Unrequited Love

Written by Harini Natarajan

Love has no definition and it can happen to anyone without having any reason. It’s more of a feeling that arouses your senses to fall deeply for a person. But what if it’s single-sided or unrequited love?

Well, we all have had such experiences at some point in our lives – whether it was your friend, a classmate who you had a secret crush on, or your favorite actor who doesn’t even know about your existence.

It is okay to cherish someone ardently. But things can go nasty if you develop unending feelings for someone and they do not reciprocate. The feeling of unrequited love can be quite painful. In this post, we talk about the various scenarios of unrequited love and what can be done to overcome the pain. Keep reading to know more.

What Is Unrequited Love?

Unrequited love is single-sided love. It is about having loving or romantic feelings for someone without being aware if they feel the same for you. These secret feelings are not rewarded, and this one-sided love can often leave a person in pain and sorrow. The person may eventually develop feelings of disapproval or rejection, making their life further difficult.

There are various types of unrequited love. Identifying what you are experiencing can help you overcome it.

Types Of Unrequited Love

  • Having feelings for someone who is already in a relationship
  • Loving someone who doesn’t have similar feelings
  • Having a feeling for your ex after a breakup (or after they have moved on)
  • Common love feelings between two people involved in other relationships

Unrequited love can also start from casual dating when one person’s feelings become deeper while the other person doesn’t feel the same.

How do you know if you are experiencing unrequited love? The following section can help you understand.

Signs Of Unrequited Love

  • They Feel No Connect

You are looking forward to making a deeper connection with the person you love but they do not think the same and maintain their distance while you try to get closer. If it is only you who is trying to make all the effort by checking on them, it is unrequited love. Their lack of interest in you can be seen in their casual behavior.

You might try to win over the person you love by developing the same interests as them. But if they don’t do anything in return for you, it could be a sign of unrequited love.

If they also had the same feeling for you, they would have taken the initiative to connect deeply with you by interacting more and getting to know you better.

  • They Take A Long Time To Respond

You keep showering them with deep messages and they take ages to reply. Sometimes, they may even not reply. All these could be signs that they have no intention to take the relationship ahead.

  • You Do Not Accept The Denial

Unrequited love is complicated and confusing. The other person may send you desirable signals at times, only that they could have meant something else. Maybe the compliments they pass are taken by you as a gesture of love. You find a hard time accept this, only to be further hurt by their inconsistent signals. They may not be deliberate, and you could only be overthinking.

  • Longing A Physical Touch

Be it any sort of love, a desire to kiss, touch, or hug the person you love is natural. If you are longing for this physical contact but the other person seems to show resistance, it could be a sign of unrequited love.

Why We Struggle To Move On From Unrequited Love

  • You Expect Or Hope For Too Much

Despite knowing that it is single-sided love, you still have a ray of hope that the other person may understand your feelings and reciprocate. However, this lingering hope can turn into a harsh reality as you cannot force someone to love you.

You need to understand that they may not be the one for you and be prepared to move on.

  • You Think It Is True Love

People usually find it difficult to move on in unrequited love as they believe it to be their true love. This very thought can keep you in shackles and keep you from moving on. But understand that your life won’t end here. It is sad that most people going through unrequited love find themselves obsessed with somebody. This cognitive state develops a desire for reciprocated feelings from a person, as a result of which they may get stuck thinking that their true love will be rewarded one day.

  • You Get Mixed Signals

At times, the kinds of signals and gestures you receive from the other person could keep you stuck. They are always ready to go on a casual dinner or lunch with you, but never reciprocate. They sometimes respond to your flirty texts and might completely ignore you the next day. All these scenarios can confuse you and keep you stuck. Such gestures can also make you believe that something great could happen between you two in the future.

While dealing with unrequited love is difficult, it is possible. Here is how.

How To Deal With Unrequited Love: 10 Tips

1. Maintain Space

Maintaining space doesn’t mean that you will completely start avoiding the other person. Instead, you can keep your friendship intact and try to see them as your friend.

2. Talk To Your Friends

If you have a friend you can blindly trust, share your emotions with them regarding the same. Doing so will make you feel better and their advice might help you move on.

3. Make New Friends

Try to involve yourself in making new friends rather than being stuck in one-sided love. This will divert your mind and make you feel better.

4. Do What You Have Been Long Waiting For

Unleash yourself and plan the vacation you always wanted to go for. Ask your friends if they can accompany you or just choose to go solo.

5. Pursue Your Passion

Are you passionate about painting, music, or dancing? Join a hobby class and explore your inner artist.

6. Invest In Yourself

You deserve to pamper yourself. Go on a shopping spree or take a relaxing spa appointment to calm yourself.

7. Explore Dating Sites

There are endless options for dating these days. Get yourself registered on a reputed dating site and find a new love interest who can match your feelings.

8. Prioritize Family Time

Family is important and the time you spend with them is worth remembering. So make the most of it. Get involved in leisure activities with your siblings or take your parents out on a lavish holiday.

9. Meditate

Yoga/meditation is a doorway to overcome many challenges. Spend time meditating as it can help you relax and wash off the negativity.

10. Stop Overthinking

The more you think about your unrequited love, the more it is going to hurt. Therefore, keep yourself occupied with a productive pursuit.

Unrequited love does not have to be a bitter experience. You sure can learn important lessons from the experience.

Lessons We Can Learn From Our Unrequited Love

  • You cannot force anyone to love you.
  • There is no point in getting stuck with one-sided love – it only would hurt you and waste your time and effort.
  • Unrequited love makes you learn the importance of accepting life the way it comes.
  • There is nothing that cannot be healed. Life goes on and unpleasantness fades with time.
  • Welcome those who value your company.
  • You deserve someone better and it is worth waiting for them.


Unrequited love hurts. But there is nothing you gain by staying stuck with it. It might take time to move on. But once you do, it all will be for the better. Always remember that what’s coming is better than what’s gone!

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