3 Types Of Weight Loss Injections – Benefits & Side Effects

Take your weight loss shot only after considering the pros and cons in detail.

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Diet and exercise are the most popular methods for achieving optimal health. However, we occasionally discover that even the most stringent diets and exercise regimes are ineffective. Most people resort to modern medicine to assist them in getting in shape at this point. Today, we can see that more drastic procedures can be taken to lose weight without undergoing surgery. One such measure is taking weight loss injections in the stomach.

This choice is certainly unsuitable for you if you are afraid of needles! If your goal to lose weight outweighs your fear of injections, you may want to try this procedure. There are various types of weight loss injections from which you can choose. You can conduct research and read reviews to help you decide whether or not these injections are beneficial. Alternatively, you can achieve weight loss with the use of meal supplements and weight loss medications.

Meal supplements
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The standards of beauty are constantly evolving. It used to be size zero, but now it’s curvy. The requirement to stay healthy, on the other hand, is constant. Being overweight or obese has become commonplace in this age of sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits. Forget about the urge to be attractive; carrying additional weight might cause serious health problems.

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After reading this post, if you feel comfortable getting the injections, go ahead! You should ask yourself a few things before deciding on a weight loss injection. Are you prepared to go to such extremes? Have you exhausted all other possibilities? Keep reading for greater insight.

Types of Weight Loss Injections

Before opting for a weight loss injection, it is important to know the kinds of injections available and how they work. You can get the information at any clinic but it is best to do your homework lest you end up taking the wrong kind of injection! Since it is an injection, the wrong one can have harmful effects. You may also be allergic to the ingredients, so you need to be careful when it comes to weight loss shots. Krista Elkins, Registered Nurse, says, “When administered by a healthcare professional and prescribed by your doctor, weight loss injections are generally safe. However, because injections are more invasive and cause more discomfort than oral medications, expected side effects include pain and bruising at the injection site.” Check out these common and the most popular injections for weight loss:

1. B12

Vitamin B12 injections
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This injection for weight loss uses the effect of Vitamin B12 on our body. This vitamin can help increase metabolism and force our fat cells to release more energy. This can help reduce adipose tissues as well. A regulated dosage of B12 injection can help burn fat and reduce weight (1). But the effect of this injection is disputed by many doctors.

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You may also get vitamin B12 from beef kidney, liver, trout, eggs, milk, and chicken and some fortified meals with additional B12.

2. Lipotropic

Lipotropic injection
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There are many Lipotropic injections, which use Lipotropics as fat burners. The fat-burning property of Lipotropic is harnessed and used by these injections. Methionine, choline and inositol are the main chemicals that make up these fat burning injections. In the right dose, liportropic injections can help shed unwanted pounds easily (2), (3).

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Other common ingredients in lipotropic injections are vitamin B complex, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), L-carnitine, and phentermine.

3. Vitamin B and Lipotropic

Vitamin B and Lipotropic injection for weight loss
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Here is one of the vitamin injections to lose weight! This injection is a concoction that contains the vitamins – B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C as well as 3 Lipotropics and Lidocaine. This injection essentially has all the compounds to aid weight reduction by burning excess fat; at the same time the vitamins ensure that our body is not starved of important nutrients (4). If you are allergic to Lidocaine, it is best to avoid the injection. Other than the Lidocaine, this injection does not have any common allergen in it. The injection uses the positive effects of both the B12 and Lipotropic. This leads to weight reduction as the fat in our body is burnt and energy is released.

A 68-week experiment examined the effectiveness and safety of injecting 2.4 mg of Semaglutide once a week in individuals with obesity who were not diabetic in order to reduce body weight and achieve other health-associated endpoints. The Semaglutide group experienced a mean body weight change of -14.9% from baseline to week 68, compared to a placebo group’s -2.4%. The use of this weight-loss injection showed an estimated treatment difference of -12.4 percentage points. Look at the graph below for additional information.

Effect Of Once-Weekly Semaglutide On Body Weight

Source: Once-Weekly Semaglutide in Adults with Overweight or Obesity

Weight loss injections administered in the stomach have shown promising results in clinical studies. The most popular non-surgical, minimally-invasive method is the gastric botox or stomach botox. It is a botulinum toxin-based weight loss injection that relaxes stomach muscles for a short while. This slows down the rate at which the food leaves the stomach. As a result, individuals may feel fuller for a longer time after meals. The injection also reduces hunger pangs, which may result in weight reduction. However, the effects of the injection are temporary and one may not observe a significant decline in their weight.

A recent survey asking Americans about their familiarity with the weight loss drug Semaglutide and their opinions on its effectiveness and safety, it was found that while 60% of Americans have heard about this drug, 22% know someone who has taken them for weight loss purposes. While 53% believe they are effective, only 36% believe they are safe.

If you do opt for such a drastic form of weight reduction, you need to know the dosages. Generally the doctor can tell you the right dose. You may be wondering whether you have to take the injection yourself. You can do it yourself if you are not queasy or better still, seek professional aid to get the shot. You need to take the injections on a regular basis, if you want to see rapid change in your body.

According to Krista Elkins, Registered Nurse, “The effectiveness of medically proven weight loss injections is dependent on the patient’s compliance. These injectables can be costly, which affects compliance. Significant weight gain is to be expected if the medication is abruptly discontinued. As a result, these are recommended to be combined with lifestyle changes, such as a healthy diet and exercise.”

Infographic: Types Of Weight Loss Injections

There are two more weight loss injections you should know about apart from the three mentioned above. These injections are glucagon therapy and oxygen therapy. They may promote weight loss to improve body fat management and reduce the risk of obesity.

Check out the infographic below to read up on these two types of weight loss injections.

types of weightloss injectioons (infographic)

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When weight loss diets and working out don’t work as fast as we want them to, some of us seek out drastic weight decreasing options, such as weight loss injections. The only problem is that while these injections do work, their effects are temporary. If you go back to eating too much, not exercising, and living a bad lifestyle with not enough sleep and too much alcohol consumption, you will gain back all that extra weight. Therefore, the key to healthy weight loss is eating right, exercising daily, and leading a healthy lifestyle!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are HCG injections for weight loss safe?

Krista Elkins, Registered Nurse, says, “The Food and Drug Administration advises against using HCG injections for weight loss. HCG is not approved for weight loss, but these products, which come in the form of oral drops or sprays, are advertised with unproven claims of miraculous weight loss and metabolism boosts. Furthermore, it is marketed to be taken in combination with a 500 kcal per day caloric diet (the RDA is 2000 kcal/day). A very low-calorie diet can cause health problems such as micronutrient deficiencies, electrolyte imbalance, gallstone formation, and even fatal irregular heartbeat.”

How do Wegovy injections help with weight loss?

Krista Elkins, Registered Nurse, says, “Semaglutide (marketed as Wegovy) belongs to a class of diabetes medications that have shown promising results in promoting weight loss in patients with and without diabetes. Wegovy aids in weight loss by directly activating specific parts of the brain, resulting in decreased appetite and food intake.” They are also found in slimming injections.

How much weight can you lose from injections?

The amount of weight you lose depends on several factors and varies from person to person

Do lipotropic pills work as well as injections?

It may work as well as injections together with proper diet and exercise. Consult your doctor to understand the benefits and risks of taking lipotropic pills before you start using them.

How many lipotropic injections are needed to see results?

Your doctor will take your body and several other factors into account before prescribing you the appropriate dosage.

Can you take lipotropic injections every day?

Every person’s body is unique. Only a medical professional will be able to tell you how many lipotropic injections per week you can take.

How quickly does B12 injections work for weight loss?

Anecdotal evidence suggests it takes two to seven days for a B12 shot or energy injections to show visible results.

What are amino acid injections?

A concentrated dietary supplement for injection containing the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, lysine, valine, phenylalanine, histidine, threonine, methionine and tryptophan as well as the non-essential amino acids alanine, arginine, glycine, proline, serine and tyrosine, with potential anabolic and anti-catabolic activities.

How does tirzepatide work for weight loss?

Tirzepatide is a medication with a dual action on GLP-1 (Glucagon-Like Peptide 1) and GIP (Glucose-Dependent Insulinotropic Polypeptide) receptors. When administered via injection, it activates these receptors in the brain, curbing hunger and promoting a sense of fullness. Hence, your food intake reduces, leading to gradual weight loss. It also aids blood sugar regulation, particularly beneficial for those with type 2 diabetes. Tirzepatide’s distinctive mechanism is a promising solution for those combating obesity and its associated health threats like type 2 diabetes.
However, due to potential side effects and contraindications, it is highly advised to use this medication under medical supervision to ensure its safe and effective utilization.

Key Takeaways

  • There are three types of weight loss injections, such as B12, lipotropic, and vitamin B and lipotropic.
  • A vitamin B12 injection can help increase metabolism and reduce adipose tissue, which, in turn, results in weight loss.
  • The chemicals used in lipotropic injection may help shed those extra pounds.
  • The third type is a concoction of B and C vitamins that may help burn extra fat molecules.

Weight loss injections are proving to be an effective solution for overweight and obese patients. Watch this video to learn more about this revolutionary treatment.


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