is when you find your soul’s forever mate in your life. You go through a special set of karmic experiences to find this other half, allowing you to connect even in the physical realm. A reunion of two halves of a soul can feel like fireworks, butterflies, racing hearts, adrenaline rush, and much more, all occurring simultaneously. You may find yourself at a loss for words to express what their presence feels like to you. It can just be called ‘perfection.’

As much as the reunion can be exhilarating, there is a period before the event when you feel restless and anxious about every little incident. It is called the twin flame reunion anxiety and feels much like the nervousness you feel coursing through your body when you have to get onto a stage to deliver a speech. It can be described as a fall before the rise in your life. The best way to deal with uncertainty might be to slow down a little, practice mindfulness, or do something that helps you relax.

This anxiety is, in fact, the bugle call for a twin flame reunion. Head to the next section to know what all you may experience as you near this spiritual reunion.

13 Signs Of Twin Flame Reunion After Separation



People find love in the most unexpected places and soulmates in even more bizarre situations. Here are 13 signs to help you recognize a twin flame reunion:

  1.  A Missing Feeling: There are times when you feel especially empty, like a part of you is missing. You might feel like something is out of place, something is bound to happen but hasn’t yet, something is incomplete in your life. This restless, hollow feeling comes when you are nearing your twin flame reunion. It kick-starts the twin flame reunion anxiety, which brings about the union.
  1.  Feel Their Presence Near You: It might seem far-fetched, but yes, you can sense when they are close to you through the resonance of your vibrations. Even though you cannot physically feel these vibrations, they are present on a spiritual plane. They aid you in your decisions subconsciously. They draw you closer to your twin flame by pushing you towards karmic experiences and tugging you towards synchronicities.
  1.  Spiritual Awakening: A twin flame reunion is set into motion when one of the two halves experiences a spiritual awakening, and both of them have gone through the karmic experiences they need to find each other. The spiritual awakening fans the flame that resides in the two of you and draws you closer to each other. But for the actual twin flame reunion, both the halves must have had their spiritual awakening.
  1.  Ego Difference: Feeling calmer than usual lately? It may be because your Ego is more soothed than it was before. According to psychologists, the human psyche is divided into 3 parts: Id, Ego, and Superego.

The Id works based on pleasure; its main aim is to bring pleasure to the person. The Ego is based on reality, and the Superego is driven by morality. Id and Superego stay in conflict, with Ego acting as the mediator. This can make Ego a little high-strung at times (the outward behavior you see in a person). With all the positive vibes around you and the feeling of happiness, your Ego becomes rather tame, and you get to relax and resonate with the happiness.

  1.  Elusive Excitement: You feel exceptionally happy and excited without any special reason. It feels like your soul is just happy to go out, meet people, and go to places you are drawn to. You feel light and giddy about every minute of your life, reflecting the vibrations in nature and resonating with the vibrations of your twin flame soulmate. You feel warm from within, and you glow because your soul is thrilled about your twin flame reunion being round the corner.


  1.  New Feelings: There comes a time when you are out of words to describe what you are feeling, and gestures don’t convey the depth of what you feel. It is almost as if these feelings never existed in the world before. Why do you feel these new ‘feelings’, you ask? It is because you are in sync with the vibes you are getting from your twin flame, and you are reflecting them. Take your time to understand these feelings. It will help you adapt easily to your twin flame soulmate.
  1.  Every Day Is A Mission: Does it feel like you have found the purpose of your life? Or, do you want to do something that will make others happy, which will, in turn, make you feel happier than you already feel? Whatever it may be, if it suddenly feels like you are on a mission to end world hunger or something on that scale, it is time to prepare yourself for a twin flame reunion.
  1. Synchronicities: Carl Jung, a renowned psychologist whose theories are based on the unconscious working of a person, said there are no coincidences. Instead, there are synchronicities — divine events when your soul aligns with the order of the universe.

When synchronicities occur, you are basically aligned with your true self (the whole of you and your twin flame’s souls). The more frequently it happens, the closer you are to a twin flame reunion. An example is when you see animals in pairs (like a pair of swans or a squirrel couple). Another significant sign is that you keep seeing 11:11 (a symbol for new beginnings), a new moon, daffodils, butterflies, groups of white swans flying or landing, and more.

  1. Dreaming And Daydreaming: Your mind wanders to made-up scenarios, all of which have a common someone you are yet to meet. Have you seen a faceless prince charming in your dreams lately? Or wished to be a part of a romantic book or movie that you are currently binging? It is a sign that you might be meeting your twin flame soulmate soon. It does not apply to the dreams and daydreams you usually get, but those that occur more frequently and are seen in vivid clarity.
  1.  You Feel A Pull Towards Certain Places: There are times when you are passing by a park, bookstore, a building, garden, café, restaurant, or any other spot that pulls you to it. It is not the kind of feeling you get when you crave food and want to go to the place that sells it. An invisible string drags you towards these places, which are the source of the vibes you feel from your twin flame soulmate.

You might find them if you go there or find a karmic experience that will guide you to your twin flame reunion. So, don’t try to resist it. Resisting the pull will only drain your energy and make you weak. Instead, follow the pull and face whatever is at the other end!



  1.  Unfamiliar Experiences: One day, you might wake up and want to try on a new look, or a new restaurant, a different kind of coffee, or some other unfamiliar, new, risky thing that you never thought you would ever try ever before. When you feel like trying something out of your ordinary routine, go for it! Maybe it is the link that is leading you towards your twin flame reunion!
  1.  A Feeling Of Completeness: You feel whole now because you have found that part of you that was missing. The black hole of empty, hollow feelings is not inside you anymore. You don’t feel the need to depend on someone else to solve your problems or make you happy. You feel content and satisfied with the way things are going on. You feel a state of inner peace and content that reflects into the harmony of the world. There is nothing else you need anymore, except finding this twin flame of yours.
  1.  Intuition Of The Right Time: When things are going the way they are supposed to go, when the pieces move according to the universal events, and when synchronicities are frequent, you feel like a bulb in you is switched on. A warmth spreads inside you, and you just know it is time for something to happen – and that something is the twin flame reunion!

In A Nutshell

If you have been feeling happy and excited, radiating a positive vibe for a while now, maybe it’s time to be on the lookout for your twin flame soulmate. On a concluding note, you attract a soul that radiates the same kind of energy that you do. It is how the halves of a whole meet. Unfortunately, this energy can get contaminated by doubt, jealousy, envy, or skepticism. So, you should listen to your intuition and avoid the opinions others may have about your relations. Share such insights with only the people who really care for you.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

How do you know your twin flame loves you?

Soulmates are people who unconditionally adore you, help you grow, cherish you, and love you. Twin flame soulmates, being your soul’s other half, are bound to accept you as you are, cherish you, nurture you, and love you. Even if they cannot express it in words, their actions will be loud enough to compensate for the lack of words.

Are twin flames obsessed with each other?

Yes. Twin flame soulmates wish to be a part of every aspect and experience of your life. They are protective of you and want to be involved with everything you go through. They are a reflection of you, and therefore, will be as interested in you as you are in them.

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