40 Best Incredible Undercut Designs To Style Your Hair

Written by Anjali Sayee

Edgy, modern, and creative – we are talking undercuts today!

People have a common misconception about the undercut that it is just part of your hair being shaved off. But you can play around and create incredible undercut designs for your hair. Do not believe us? Keep reading this article to check out some truly brilliant works of art that you can get inspired from for your next undercut.

Scroll down and pick your favorite intricate undercut design right now.

What Is The Undercut?

An undercut is a haircut where the sides and back of the head are shaved off. It started out in the lower income group among people who couldn’t afford to go to the barber regularly. But over time, it has become a fashion trend. Now, people get patterns shaved into their hair and add hair colors.

Wondering how you can achieve this cool new hair look? Read the next section to find out!

How To Achieve The Faux Undercut

If you think you need to shave your head for an undercut look, think again! Here are three methods you can use to achieve the undercut look without shaving off your tresses.

  • Gelled Hair


Gelling a section of hair (preferably the sides and back) can give you the undercut look. The key is to comb your hair down with the gel.

  • Pinned Hair


Sweep your hair to one side and secure it with hair pins. You can play around with the hair pins to create crazy designs.

  • Braided Hair

A French/Dutch braid your hair close to your scalp to create a faux undercut look.

Now, let’s get to the part I love! Read on to check out the top 40 masterpiece undercut designs that will send you scrambling to try them out. What are you waiting for? Scroll down!

40 Masterpiece Undercut Designs

1. Undercut With Mohawk

This simple pattern accentuates her brilliant turquoise hair color. Just goes to show that less is more when it’s done right. I also like how the mohawk has dark roots and blue ends. It looks spectacular.

2. Minimalistic Undercut

This haircut is minimalistic but in no way shabby. An undercut can really jazz up a short hairstyle like a bob or pixie cut. If you want to go for a slightly bolder look, this angular undercut can be your pick.

3. X Undercut

X marks the spot! This pattern made me think of a treasure map. The undercut can be personalized to your choice. If you want to shave the back even more, go for it.

4. Line Undercut

A line symbolizes a journey, limits, and progress (or the lack of it). So, if you’ve been dreaming about lines, now you know what it means. But, sometimes, lines just make for great designs, like this minimal undercut ‘do.

5. Animal Driven Undercuts

Are you an animal person? Do cute furry creatures make you happy? Well, this undercut is a great way to showcase your affection for your pet. In case you were wondering, that’s a fox design.

6. Fashioned Undercut

The undercut started out as a haircut invented for people who couldn’t afford a barber. Now, it’s become one of the most fashionable (in every sense of the word) haircuts. Just look at this vibrant flower pattern! Its colors make it even more beautiful.

7. Buzz Cut Undercut

A buzz cut with an undercut design looks very chic. This pattern is stunning! Triangles and diamonds form a lovely design that has an Aztec feel to it.

8. Elegant Patterns

Lovely elegant designs can also be incorporated in the undercut. If you love edgy looks but also want to look classy at the same time, this is it!

9. Dreadlocked Undercuts

What do you get when you merge two edgy haircuts? One bomb hairdo! Dreadlocks have been around since forever. If you’re looking to change it up a bit, try them out with an undercut design.

10. Night Undercut

If this is your second time getting an undercut, you might want to go for something simple, but a bit more than a basic line. Try this night sky-themed undercut that features a moon and a star. You can get more than one as well. Baby steps!

11. Name Undercut

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Some people believe that their name defines them. Some just love their name. Well, if you’re either, you can get your initial shaved onto your head.

12. Long Classic Undercut

Going for a classic undercut is perfect. If you want to make it a little fuller, leave your hair a little longer.

13. Wavy Patterns

Waves are so calming. The swooshing, the feel of water under your feet – it’s so peaceful and serene. That’s what this undercut is reminding me of.

14. Cheetah Undercut

Cheetahs are fast and fierce. You wouldn’t want one chasing you! If the cheetah is your spirit animal, celebrate it with this vibrant display. The pink adds a lovely feminine touch to this hairdo.

15. Landscape Undercut

How stunning is this landscape design? The mountains, starry night sky, and elephant silhouette take this undercut to a whole new level! I like how edgy and well-defined the hairline is in this hairstyle. If you’re big on out-of-the-box hairdos, you need to try this one out.

16. The Messy Pixie Undercut

A messy pixie and a little side and back shave is all you need to get your game on. Add in some highlights and a messy parting to make it the best messy hairdo ever. Oh, and let’s not forget that diagonal hairline at the back! It just goes to show how little things can totally change a hairstyle.

17. Unicorn Blend Undercut

Unicorns are happy and energetic creatures. Channel that energy through your hair with this unicorn blend undercut. I like how instead of going over the top and overdoing the undercut, the hairstyle is chic, and the undercuts are simple. It’s a perfect balance!

18. Movie Undercuts

I feel like this is a scene from a movie. The brown roots are reminiscent of sand, the blue hair signifies the sea, and the spider web and roses are symbolic of our friendly neighborhood superhero.

19. Colored Undercut

The best thing about undercuts is how playful and creative you can get with them. I mean, just look at this one. Her multiple layered undercut has been colored to add some pizzazz to a normal look. Brilliant!

20. Pastel Layered Undercut

This is a level up from the previous hairdo. I love the pastel colors used here. This would be an amazing winter hair color blend. Besides, colored and layered undercuts look so amazing.

21. Top Knot With Triangles

Simplicity can go a long way. Concentric triangles have been shaved at the back of her head to create this bold hair look. Imagine a messy top knot with this undercut. It would look killer!

22. Criss-Cross Undercut

Less is more! Can you see the slight crisscrosses at the back? They go really well with her braids and the faux mohawk. A truly gorgeous look!

23. Close Shaved Pattern

Close shaved patterns make for a great undercut hairstyle. This undercut done on ginger brown hair imitates the sun’s rays. Great way to start your day!

24. Artistic Undercut

If you’re an artist, you can get deep with your undercuts. I mean look at this undercut. The hairstylist has used her hair like an artist uses a canvas. It clearly shows how dedicated hairstylists are.

25. Modern Undercut

I get that not everyone wants to go all out and get a crazy pattern shaved in their head. So, this is an edgy alternative. Keep the center hair long and shave off the sides and back. Comb your hair to one side to complete your stunning look!

26. Colored Undercut

Life should be colorful! Imagine if life and TV were in monochrome. I mean, I love black and white films, but I can’t imagine watching regular television in black and white. This geometric red, pink, orange, and yellow undercut is what dreams are made of.

27. Colors And Designs

Colors and intricate designs can go a long way in creating a killer look. I love the orange-red mohawk hair and the undercut on the side. If you tend to scribble small designs, try this with one of them.

28. Triangle Undercut

Did you know that patterned undercuts are also called hair tattoos? Pretty cool, right? It’s incredible how a few strategically-placed undercut triangles placed can transform your hair look.

29. Entwined Undercut

Talk about over the top! If you love crazy hairdos, you’ll be drawn to this undercut like a moth to light. The pink adds a nice feminine energy, and the pattern is as entwined as her hair itself.

30. The Cause Cut

Do you have social causes you want to shed light on? This is one way to get the conversation started. It’s pretty life-changing.

31. The Hopeless Romantic

Hearts are oh-so-cute! If you’re a hopeless romantic, spread the love with this lovely (pun intended) undercut. Choose love, not war!

32. French Braid Undercut

I cannot stress enough on how undercuts can accentuate any hairstyle. This French braided bun looks so much edgier with the undercut.

33. Black Undercut

We know that protective hairstyles can be used to showcase many patterns. Adding an undercut to one dials it all the way to a hundred. The colorful hair extensions are an added bonus.

34. Faux Undercut

Many women don’t want to shave their hair, but want to try this hairstyle. Besides, if you want to try an undercut just for a day, it makes no sense to shave your head. Try this! French braid small sections of hair close to your head to create this faux undercut.

35. Halloween Special

Halloween has inspired many spooky undercut patterns. You can try this creepy vampire mouth pattern with your Count Dracula costume!

36. Tri-Lined Undercut

Lines clearly seem to be an undercut favorite. They brilliantly showcase how creative hairstylists can get. This particular undercut has been shaved very neatly.

37. Faux Feed-In Undercut

Feed-in braids are a big thing right now, just like the undercut. This faux undercut is a win-win for women who want to try both. Fabulous!

38. Dark Rooted Undercut

If you colored your hair recently, you might be worried about your natural color roots showing. Why not use it to your benefit? Get this undercut that creates a beautiful contrast.

39. Twisted Faux Undercut

“Twist and shout!” sang The Beatles and it became a phenomenon! Of course, since our hair is twistable, I added this faux undercut to the list. It looks uber chic!

40. Gelled Faux Undercut

Gel your hair and comb it down to achieve this faux undercut. This faux undercut accentuates your hair’s volume and thickness. If you have thin hair, try this to give it a voluminous look.

There is no denying that undercuts are cool and give an edge to your whole look. While you may feel hesitant to get them at first as it is a bold move, you will know it was worth it once you give your hair some amazing undercut designs. They have the power to transform your look completely. So, without any further ado, go ahead and choose from the attractive options that we have mentioned above and try them on. Trust us; you are going to enjoy it.

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