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7 Unique Braided Hairstyles For Girls

7 Unique Braided Hairstyles For Girls September 27, 2017

It’s been around for a long time, especially in India, and you probably look at it as a boring, plain-Jane every day at home kind of look. But some twists and knots (pun intended), and these simple braid styles for girls can turn into an attention grabbing hairstyle. Want to know how? Here are a few interesting ways to twist that braid.

Braid hairstyles for girls:

1. Crown Braid:

Crown Braid Pinit

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Sonam Kapoor rocks the cute meets chic meets formal look in this braided style.

  • Comb out hair to remove all tangles
  • Straighten with a straightening rod
  • Part hair at the side or pull back
  • Taking a strand thick enough to braid, take hair from one side of the hair and braid
  • This will be woven much like a French braid but small sections of hair from the crown area will be added as the braid advances
  • Will work best with medium to long hair

2. Casual Braids With Open Hair:

Casual Braids With Open Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

  • Part hair in the middle
  • On damp hair, run fingers loosely to create natural waves
  • Take hair strands on both sides of the parting, starting a little on the side from the parting, and do a simple braid
  • Make sure the braids aren’t very thick
  • Tie it at the end with an elastic band
  • Leave the rest of the hair open
  • Will work best on shoulder to medium hair

3. Hippie Braid:

Hippie Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

A fun style to try out this summer especially if you’re headed for the beach.

  • Part hair in the middle
  • Let it stay naturally wavy
  • From one side of the parting, take a thin strand of hair and braid it tight
  • Now take this across the other side over your forehead
  • Fasten it on the other side inside the open hair
  • Leave rest open
  • Will work for all hair lengths – shoulder till down

4. Braid Bun:

Braid Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

  • Great for special occasions and traditional wear
  • Part hair in the side
  • Take hair that’s enough to braid a thick braid
  • Bring the braid to the back
  • Secure with an elastic
  • Tie the rest of the hair into a messy bun at the nape of the neck
  • Works best with longer and thicker hair

5. Double Braid Bun Hairstyle:

Double Braid Bun Hairstyle Pinit

Image: Getty

  • Part hair in the side
  • Let it stay wavy or a little messy
  • Taking strands from the front and from the middle, braid and bring it back
  • Secure with an elastic
  • Take the remaining hair and bring it to one side
  • Braid together
  • You can make this a simple braid or a French braid
  • Works best with medium to long hair

6. Simple Side Braid:

Simple Side Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

  • Comb out hair and part on the side
  • Let it remain naturally wavy
  • Will also work with straight hair
  • Take hair from the front and braid loosely
  • Bring back to the side and pin in just behind your ears
  • Leave remaining hair loose
  • Will work best with shoulder length till longer

7. Regular Braid:

Regular Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

    • Part hair at the side
    • Let your bangs be loose
    • If you want to tie them, do so loosely
    • Take hair towards one side and braid loosely, beginning at the nape
    • Braid loosely and secure at the end with an elastic
    • Make sure you tie this at one side so that it doesn’t fall back
    • Works best with medium to long hair

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