Different Types Of Piercings: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore the diverse world of piercings and find the one for your unique personality.

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Gone are the days when piercings were confined to just the ears and nose. In today’s world, body modification has evolved into a diverse array of options, with different types of piercings that can adorn almost every inch of your body. From traditional ear and nose piercings to more unconventional choices like lip, tongue, and nail piercings, the realm of body piercings offers a vast canvas for self-expression and individuality. If you have been considering getting a piercing but are unsure of where to get one, this article is for you. Here is a detailed guide about the several different types of piercings to help you out. It will discuss the piercings as well as the jewelry that best goes with each one of them. Keep reading!

Different Types Of Piercings

Piercings are plentiful, capable of adorning nearly every inch of your body and face from the eyebrows and nose to the navel, genitals, and more. The entirety of one’s form becomes a canvas for self-expression. Here are different types of piercings categorized by their placement on the body.

1. Types Of Eyebrow Piercings

Eyebrow piercings are a trendy way to add flair to your look through a small barbell or hoop. They are popular among those seeking to showcase their style and individuality freely and have gained significance in modern subcultures and fashion movements. Here are a few interesting eyebrow piercings based on the direction of the piercing.

  • Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing


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This is a piercing done horizontally through the eyebrow, usually near the outer edge. This horizontal piercing is often adorned with a small barbell or curved bar to accentuate the eyebrow’s shape.

  • Vertical Eyebrow Piercing

This piercing runs vertically through the eyebrow, providing a unique look. This vertical piercing is typically adorned with a straight barbell or curved bar for a sleek and modern appearance.
  • Diagonal Eyebrow Piercing

This piercing is placed at an angle through the eyebrow, adding an edgy twist. It can be adorned with curved or straight barbells that complement the eyebrow’s natural curve.
  • Antibrow Piercing

This one is a little tricky since it is more of a high cheek piercing. It is not positioned in the eyebrow area, but rather under the eye, on the upper part of the cheekbone. It is often embellished with a surface bar or small studs that offer a subtle yet striking addition to the facial features.

These eyebrow piercings are a great way to give yourself a bold makeover. Similar in simplicity yet striking in impact are ear piercings. Keep reading to know more about them.

2. Types Of Ear Piercings

Ear piercings are one of the most common body modifications around and are a part of many cultures. Even little kids often get their earlobes pierced. But there are also lots of other types of ear piercings besides just the earlobe piercing.

  • Helix Piercing

This piercing is placed on the upper part of the ear’s cartilage. This outer cartilage piercing is often adorned with a small hoop or stud near the top edge. You can also get two insertions instead on one, known as a double helix piercing.

  • Tragus Piercing

It is typically positioned on the small, triangular cartilage in front of your ear canal and is usually decorated with a tiny stud or hoop.

  • Conch Piercing


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This piercing is done in the large and flat area of the cartilage at the middle of your ear, usually towards the center. It is often adorned with a small stud or hoop. You can also get a piercing done just outside this area, called the outer conch piercing.

  • Rook Piercing

This piercing is done on the inner ridge of the ear, above the tragus and slightly deeper into the ear. You can get a little ring or stud that looks tucked into the fold of your ear.

  • Snug Piercing


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A snug piercing goes through the inner cartilage along the rim of the ear, usually in the lower part. It is like having a tiny hoop or stud nestled snugly against your ear.

  • Daith Piercing


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This piercing is positioned through the innermost fold of cartilage above the ear canal. This is an upper cartilage piercing that can be adorned with a small ring or stud.

  • Industrial Piercing

A piercing that connects two separate piercings with a single piece of jewelry, typically spanning the upper ear cartilage horizontally. A barbell goes well with this piercing.

  • Orbital Piercing

This piercing passes through two parts of your ear, like the helix and lobe. It is connected by a single piece of jewelry. like a hoop, that goes through your ear.

  • Anti-Tragus Piercing

A piercing is made on the small raised fold of cartilage opposite the tragus, on the outer edge of the ear. It can be decorated with a tiny stud or hoop in the little bump across from your earhole.

  • Auricle Piercing

This piercing is made on the outer rim of the ear, anywhere between the helix and the lobe. It offers a small decoration on the ear’s outer edge, typically a stud or hoop.

These ear piercings exude a stylish and trendy vibe, offering a wide array of jewelry options to experiment with. Another common place to get a piercing is the nose. Keep reading to learn about all the different types of nose piercings.

3. Types Of Nose Piercings

Many people choose a nose piercing to express their beauty and uniqueness. It makes a strong statement, enhancing facial features and adding style. Whether decorated with a small stud or a delicate hoop, nose piercings are loved worldwide for self-expression and personal flair. Here are a few nose-piercing ideas:

  • Austin Bar Piercing

This piercing is placed horizontally across the tip of the nose and is usually adorned with a straight barbell or surface bar. It offers a sleek and modern look to the nose.

  • Bridge Piercing


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It is positioned through the nasal bridge, precisely between the eyes. It is typically adorned with a straight or curved barbell.

  • High Nostril Piercing


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It is positioned higher on the nose than a standard nostril piercing and often adorned with small studs, screws, or hoops, adding a subtle yet chic accent to the upper part of the nose.

  • Multiple Nostril Piercings

This consists of multiple piercings made along the sides of the nostrils, usually adorned with small studs or rings, providing a unique and edgy look to the nose.

  • Nasallang Piercing

A combination piercing that passes through one nostril, the septum, and the other nostril. It is typically adorned with straight barbells or captive bead rings, creating a bold and eye-catching style.

  • Rhino Piercing

The tip of the nose is pierced and adorned with a small stud or hoop, offering you a distinctive and unconventional look.

  • Septum Piercing


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A piercing is made through the thin strip of cartilage between the nostrils. You can use a captive bead ring or circular barbell for a stylish and versatile jewelry option.

Megan Norris, a fashion blogger, shares her experience of getting a septum piercing. She chose a circular barbell for her first jewelry and loved how it turned out to be. She writes, “I feel so much more confident in myself already, I love how it looks and how it makes me feel. So getting it done has had such a wonderful effect on me! (i).”

  • Septril Piercing

It is a fusion of the rhino and septum piercings. A piercing is made to connect the top of the nose to the stretched septum. Curved barbells, tunnels, or plugs offer a unique and customizable look for this piercing.

The variety of nose piercings showcases the versatility and creativity of body modification, leaving one marveling at the possibilities. Each nose piercing is uniquely intricate, often demanding precise execution. Another striking choice for body modifications that provide bold and expressive statements are mouth and lip piercings. Check them out in the next section.

4. Types Of Mouth And Lip Piercings

Mouth and lip piercings have been part of cultural traditions for ages, representing important rituals or belonging to certain groups. From ancient lip plates to today’s lip rings, these decorations are meaningful in many cultures, blending old customs with modern style. Some unique oral piercings are given below:

  • Medusa Piercing

A bold piercing is placed centrally above the upper lip. This piercing is typically adorned with a small stud or gemstone for subtle elegance.

  • Dahlia Piercing

Two piercings are made at the corners of the mouth, emphasizing the natural curves of the lips. They are often decorated with delicate hoops or studs to complement facial symmetry.

  • Labret Piercing

A piercing is done just below the center of the bottom lip and adorned with a variety of jewelry styles, such as studs, hoops, or labret bars.

  • Ashley Piercing

The Ashley piercing, also called the inverse vertical labret, enters through the center of the lower lip and exits through the top of the lip. Usually, curved barbells or labret studs are suitable jewelry choices for this unique piercing, offering comfort and style.

  • Spider-Bite Piercing

Two close piercings are made near the lower lip, resembling the bite marks of a spider. These piercings commonly feature small studs or rings for a playful yet edgy aesthetic.

  • Monroe Piercing

This one is placed off-center above the upper lip, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic beauty mark. It is typically adorned with a small stud or gemstone to capture classic Hollywood glamor.

  • Madonna Piercing

Named after the iconic singer’s beauty mark, this piercing sits off-center on the upper lip, adding a touch of vintage charm. Often adorned with a small stud or gemstone, enhancing its resemblance to the classic beauty mark while adding a modern twist.

  • Snake-Bite Piercing


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Dual piercings are made on either side of the lower lip, evoking the appearance of snake fangs. Adornments often include small hoops or studs, adding a touch of rebellious charm.

  • Smiley Piercing

A discreet piercing inside the mouth along the upper lip frenulum, creating a subtle yet alluring accent. Simple captive bead rings or curved barbells are commonly worn for this hidden adornment.
  • Tongue Piercing

A piercing through the center of the tongue, offering a bold statement of individuality. Barbell-style jewelry, featuring a straight or curved bar with decorative ends, is popular for tongue piercings, providing both style and comfort. This piercing has different styles as well such as

  • Snake eyes piercing (two holes made almost an inch apart on the ends of the tip of the tongue)
  • Frog eyes piercing (two holes made higher up on the tongue)
  • A middle tongue piercing (the most common one made at the center of the tongue),
  • Tongue frenulum piercing (two close holes are made under the tongue at the center),
  • And venom piercing (two holes are made on the tongue)
protip_icon Did you know?
Elayne Angel, the recipient of the inaugural Master Piercer’s certificate from Jim Ward, a trailblazer in body piercing and the founder of Gauntlet, played a key role in promoting tongue piercing.

Mouth and lip piercings make a bold and beautiful statement, adding flair and personality to one’s appearance. Besides these facial piercings, there are a few body piercings that are worth the mention. Learn about them in the next section.

5. Types Of Body Piercings

Many people also choose to get piercings on other parts of their body apart from their face. Body piercings let you decorate different areas like belly buttons or even genitals. Here are a few examples of this type of piercing:

  • Nape Piercing

A nearly inch-long piercing is made at the nape (back part) of the neck. It is a type of surface piercing done with barbells or captive bead rings.

  • Nipple Piercing

Placed near the base of the nipple, this piercing is a popular choice for both men and women. While it can be done at various angles, it is commonly pierced horizontally, although vertically is also an option. You can use barbells or captive bead rings for this piercing.

  • Navel Piercing

A navel piercing goes through the skin around your belly button. Usually, it is made on the upper part, but it can also be below or around the edges of the belly button. It is commonly adorned with curved barbells or decorative rings. This belly button piercing is not limited to just one type. You can get two or more piercings made around the navel.

protip_icon Trivia
The promotion of this piercing owes much to its portrayal in popular culture. The navel piercing gained widespread attention after model Christy Turlington unveiled hers at a fashion event in London back in 1993.
  • Corset Piercing

of multiple piercings laced together like a corset, this style is often placed along the back or sides. Sometimes people use a ribbon or chain to lace it together. Most people use barbells or captive bead rings for this piercing.

  • Genital Piercing

It involves piercing the skin in certain areas of the body’s private region. It is a form of body modification that is done in various locations on the male or female genitalia. For example, the Prince Albert piercing is the one often chosen by men. It is positioned underneath the genital area. Clitoral hood piercing (VCH) is a genital piercing done by women, passing through the fold of skin covering the clitoris. This piercing is commonly decorated with curved barbells or captive bead rings.

Piercings seem to be popping up everywhere, with the latest addition being nail piercings. Moving beyond body piercings, nail adornments now offer a trendy and unconventional way to express personal style. Read about them in the section below.

6. Types Of Nail Piercings

Decorating your nails are not just limited to nail paint, manicures, or nail art! Nail piercings have emerged as the latest fashion trend. Adding small studs or hoops to nails offers a modern and edgy twist to traditional nail styling. Some unique piercing ideas include:

  • Single Nail Piercing

A single piercing is made on one nail and typically adorned with a small stud or hoop.

  • Multiple Nail Piercings


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Piercings are done on multiple nails that allow for creative combinations and patterns. You can adorn these nail piercings with simple studs, hoops, or a combination of both.

Piercings come in many forms! They can be done anywhere from the nose and ears to the eyebrows and nails. They are not just about wearing pretty jewelry but often represent traditions, cultures, personal statements, and bold fashion choices. When it comes to jewelry for piercings, the options are endless, ranging from simple studs to elaborate hoops and everything in between. Each piece of jewelry allows for personal expression, whether it is a delicate gemstone or a bold statement piece. Finding the perfect jewelry to complement your style and personality is key. Also, it is important to remember that piercings should always be done by a professional piercer. They require extra care and attention to ensure they heal properly and look their best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What piercing is for anxiety?

There is no specific piercing that is directly linked to anxiety relief. However, some people believe that certain piercings, such as the daith piercing, may help alleviate symptoms of anxiety or migraines due to pressure points (1). However, more research is warranted in this regard. Piercings are not medically proven treatments for anxiety. Therefore, it is best to consult with healthcare professionals for proper diagnosis and treatment options.

What are the uncommon piercings?

Some of the uncommon piercings include surface piercings on flat areas, dermal piercings placed under the skin’s surface, and intricate corset piercings laced along the back or sides. These less common options offer unique and eye-catching ways to express individuality.

What piercings increase pleasure?

Piercings are not medically proven to increase pleasure, but some individuals may find that certain genital piercings, such as the clitoral hood piercing (VCH) or Prince Albert piercing, can potentially enhance sensitivity for some people.

Do piercings hurt more than tattoos?

The pain experienced during piercings versus tattoos can vary depending on individual pain tolerance, the specific location of the piercing or tattoo, and the size and complexity of the design. According to anecdotal evidence, the piercings involve a quick, intense sensation during the piercing process. However, tattoos typically involve a more prolonged, continuous discomfort as the tattoo needle repeatedly penetrates the skin (2).

What is the most painful piercing?

According to anecdotal evidence, a piercing often reported as particularly painful is the daith piercing, which goes through the innermost fold of cartilage in the ear. Similarly, piercings such as nipple, genital, and navel piercings often have prolonged healing times (3). These may be painful due to the sensitivity of the area and the amount of tissue being pierced. However, the level of pain experienced during a piercing can vary significantly from person to person.

What is the most loved piercing?

The most loved piercing varies widely depending on individual preferences and cultural trends. However, some piercings are consistently popular among many people. For example, earlobe piercings are widely loved for their versatility and simplicity. It is one of the most popular piercings as it is often the first choice for many individuals entering the world of body piercing. Nose piercings, including nostrils and septum piercings, are also popular choices.

Key Takeaways

  • Piercings are found all over the body, offering a way to express yourself.
  • There are different types of ear, mouth, lip, eyebrow, nose, and body piercings.
  • Each piercing has unique names and is placed in different parts of the body.
  • It is important to get piercings done by an experienced piercer for proper care and healing.

Each piercing, whether it is on the ear, mouth, eyebrow, nose, or body, has its own unique characteristics and placement. Pain tolerance and healing time may vary depending on the type and location of the piercing. Watch this video to learn more about a few ear piercings, pain, and their healing time.

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