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10 Amazing Uses and Benefits Of Vetiver Oil

10 Amazing Uses and Benefits Of Vetiver Oil October 16, 2017

Have you ever felt like you are getting too stressed out and couldn’t do much about it? Or is your mind always under turmoil and you don’t have any peace of mind? If these are the issues you are facing, then the time has arrived for you to use vetiver oil.

This oil has other amazing benefits as well! Wondering what they are? Then relax and give this post a read!

Benefits And Uses Of Vetiver Oil:

Vetiver oil is an underrated essential oil that is used for various medicinal and health purposes. This oil is loaded with the goodness of anti-inflammatory agents. It is also a good antiseptic, sedative and nervine. Go through the list of its benefits and uses, and decide for yourself if you want to make use of this oil in your day-to-day life or not!

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  1. Vetiver oil is a very strong lice repellent. It improves the scalp health and offers freedom from lice attack just within a few days of its use. This amazing therapeutic oil offers deep conditioning to the lice-hit scalp and heals inflammation caused due to lice bites (1).
  1. Vetiver oil is a strong stress buster too. According to Ayurveda, Vetiver oil strikes a balance between Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This reduces stress, eases bowels and improves sleep (2).
  1. This amazing oil reduces external skin inflammation. It reduces the appearance of rashes and skin redness caused due to sun damage. It is also beneficial in severe skin conditions like dryness and flaking caused due to eczema (3).
  1. Vetiver oil clears acne and acne marks too. It exhibits very strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The acne causing bacteria do not find favorable conditions for growth in the presence of the anti-bacterial agents of Vetiver oil. This gives freedom from long-term acne outburst too. The strong anti-inflammatory agents in Vetiver oil trigger the repair process of the acne inflammated skin. This eventually makes the skin toned, even and blemish free. It also keeps a check on future acne outbreak (4)(5).

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  1. Vetiver oil helps in cell regeneration as well. This makes it a very strong anti-aging formula too. It bags the goodness of cicatrisants. Cicatrisants are cell renewing agents that stimulate collagen formation. It also reduces the appearance of age spots, dullness, dryness, acne marks, fine lines and wrinkles. It even offers strength to the connective tissues in the epidermis. The epidermal cells regain their lost elasticity. This results in a youthful and radiant skin that is flawless and well toned. It is for this reason that Vetiver oil is an inseparable part of the herbal anti-aging industry (6).
  1. Vetiver oil is an amazing solution for nerve problems. This nervine maintains the neurological health of a person. It makes nerves stronger and increases their resistance against shocks, fears and emotional traumas. Therefore, it is an amazing preventive therapy against nervous disorders like seizure disorder, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis (7).
  1. Vetiver oil is also a great sexual boost. The amazing fragrance of this oil is a good boost for triggering the sexual drive in males. It is also a possible cure against sexual problems like impotency, frigidity, premature ejaculation and lack of libido (8).
  1. Vetiver oil is a mind calming essential oil that improves the mental conditions like anxiety and depression. This therapeutic oil works on spiritual levels by keeping a check on the seven chakras of the human body. This wipes out the existing negativity from the mind and body. The nerves, mind and body, get relaxed with the onset of positivity and mental peace. This improves the mental conditions like depression and anxiety (9)(10).
  1. Vetiver oil is used in the perfume industry because of its amazing aroma. This therapeutic oil has a fresh fragrance of lemon. Its blend with other scents results in the formation of some of the best scents of the world (11).


  1. Vetiver oil is one edible oil that improves circulation and immunity. It strengthens the WBCs. This makes the body strong against viral and fungal infections. Vetiver oil is also used as a flavoring agent in various dishes (12)(13).

The uses and benefits of Vetiver essentiaoil make it a super oil that promotes health and beauty. It is one such oil that serves as a therapeutic agent, massage oil, cooking oil, flavoring agent, fragrance and spiritual healer, all at the same time. How do you now rate this super oil? Still have a few doubts in your mind about its efficacy? Share with us in the comments section below!

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