11 Types Of Jackets For Women To Wear All Year Along

Layer your outfit with a timeless trench coat or an edgy leather jacket to turn heads.

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We can’t wait for the winter to arrive as it allows us to put on our jackets and get all the picture-ready. They keep us cozy and warm and also let us look super trendy. Knowing the significance of jackets in everybody’s closet, we want to introduce you to the very types of jackets that are available. This will help you choose from a wide range of jackets and style them based on your tastes. So without holding yourself up, go ahead and give this piece a read because it is time to rock some cool jackets!

Ace The Look
  • Body Type: Opt for jackets with belts for apple body types, trench coats for hourglass figures, cropped puffers for pear body types, long overcoats for inverted triangle body types, and belted jackets for rectangle body shapes.
  • Occasion: Wear denim or faux-fur jackets for casual outings, evening coats or overcoats for formal events, and bomber and leather jackets for a sporty feel.
  • Bags: Pair waist pouches and cross-body bags with bulkier jackets, backpacks and bucket bags with denim jackets, and clutches and envelope bags with evening coats.
  • Hairstyle: Wear your hair in loose waves with long coats and evening jackets, pair half up half down styles with denim jackets, and high ponytails with leather and bomber jackets.

11 Different Types of Jackets For Women

1. Trench Coat

A trench coat has to top this list or any other list when we talk about a timeless and classic piece of clothing every girl should own. Camel colored trench is as elegant and polished as it can get, and it goes with any outfit. It keeps you warm on a crisp fall evening and stylish on a breezy winter morning if you need to head to a brunch. Most of them are usually waterproof, and thus, you have your answer for monsoons too. You can wear it over sweaters and other winter clothing, and pair it with anything really to amp up your look. A tote bag and boots with a trench coat is a match made in heaven. Not just camel colored, but orange, red, and yellow are some fascinating choices of colors for a trench coat. Nothing sexier than a woman who struts around in a red or yellow trench!

 2. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets come in handy for all those times when you want to wear something edgy yet keep it casual. Or when you want to keep it effortlessly stylish but do not want to put in too much effort. Or for all those times when you just need a layer – the leather jacket is your answer. It comes in more variants than we could ever ask for and they all look equally sexy – be it buttoned, zipped, open or belted. Black is almost synonymous with leather jackets, but brown, red, and gray are other equally stylish choices when it comes to a leather jacket.

Duc, a blogger, describes her experience of buying her first leather jacket in her blog. She paired the jacket with a shirt, sweatshirt, and boots. She wrote, “I’m hoping I can wear it [jacket] more often and in more creative ways than this (i).”

3. Denim Jacket

Most of them do not even mention this when they talk about bare necessities and everyday essentials because they assume that you own one of these – it goes without saying. A denim jacket goes with dresses, gowns, jeans, and shirts alike, and how! White, light washed, sleeveless, and cropped style are some incredibly stylish choices when it comes to denim jackets.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can pair your denim jacket with a black top and distressed black jeans to create a beautiful and stylish contrast. You may wear boots to complete the look.

4. Bomber Jacket

Women wearing different types of bomber jackets
Image: Shutterstock

Bomber or biker style jackets are considered uber chic and tomboyish while being feminine at the same time, which is a combination to die for, if you ask me. While the common idea is to flaunt them while riding a motorcycle, you don’t necessarily have to do that. These have evolved, and they need to be in your closet. The versatile jacket looks dapper on pencil skirts, ripped jeans, maxi skirts, and shorts – and everything else you can think of.

5. Quilted Jacket

Quilted jackets hit that sweet spot between keeping you warm, stylish, and edgy all at the same time. These come especially handy during fall and the few weeks of winter where your puffed up jackets are too heavy, and leather jackets don’t suffice. Since fall and spring are all about being fashionable, you need to get one of these and keep it handy.

6. Cashmere Or Wool Jacket

If you are in New York, Chicago or up North, you know you are preparing for a long winter that is going to last more than you would like. But hey, since we cannot do too much about that, we can beat it with fashion, look stylish, and have fun anyway. And, what better way to do that than with a woolen jacket or a shrug that keeps you warm like nothing ever does but also looks elegant?

protip_icon Quick Tip
An ideal winter jacket would also have some pockets in its design. Layering a long wool coat over a sweater dress looks trendy.

7. Overcoat

An overcoat is your winter version of a trench coat – it is long, classy, stylish, and is always thick enough to protect you from freezing winters. It is one of the most elegant outerwear pieces of clothing a woman can own, and the best part about it is nobody cares what you are wearing inside – pair it with a stylish woolen scarf and ankle length boots. You get them in all ranges and wearing a long-classy overcoat with leather gloves and boots to a fine-dining place or a Christmas party will say such great things about your style without you saying anything.

8. Faux-Fur Jacket

Apart from your essential overcoats, you need things like a faux-fur jacket that is stylish and feminine, and sets you and your outfit apart wherever you go. If you are into fashion, you know that pink, blush, etc. are some obvious choice of colors when it comes to faux-fur jackets. But, wine-red, yellow, and whites look sophisticated and stylish as well.

9. Evening Coat

Evening coats are more than just a layer on your outfit. They make you look like someone who knows her fashion game and is on top of things. An evening coat can be anything from a velvet blazer, a black tweed jacket, a long sequined overcoat, etc., that marries your entire outfit either by blending into the gear or by standing out. However, a black blazer that fits you perfectly is a choice of evening coat that will never fail you.

10. Puffy Jacket

Puffy jacket for a trendy look
Image: Instagram

From oversized puffy jackets to off-shoulders – puffy jackets have come a long way from just being winter essentials. Designers like Alexander McQueen continue to take these to a whole new level. A sleeveless red puffy jacket or shiny silver full sleeves, cuffed at the hands, is something every girl needs in her closet, especially if you are living in cities that get a little too chilly during winters.

11. Harrington Jacket

Harrington Jacket
Image: Shutterstock

Harington jackets have a timeless yet cool girl vibe. Made from lightweight material, they are simple, functional, and classic. These jackets have a full-zip front, are high-waisted, and have a standing collar with elasticated cuffs or waistbands to give you a snug and comfortable fit. They offer endless layering options and can be worn at any time of the day. These jackets are transitional pieces that are perfect for fall and can be paired with a simple tee, or jeans or over your little black dress. Plus, they come in a variety of different fabrics, such as leather, nylon, suede, and wool.

Infographic: Trendy Jackets For Women

Hey you all the fashionistas out there, you don’t have to compromise fashion for cold this winter. We got you. We have discussed five chic, super trendy jackets and coats that will complement your ensemble. Check out the infographic below!

trendy jackets for women (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Your winters are sorted with all these different types of jackets to make sure you look nothing less than perfect. Jackets not only keep you warm, but they also allow you to get creative with your look. You can add layers to your outfit without giving it a chunky appearance. So whether you wear a leather jacket, a faux-fur jacket, a quilted jacket, a trench coat, a bomber jacket, or even a chic pea coat you will be the showstopper. If you are down for experimenting with different looks then pick the ones that have stolen your heart and make the world your personal runway!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a jacket and a coat?

A coat is usually long and goes below your hip, whereas jackets come in all sizes and lengths.

Are jackets unisexual?

Jackets are one of the most unisexual pieces of clothing you can sport and buy, because more and more brands have come out and made jackets that are suitable for anyone, regardless of the gender.

What are cold jackets called?

There are multiple types of cold jackets, used to withstand the harsh cold weather, such as puffer jackets, fleece jackets, parka, varsity jackets, windbreaker jackets, hardshell jackets, or waterproof jackets.

Which jackets are in style in 2022 for men?

Trench coats, bomber jackets, track jackets, leather jackets, puffer jackets and even hoodies are in style for men in 2022.

Why are jackets called blazers?

Blazers are actually a type of jacket. Suit jackets consist of structured and stiff shoulders while blazers have soft, unstructured shoulders.

Can you wear a blazer as a jacket?

Yes, you can wear a blazer as a jacket. Blazers are better suited for a casual setting while suited jackets work better for formal events.

What are half jackets called?

Half jackets are also known as hiking jackets or sleeveless jackets in the market.

How do you clean a dirty puffer jacket?

Use a brush to remove the loose dirt from the puffer jacket. Hand wash the jacket in a bathtub or sink with mild or natural detergent. It is recommended to read the instructions on the tag for the right guidance.

Can jackets be washed in the washing machine?

Yes, jackets can be washed on a gentle cycle in the washing machine. Use a high-quality and gentle deep cleaning detergent.

Key Takeaways

  • Trench coats are usually waterproof, elegant, and polished.
  • If you like to style with some edge, a leather jacket should be your first choice. They look sexy in all avatars, whether buttoned, zipped, or open.
  • Prepare for winters with cashmere or wool jackets, the epitome of fashion and comfort.
  • Faux-fur jackets are stylish and feminine.

Explore the different types of coats for ladies along with their names. Watch this video to enhance your knowledge about coats for all sorts of occasions.

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