11 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

Written by Harini Natarajan

A hug is an expression of love and affection. It is the best way to express your feelings when words fail to describe the state of your mind. Hugs are not always for your lover or children. They can also be for friends, family, and even colleagues. They can be a source of great comfort when things are going south. However, not all hugs mean the same thing. There are different kinds of hugs that have different meanings at different times. Here is a list of 11 types of hugs and what they mean. It will help you to figure out what a certain hug from a certain someone meant and how you can reciprocate in a proper way.

1. The Warm Bear Hug


This hug is for friends. You know what we are talking about – the kind of tight embrace you give your friend when you haven’t seen them for way too long. The kind your granny or sister gives you every time she sees you because you guys adore each other. These hugs pull you in, squish you tight, and make you feel all happy and content from within. These hugs mean a lot as they have a ton of emotion behind them. They are the real ones and only reserved for the best’est’ of people in your life.

2. The ‘From The Back’ Hug


These hugs are the sneaky ones in which your loved ones attack you from the back and engulf you in a tight embrace, leaving you feeling really loved. These are the hugs you get from your significant other or close family members. These are not meant for strangers as that would be kind of inappropriate. These hugs tell you that your partner or loved one is feeling especially affectionate towards you. It may also happen after you have done something nice for your loved ones and they are thankful. It could also mean that they have been missing you and are super excited to see you again. It is a very intimate kind of hug that leaves you feeling extremely comforted and cared for.

3. The ‘Back Stroke’ Hug


These hugs are commonly given by friends more than family members or lovers. These are the hugs where you have an emotional moment, embrace each other, and give a little back rub along with the hug. These hugs basically mean that you wish the other person well and hope they are happy. It is a genuine and meaningful hug. It is more than just the average, quick hug friends give each other. These hugs are also given by friends after a heart-to-heart talk or after they make up after a fight.

4. The Polite Hug


This is the type of hug you usually give colleagues and acquaintances. It is given sideways, with only a single arm. There is partial upper-body contact, and the lower body never comes in contact. This type of hug indicates awkwardness or some discomfort. If you are getting or giving this kind of a hug from your partner, it means that there are some issues in the relationship. However, it is perfectly friendly and appropriate if a friend’s spouse or a neighbor gives it.

5. The One-Sided Hug


If you hug someone with all that you have got, and they just let you without participating in the hug, buddy, you have got issues. There is something going on in the person’s mind and they are not feeling as affectionate towards you as you are towards them. The lack of reciprocation is a clear indicator that the other person is not as into the relationship as you are. This is a warning sign and you better engage the person in a conversation and find out where you stand.

6. The Intimate Hug


This is a lovers’ hug. It is a close full-body embrace with direct eye contact. The eye contact is the most important part of this hug. It takes this type of hug to a different level, clearly becoming more than just plain physical touch. If you are getting hugs like these, it means you have something special going on with this person. If you like this particular someone, hug them back and let them know that they have set fire to your heart as well.

7. The ‘Hand Around The Waist’ Hug


Even if the guy who is giving you these kinds of hugs hasn’t confessed his feelings for you yet, this embrace is, well, giving all his secrets away. This hug is an intimate gesture, and it shows that he is attracted to you and wants to spend as much time with you as possible. He is happy to see you and is falling head over heels for you. It probably means that there is some kind of sexual tension between you both as well. So, ahem-ahem, all the best!

8. The Straddle Hug


This happens when the woman takes the initiative and jumps into her man’s arms. She also puts her legs over his, pinning them down. This hug shows that the woman is crazy about the guy. If you are giving this kind of hug to someone special regularly, it shows that you both have a great bond and the love between you two is passionate. You are comfortable with each other’s bodies and are probably going to end up together, especially if your partner is reciprocating to these hugs.

9. The Quick Hug


This hug appears to be awkward and unwanted. Both parties give each other a quick grab and pretend it never happened. But, that isn’t really the case here. This hug basically means that even though there is love or affection between the two of you, it is kind of weird to hug each other at this point in your relationship (or time), so it is best to keep it quick and casual. This kind of hug is given and received when people are in the first stages of a relationship or between siblings after a fight.

10. The ‘Head On Shoulder’ Hug


This happens when either the man or the woman lays their head on their mate’s shoulder. If this hug often takes place between you and your significant other, you should be aware that there is strong connection, love, and affection between you two and you are both willing to spend your lives looking after each other. You have deep respect and adoration for each other, and the relationship is doing well. It also means you are extremely comfortable together.

11. The Comforting Hug


This is the kind of hug you give your friend when they are in need of emotional support. It is a heart-to-heart hug that calms the person you hug and is very personal and intimate. You can also give a comforting hug to someone who is extremely tired or emotionally drained. This hug shows that you care about the other person and want to ease their pain.

The kind of hug a person gives you makes it clear whether they want to have a serious relationship or not. Hugs are the best way of expressing your feelings for another person. The type of hug that occurs between you and your partner can give you clear clues about the state of your relationship. Also, it brings families closer, makes you happy, and makes the bond between friends stronger. So, give your loved ones a hug whenever you can. Happy hugging!

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