30 Stunning Two-Tone Hair Colors You Need To Check Out

Written by Anjali Sayee

Black and white. Blonde and brunette. These are powerful paired combinations.

All it takes is two wonderful shades of a color to change your look. Whether it is to blend with the season or stand out in a crowd, you’ll find two-tone hair colors worth your while. Wondering what I’m talking about? Scroll down to know more about this trend that has enamored us all!

What Is The Two-Tone Hair Color Trend?


Two-tone hair color is exactly what it sounds like. You use two colors to give your hair vibrance and life. A few people have even gone creative with this two-tone idea by using multiple shades of the same tone to create a dimensional look. The most common trend is to opt for a peekaboo two-tone hairstyle, where one tone is hidden. But if you want to go all out, opt for a blunt contrast.

Read on to find out how you can dye your hair in two tones at home.

How To Dye Your Hair Two-Tone: Peekaboo Two-Tone Coloring


First, pick the colors you want and make sure they are contrasting shades. You will need to consider your surface skin tone, undertone, hair color, usual makeup, and clothes when making this decision.

What You Need
  • Boxes of two hair colors
  • Old towel
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Sectioning clips
  • Bowl
  • Hair coloring brush
How To Do
  1. Divide your hair horizontally (from ear to ear) and clip up the top section.
  2. Apply one hair dye to the lower half of your hair.
  3. Cover this section with a foil to prevent it from getting on the top section.
  4. Apply the second color to the top section of your hair.
  5. Wait for the required time. Keep checking every 5-10 minutes to see if it has reached the desired shade.
  6. Wash off the color once it has reached your desired shade.

If you want to go for a very stark contrast, it’s better to get it done at a professional salon.

Now, let’s get to the best two-tone hair color styles that you need to check out right now!

30 Stunning Two-Tone Hair Color Styles

1. Pink Ends


One of the funnest hair color experiences is getting your hair tips colored. Color the ends of your hair a lovely pastel pink, keeping the top tone your natural shade. This lovely rose hair shade looks fantastic on warm skin tones and works with all other skin colors as well. Perfect to get heads turning!

2. Blonde And Bright Blue


While the two-tone hair trend might be cool, there are a lot of women who prefer a less dramatic look. In that case, you can opt for a more subtle two-tone look – like adding colored highlights to your natural locks. Highlights are the best way to beat the heat this summer. And what better way to do so than with some cool blue ones? Go for some electric blue highlights to make your two-tone hair experience all the more chill.

3. Deep Blue And Blonde


Deep like the ocean and cool as ice, this two-tone combo is spectacular. It is also a clear example of a classic two-tone hair look – the half and half. These days, a lot of young celebs are sporting this look with drastic color pairs.

4. Orange And Black


Another way to go drastic with two-tone hair is to go half and half from ear to ear. Who doesn’t love the thrill of mystery? That’s what this blend of colors is all about! Orange roots melt into black streams, giving your tresses a hint of intrigue. Once you stare at it, you can’t seem to stop!

5. Blue Tips


Blue and purple go hand in hand and look absolutely stunning! Why not incorporate that amazing combo into your hair? This two-tone trend also keeps up with the unicorn color craze that has taken over the world.

6. A Slice Of Pink


If you are new to the two-tone trend, start off with this hair color blend. Sometimes, just a dash of color can go a long way. This beautiful shade of blush pink is sure to liven up your life. It is warm in its tones and, hence, works well with warm tones. If you have hazel, green, gray, or blue eyes, this color is sure to enhance their beauty.

7. Pink And Purple


Purple and pink are those incredible shades that have always been paired together. Almost all women love these two colors. So, why not splurge them all over your hair?

8. Light Tone Ends


Trying out the two-tone look for the first time? Then, this is the way to go. Opt for a shade that is a few tones lighter than your natural hair color. If you like how it looks, you can always go for a more drastic look with it later.

9. Green And Pink


Mermaid color combinations are big nowadays. Colors that you would imagine on a mermaid, like sea green and light pink, are what you need to choose for this look.

10. Dark Roots


The dark roots trend has really been taking the world by storm. It helps frame your face and adds definition to your hair as well. Go for a bright color with dark roots to create a gorgeously contrasted look.

11. Blue Peekaboo Highlights


Peekaboo highlights look really stunning and are perfect for the two-tone trend. Go for electric blue peekaboo highlights under silver hair to create a winter frost look. So, what are you waiting for?

12. Pink And Blonde


Think about Avril Lavigne, and your mind immediately goes to her blonde hair with pink streaks. Take that look a step further with this stunning two-tone hair look.

13. Pink Hues


There are numerous shades of pink, and all of them can give your hair the dimension you want. Remember to pick hues that match your skin tone, though. Don’t pick a cool hair shade if your skin is warm-toned, and vice versa.

14. Red And Orange


Red and orange go well together and blend well too. If you’re looking for a less drastically contrasting two-tone look, this is it.

15. Brown And Auburn


Brown and auburn is another iconic mix-and-match combo. If you have darker hair, opt for this color combination. The auburn adds a subtle splash of color while the brown keeps things understated.

16. Black And Blonde


Michael Jackson sang it right: It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white! So, why not choose both? Monochromatic designs are ruling the world, and we love them! Black and white locks meet to create this bold color look that you absolutely need to try.

17. Gray And Pink


Pixies are mythical creatures that love dancing and having a good time. This blend of pink and gray sums up that pixie energy very well. The gray shade has a wild grunge feel to it that that contrasts with the feminine pink beautifully.

18. Brown And Purple


Women have a deep pull towards shades of purple like amethyst. Not only is it the color of royalty, but it also symbolizes feminine energy. Give your hair a royal do-over with this lovely shade.

19. Forest Green


Green is a bold and robust color. It’s no wonder The Hulk and the Statue of Liberty are green! Green hair is the best rebel-with-a-cause hair color trend. If you have black hair, you need to try this beautiful blend. It is definitely on my list.

20. Bubblegum Pink


Blend two feminine elements – roses and the color pink – and what do you get? This incredible hair color concoction. This deep rose hair blend exudes a fun vibe like no other hair color.

21. Frosty Blue


Did you know that the first interior decorator was also the first woman to sport blue hair? Lady Elsie De Wolfe Mendl dyed her hair blue in the year 1924. That’s right, blue hair has been around since that long, and it looks absolutely brilliant.

22. Red And Brown


Red velvet and chocolate make for a great dessert combo. Take that gooey richness to your hair as well. Chocolate hair with some red added to the mix will make your hair look luscious and thicker.

23. Blonde Dimensional


Imagine you are at the beach. You can hear the waves and feel the sand in your feet. Blonde is the perfect hair color for this scenario. Think dimensional this summer with multiple shades of blonde that look surreal in sunlight.

24. Blonde Tips


This is the answer to that unsolvable question – blonde or brunette? Get the best of both worlds with a high contrast bronde two-tone mix. The dark roots accentuate the blonde hair while framing your face.

25. Candy Two-Tone


Think feminine with a hint of sophistication. Candy pink and pastel blue are the colors that come to mind. This blue to pink ombre is styled in those perfect twirls of hair, making it a mesmerizing waterfall.

26. Blonde Waves


Dirty blonde hair gives off the perfect beachy vibe. If you have naturally dark hair, the best way to change your look is to go blonde. While it is a hair change that requires serious thought, it sure is a head-turner. Instead of opting for a full blonde change, just go for a two-tone look.

27. Purple And Black


Purple signifies feminine energy while wine makes for a good time. Combine them to create a fantastic hair look. The black here accentuates the light purple like a force of nature. Sublime!

28. Pink And Black


You will definitely find this color combo everywhere. It works best with cool-toned skin and gray eyes. It looks classy, sophisticated, chic, and utterly fashionable!

29. Denim Tones


Nothing describes navy denim better. It is a versatile and vibrant color that boasts sophistication. Take this versatility to your hair, and it won’t disappoint. Blue is the perfect hair color for that moody grunge style. If you have black, hazel, blue or gray eyes, this color is for you.

30. Brown And Blonde


If you are looking for a simple change, this is it. Blonde highlights are a great way to show off your natural dark locks. Having blonde highlights near the face helps in slimming it down, making it look lean and long.

Those were our top picks for two-tone hair. Hope this list inspires you to get in on the ultra cool two-tone hair color trend. Which one is your favorite pairing? Comment below and let us know!

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