10 Unexpected Side Effects Of Lemon Tea

Written by Tanya Choudhary
ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness & Nutrition

You don’t want to be a victim of osteoporosis or ulcers as you grow old, do you? Well, that is what might happen if you continue drinking too much of lemon tea every day. Shocked, aren’t you? Yes, lemon tea side effects! which if not considered, can be dangerous to you in the future.

Though it is beneficial in a number of ways, there are certain ways where too much of its consumption can be harmful. Want to know what they are? Then do read on.

Top 10 Lemon Tea Side Effects

Check out here some of the serious side effects of lemon tea. Read on to know more.

1. Tooth Erosion

People who consume lemon tea regularly show signs of tooth enamel erosion. Lemon tea can be a silent killer for your teeth enamel, making your teeth susceptible to acute pain and sensitivity to sharp changes in temperature.

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2. Heartburn

Excessive consumption of lemon tea can alter the pH level of your stomach and intestine, causing acidic reflux where acid from your stomach moves up to your esophagus. This can cause a burning sensation in the chest and sometimes vomiting.

3. Dehydration

In extreme cases, lemon works as a diuretic. That simply means it triggers dehydration in the body by a frequent urge to urinate. Consuming lemon tea quite frequently can prove dangerous and may cause dehydration in the body.

4. Canker Sores

Drinking too much lemon tea can irritate mucous membranes and potentially lead to canker sores. Lemon tea can play havoc in your mouth.

5. Unsafe For Pregnant Woman

Pregnant women are advised against the consumption of lemon tea as it contains caffeine. Excessive consumption of lemon tea may trigger miscarriage or other severe side effects.

6. Unsafe For Lactating Mothers

Women who are breastfeeding their babies should also steer clear of lemon tea. Yes, it is refreshing – just what an exhausted new mother needs. But the caffeine from the tea gets blended with the breast milk and can harm the poor baby who is dependent on the milk that is their only diet.

7. Osteoporosis

Lemon tea silently flushes out large amount of calcium from the body through urine, which can cause osteoporosis in the later stages of life.

8. Absorbs Aluminum

When you add lemon in your tea, the aluminum present in the tea gets absorbed in the body, which does not happen if you drink normal tea. This absorbed aluminum can cause toxicity in the body, which can lead to encephalopathy, osteomalacia or aplastic bone disease, proximal myopathy, increased risk of infection, increased left ventricular mass and decreased myocardial function, and microcytic anemia with very high levels and even sudden death.

9. Alzheimer’s

Studies have linked the intake of lemon tea with the chances of having Alzheimer’s disease in later stages of life. Regular intake of lemon tea can cause accumulation of plaque in the brain, which has been linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s.

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10. Stomach Problems

In some people, regular intake of lemon tea can cause stomach ache, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and even ulcer.

All these side effects of lemon tea are serious, but they do not mean that you refrain yourself totally from your daily source of relaxation. All you need to do is be moderate. Don’t drink more than one cup a day and if possible, avoid having it first thing in the morning when your stomach is empty. If you feel any symptoms like tooth sensitivity, stomach ache or nausea, give this habit a break and consult your doctor and thoroughly discuss about lemon tea benefits and side effects. Otherwise, cheers to lemon tea!

Do you enjoy your daily dose of lemon tea? Have you noticed any of these lemon tea side effects? And do you know of any other lemon tea disadvantages? Do share with us in the comments section below!

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