V-Line Surgery – Everything You Need To Know

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A well-defined and sleek jawline gives your face an uplift by slimming it down. But what if you have a jaw that is too broad or too long for the rest of your facial features? This is when the very popular V-line surgery comes into play. What is this surgery all about? Does it really help in giving you a better-looking jawline? It is time to find out!

What Is V-Line Jaw Surgery? 

What Is V-Line Jaw Surgery


V-line jaw surgery aims at contouring and slimming down the lower jaw to create a more streamlined profile. It mainly encompasses three critical elements to shape the lower face, including the mandible bone, angles of the jaw, and the chin.

The term V-line surgery was coined initially by South Asian surgeons who had referred to this procedure as Asian V-line.

Are you wondering why you should opt for this particular surgery for your jaw? Let’s find out!

Why Choose V-Line Jaw Surgery?

V-line jaw surgery is usually sought by those with a short chin or a broad jaw. Such instances may make an individual’s lower face appear too wide. V-line jaw surgery can help in providing such clients with a softer and slender profile.

This cosmetic surgery is suitable for people, especially women, with the following characteristics.

Who Can Undergo V-Line Surgery?

Individuals who are often recommended a V-line or jaw reduction surgery are those with:

  • A double chin
  • A U-shaped or overly square jaw
  • Cheeks that are chubby or bloated
  • An excessively masculine jaw shape (for women)

There are different methods of carrying out V-line surgery for varying requirements of the clients. They are as follows.

Surgery Methods

The four main methods of carrying out V-line jaw surgery are:

  • T-shaped Osteotomy

This method involves horizontal cutting, followed by a vertical cutting, making a “T” shape for narrowing the chin (1).

  • Inverted “V” Shape Osteotomy

It is the most advanced method for V-line surgery that can help in reducing the width and height of the chin by making an inverted cut without any additional procedures (2).

  • Horizontal Osteotomy

This is a conventional chin-reduction method usually performed on chins that are too long. The chin is cut horizontally to create an appealing V-line.

  • L-shape Shift Method

The L-shape shift is best for reducing a protruding or long chin. The affected part of the chin bone is cut horizontally and fixed. The excess bones are then usually trimmed and fixed below the chin.

V-line surgery comes with its set of risks and benefits.

Benefits And Risks

V-line jaw surgery is a cosmetic procedure that intends to make one’s face appear slimmer and more attractive. Some of its main benefits include:

  • Reduction of the width and length of a broad jaw
  • Shaping of a square or short chin to give a defined appearance
  • Overall contouring of the mandible by intensive treatment of the chin
  • Correction of an asymmetrical or prominent chin

This surgery also has risks involved. They are (3):

  • Loss of blood
  • Infection
  • Fracture in the jaw
  • Nerve injury
  • Relapse of the jaw to the initial position
  • Pain in the jaw joint
  • Need for further surgical intervention in some cases
  • Problems with bite fit
  • Difficulty in eating

For better results, V-line jaw surgery is often recommended with other procedures.

What Other Procedures Work Well With V-Line Jaw Surgery?

Some of the other procedures that will go well with V-line surgery are mainly eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and nasal surgery (rhinoplasty). These procedures are often used in combination with each other.

Those who have undergone V-line surgery often achieve remarkable results in their appearance.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect After V-Line Surgery?

Some of the main changes that you may notice post V-line jaw surgery are:

  • A defined and slender jaw
  • Reduction in the width and length of the jaw
  • Contouring of the lower jaw
  • A sharper jaw profile

Does this surgery feel like what you have been on the lookout for? Then, it is high time that you start looking into the cost of this procedure to see if it fits into your budget.

Cost Of V-Line Surgery

A standard V-line surgery can cost anywhere between USD 5500-10000 in Korea. However, the cost of similar procedures in the US can be much higher, usually 4-5 times the cost in Korea.

Now that you have a better idea about what V-line surgery really is, you can suggest it to your friends or folks who have been searching for details regarding this procedure.

On a parting note, it is worth remembering that beauty is diverse, and each of us has been created beautifully. While there is nothing wrong in going through surgeries to beautify yourself from the outside, it is completely alright, even impressive, if you are comfortable in your own skin without falling prey to the world’s changing definition of beauty.

We hope you found this post informative. For further queries, use the comments box below.


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