25 Signs You Have Found Your Twin Flame

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

You have heard of soulmates and maybe even daydreamed about building the perfect life with yours. But do you know about twin flames?

Who exactly is your twin flame? How would you know if you have met your twin soul? Twin flames or mirror souls come to earth in pairs. Your twin flame is the better half of your soul. Spiritual experts have stated that a soul can rip into two when the frequency gets high. These two-part souls then land in two different bodies and spend an eternity in looking for each other and trying to unite.

Here are some signs that can tell you if you have met your twin flame.

25 Signs To Tell You Have Met Your Twin Flame

1. You Are Intensely Drawn To One Another


It does not matter where you live or where you are, you feel a deep pull in your heart for each other. You feel that you belong together, even if you are hundreds of miles apart. You will often have the same thoughts and emotions at the same moment, even if you both are in different places. And when you are together, you may say the same things at almost the same time.

2. You Think About Things Differently When You Are With Him

Your relationship has changed you as a human being, and you are a better person because of it. You marvel at the possibility of life. You look for new things to do and have a fresh approach to life.

3. Twin Flame Lovers Come And Go Out Of Each Other’s Lives

Just because you have met your twin flame doesn’t mean that you both can play house forever. It is a cycle, a process. You have differences that cause disharmony between you both but also provide a learning opportunity. You may go in and out of each other’s lives, but somewhere deep down, you know that you both are meant to be together.

4. You Have A Positive Outlook On Life When You Are Together

No matter how bad things get, twin flame soulmates put their relationship above everything else. They know their bond is worth the energy and investment. You both are better together than apart.

5. You Are Perfectly Balanced Together


You are the best example of Yin and Yang. You absolutely could not be more different, yet you complement each other so well. When you are together, you can find happiness everywhere – in good times and bad times.

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6. You Change Your Whole Life Because Of Him

You become a different person but in a good way. You do things that are good for you. The energy you both radiate when you are together changes everything for the better.

7. You Experience Extreme Emotions

Your relationship is based on extremes – extreme emotion, extreme love, extreme devotion, and extreme drama. You can expect more than the general couple’s moments of ups and downs. Your love for one another is fierce, and it affects your emotions, mood, and capacity for rationality.

8. You Connect With Each Other At A Deep Level Quickly

Even if you both have just met, you feel like you have known each other for ages. Your stories are similar, and you have probably been at the same place at some time earlier, without realizing it. It seems like fate wants to bring you both together. You also share many of the same values, interests, hobbies, and preferences as your twin flame. You will probably like the same food as well.

9. You Feel Like Some Higher Power Keeps Bringing You Both Together

No matter how mad you get at each other, or how broken your relationship may feel at times, someone or something keeps bringing you back together. The universe has a plan – it sure seems that way!

10. Twin Flame Bonds Are Stronger Than The Bond Between Lovers, Friends, And Companions


You both are connected at a soul level, and when people state that the two of you are soulmates, you know it is probably even more than that. No one can understand the love and connection you both have. You are truly best friends.

11. You Always Find Yourself Bumping Into Him

Without consciously doing it, you will make your way to a place where your twin flame is – it could be the movies, a class, or wherever. You will arrive at the same get-togethers, find out you have common friends, or even that you went to the same school. They are always present near you.

12. You Understand Each Other

You get him, and he gets you. Many people feel misunderstood in relationships, but not you both. Twin flame connections share deep understanding. You will intuitively know what the other one is feeling, doing, or thinking about. You will also find that they can sense the same things in you.

13. You Care About Him And His Passions

You care about your own life goals as well as theirs. You both feel that as long as you guys are together, you can achieve just anything.

14. You Have Hard Times In Your Relationship, But Quitting Is Not An Option

No matter how bad it is or gets, you are always there for each other – and will always be. You know that giving up on the relationship is not an option because it is the best thing that has ever happened to you. When you both are together, you can face anything.

15. You Experience Happiness, Deep Down To A Spiritual Level


You feel complete when you are with your twin flame. There is no other word for it – you make each other whole, beautiful, and enough.

16. It Feels Like He Is A Part Of Your Family

It doesn’t matter if you just met him, you know your entire family is going to get along with him and see what you see in him. Your twin flame will also grow to love them as his own. He will be an extension of you.

17. You Share Every Single Thing

The good, the bad, and the downright ugly – you both share everything. You would rather live and fight with them than belong to someone else. You may even have the same dreams at night or appear in each other’s dreams frequently.

18. You Learn From Each Other

You love bridging the gap in your relationship and know it’s a worthwhile effort when you have found the person who mirrors your flame for life. You feel like you can easily communicate with him without speaking out. A simple look will be enough to let you know what he is thinking about.

19. You Both Love Traveling And Exploring New Places Together

You both love traveling together. You just can’t imagine having a new experience without him being there to experience it with you. Also, new experiences help you both expand your minds and learn a great deal about each other, which will deepen your beautiful bond.

20. His Friends Have Become Your Friends, And Your Friends Have Become His Friends


Both of you have a similar taste in friends and adore people who are genuine, honest, and positive. None of you hang out with people who are toxic. You get along with the same sort of people, which is the reason all of you get along perfectly well.

21. You Understand Each Other’s Shortcomings, And You Support Each Other At Every Turn

All of us experience suffering and challenges in life. That is why you feel the need to support each other whenever you guys are experiencing something hard. You both are a team, and you belong together. You will feel safe enough to be yourself around your twin flame.

22. You Could Spend All Your Time With Him Without Getting Bored

When you both are together, cuddling, there is nothing else you want or need. You feel you could stay with him all day and never get bored or tired of it. You will feel a strong physical need to touch each other and be close.

23. You Give Each Other Space

You never have an issue with giving each other some space. If one of you needs some alone time, there’s no jealousy or resentment involved. After all, we are all people, and we need time to reflect about ourselves in peace and quiet.

24. You Can Finish Each Other’s Sentences

You spend a lot of time together and understand each other’s nature better than most. You know each other so well that you can guess what the other is going to say in social situations. Some may think you both are a little cheesy when you finish each other’s sentences, but they just don’t get how deep your bond is.

25.Neither Of You Gets Jealous Or Possessive


Your bond is so strong that none of you feel threatened when one talks to the opposite sex – even if they have a crush. It’s all fun and cool because both are aware that nothing can break the incredible connection you both share.

You may want to know, what is the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame then? A soulmate is a person who has the same kind of energy as you and runs on the same frequency. But, a soulmate never exists in fusion with you. Soulmate connections are beautiful and very significant, but twin flame connections are at an entirely different level. These kinds of relationships usually lead to whirlwind romances and passionate affairs. However, they can also appear in the form of an intense, crazy friendship.

If you have a twin flame, you will meet this person at least once in your life. The two of you will get attracted to each other like magnets. Many describe an uncanny feeling of having known their twin flame their entire lives.

You will know when you have met your twin flame – you will feel a sense of recognition, like one remembers an old song. When you meet the person who has the other half of your divine energy, it will create a profound sense of wholeness in you.

Your twin flame will not only provide a sense of wholeness, but they will also increase your self-awareness, including knowledge about your flaws. Even though it is hard, sometimes, it is possible to have a healthy relationship with someone who is your twin flame.

A twin flame enters our life to reveal who we are and what we need and open our souls to our soulmate as well as ourselves.

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