Twin Flame Separation: Towards Understanding This Connection Better

Written by Sushmita Barman

Expert on modern spirituality & mysticism, Todd Savvas opines, “A twin flame is your own soul, shared across what appears to be two physical beings. It’s one soul split into two bodies.” This suggests that twin flames are destined to share an intense connection of the soul. So when you hear terms like “other half” or “mirror soul,” you gotta know that those indicate the idea of “twin flames.” However, just like every other relationship that goes on a roller coaster ride, the spiritual connection between twin flames witnesses the same, and hence, a twin flame separation is inevitable, given that they are still humans who are bound to face life’s unexpected trials and tribulations. But when this separation crops up, the pain it brings forth is unquestionably excruciating, considering the strong bond between the twin flames. So, to better understand this pain, we present to you a practical guide on this separation. Let’s dive deep into this spiritual bond!

What Is The Separation Of Twin Flames Like?

The separation of twin flames is that stage where the mates face a life-shattering experience. In this stage, all the negative energies begin to take a toll on both the parties in the relationship, and the intensity of arguments as well as disagreements over even trivial matters is on the rise. The clashing of egos, rubbing against old and unresolved wounds, traumatic experiences and insecurities, are some of the most common things that flash a chuckling face. But what causes this separation? Let us find out below:

Reasons Behind Separation Of Twin Flames

The twin flame cycle of separation may originate from a multitude of reasons. So let us understand these reasons:

Not Braced Well: In a twin flame relationship, one is often the “runner” and the other the “chaser”. And as the name suggests, the chaser tends to pursue the relationship. In contrast, the runner, usually with a lot of baggage, tends to run away, unable to handle the overwhelming experience of being approached by the mirror soul. Being split from one soul, both the parties are often alike, which leads to immense self-reflection. And this reflection at times scares them, making them feel inadequate for the moment to be in the relationship. They also realize that this relationship is “The One” and requires wholesome commitment and unconditional love and affection, unlike past relationships. Consequently, they do not feel ready to land their feet in such a divine relationship.

Lack Of Emotional And Spiritual Maturity: When sometimes the runner remains stagnant while the chaser grows leaps and bounds, a fall out between them is beyond barricading. When the runner fails to attain both emotional and spiritual maturity just like its twin flame, the relationship tends to see an end eventually owing to the mess in the alignment among both parties.

Meeting Before Time: Sometimes, the twin flames meet way before the perfect time. Consequently, both the flames fail to contribute to the growth of the relationship, unable to cope with the wrong timing. Perhaps they require some more time to make themselves strong and mature so they can learn better the tactics of handling a relationship so priceless as this one. At this point, separation becomes a most sought-after goal.

Absence Of Self Love: Before offering love to someone else, we must love ourselves. And with the idea of “love thyself” trending everywhere today, it is also evident that there is definitely a lack in it, and a lot of work is yet to be done to accept ourselves fully. We cannot just settle with the idea that our twin flame is meant to be with us and do no self-reflection and self-improvement when needed. So, as this relationship demands equal growth and maturity, we must first learn to love ourselves, work together on our flaws and improve ourselves. Else codependency, covetousness, and conditions taint this pure form of relationship.

Twin Flame Separation Signs Or Symptoms

Twin Flame Separation Signs Or Symptoms


A significant process in the twin flame journey, this separation will reveal unmistakable signs that you must find relatable. Let us show you what these signs look like:

Contact ceases: When the connection between the two partners meets its dead end, the indication of separation is as clear as a crystal. From spiritual to emotional and physical, this ceasing of contact can be of all forms. Yes, even that blocking each other on social media and chat platforms that is a widely accepted way to hint at separation. This is a form of silent treatment and your twin flame may be obsessed with giving you, and it can obviously be frustrating. But this twin flame silence and separation are also how your partner chooses to do some much-required contemplation.

Setting In Of The Separation Blues: So, when it’s evident that your better half has shut you off, well….you feel like the world itself has ended for you. For you, grieving knocks at the door, and you welcome it with all of your arms because, at this point, grief poses to be your only friend. Unable to see the bright light of the sun, you feel like the monotony has crept into you big time and nothing ever seems fair.

Need To Withstand Rejection: Another primary symptom that is also a part of the separation blues is your constant need to get over the rejection. Well, yeah, nobody likes rejection and hence the obsession over wanting to overcome this rejection. But it is also worth mentioning that your other half is also striving hard to sink this rejection in. The rejection of your energies, the bond, and everything in between is all that your mirror soul is trying to process while putting a full stop to the relationship of giving it a temporary hiatus.

Dreaming Of Them: As time goes by and you somewhat reconcile with the rejection, you begin to feel their energies. Chances are, you might connect with them, speak to them through your dreams. So when you say, “I felt her in my sleep,” we believe you.

The Syncs: A very spiritual aspect, synchronicities are something you cannot NOT buy at times. You might feel it strange, but often enough, you will stumble upon words, songs, or even numbers that will ring a bell for you in mind. You will begin to identify some hidden meanings to these experiences, as though they carry messages from your twin flame exclusively written for you. These synchronicities will find a prominent place in your lives, screaming those signs that indicate hope for a future reunion with your partner or necessary awakenings.

How Long Does Twin Flame Separation Last?

If you’re still wondering how long you have to wait, well, let me tell you: Don’t wait. Waiting only gives you stress. And when you invest all of your energy into waiting for the separation to end, you will only delay the process as time will seem to flow by at a significantly slower pace.

Plus, the separation phase also depends on you both, to begin with. When the twin flames identify their issues and start working on them together, the dead-end for the separation will not be far. Once you both begin to mature perfectly and help each other become the best versions for yourselves, then what does separation ever mean? It’s clearly your will to commit, to put in a considerable amount of effort and understanding that can bring you both back together.

And if you are separated physically because maybe you both live on different continents, then the answer is simple: if you find a middle ground where you both can reside together, then who can possibly say that a twin flame reunion after separation is just a dream?

How To Deal With Twin Flame Separation

This separation can be unquestionably tricky, but when you throw light on it from a positive angle, you’ll know that it also gives ample opportunities to improve yourselves. To deal and cope better with this separation, let us find out what we have in store for us to do:

  • You will get an opportunity to work on yourself after separation. Grab it. Once you improve yourself, your thoughts, and actions and attain emotional and spiritual improvement, you will attract positive energies and witness twin flame separation ending signs.
  • Bring back to life your long-lost hobbies and make them your constructive mechanisms for coping with your loss. This will lift your mood instantly, and you shall heal gradually.
  • Stay open to communication, no matter whether you are the runner or the chaser. I know you might not be ready to reconnect with your twin flame, but keep the lines of communication so you can reunite soon.

So, folks, you know now what this separation feels like and how you fix it. But before diving into anything, you must understand that although the pain of separation from twin flames is unavoidable, accepting it and learning from it will help you heal the best. So don’t worry. Go ahead and streamline your separation process and face it with confidence, and your twin flame meeting after separation is right at the door!

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Do twin flames separate forever?

Twin flames are destined to be united. If not in this life, then surely in the lives to come.

Do twin flames reunite after separation?

Once all the relationship issues are mended, then yes, you will see the twin flame reunion after separation signs.

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