11 Best Ways To Surprise Him On Valentine’s Day

These creative ideas will help you surprise your partner in the sweetest possible ways.

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The day you have been waiting to surprise your boyfriend or husband is finally approaching. But is your Valentine’s Day surprise for him not yet ready? Of course, you need to rush before it is too late, as you cannot miss out on this great opportunity to let your partner know how much you love him. So, what is stopping you from going ahead? Well, do not worry if you are short of ideas. This article lists the 11 best ways to surprise your Valentine on this special day. So, let us get started.

The Best Ways To Surprise Your Man On Valentine’s Day

1. Gift Him Your Pictures

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We are sure that he has asked you a number of times for your photographs, you know, of the naughty kind. Take some yourself, or if you need help, get a girlfriend to assist you. This is the kind of gift that would leave guys speechless.

Many words of caution, though. Do not take explicit photographs. Even though you guys may be going steady for a long time, if they fall into the wrong hands, it could cause a lot of problems for you. Take pictures that are suggestive, nothing more. You could even try angles where your face is blurred or not visible at all. If possible, take photographs of the non-digital kind with an instant print camera. Make sure the stores it somewhere safe later.

2. Attend A Sporting Event With Him

This requires some planning in advance. Find out if his favorite team has a match scheduled in your city or nearby during Valentine’s week and buy tickets at the earliest. Obviously, he would know about the match and mention it to you. Here’s where you have to put on an act. Pretend that you have already made plans elsewhere, and he has to be with you. Do not give in easily and tell him your plans. For a while at least, let him dance to your tunes as the eventual payoff is something he will be delighted about.

Once you see him there, you will understand that everything was worth it. Whether you truly like that sport or not is beside the point. This is about surprising your man in a way he will remember and be thankful for. An added advantage is that this is one occasion where you don’t worry about getting dressed. Any kind of casual attire will do.

3. Give Him A Handwritten Note

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You don’t think handwritten notes are a thing of the past, do you? They are treasured because they are so rare. Here’s an opportunity for you to make a lasting impression even if you think your guy doesn’t get mushy that often.

Write a note detailing all the things you like about him, thanking him for all the times he stood by you, and explaining all the goofy things you guys do that make you happy. Make emojis, draw little illustrations, and put lots of kisses.

Do keep in mind that when you thank him, it helps if you can be specific about an instance or two instead of making it general. You can keep the note in his drawer or below his pillow or anywhere else that he won’t spot easily. It should surprise him when he gets it. No matter how you think you sound, trust us, he will cherish it and treasure it.

4. Catch A Show Of His Favorite Band

We are sure you have your favorite song that describes your unique relationship and a favorite band that belts out tracks specifically with you in mind. Whether you two like the same band or separate ones, find out if they have a performance in your city or nearby. Book tickets, and just like the game, pretend you have made other plans and then surprise him.

The thrill of watching your favorite band perform with the love of your life is the kind of thing that tends to stay in one’s mind for many years. It is also the kind of thing that he will proudly tell the whole world, in all likelihood, even when you guys are there.

5. Involve His Friends And Co-Workers

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A smart way to figure out what to gift him is by reaching out to his friends and co-workers. Your boyfriend is likely to share some of his interests exclusively with them. Contact them to understand if there’s any product, place, or experience that he has been talking about.

Maybe he has told his friends that he misses his high school gang, which would make a trip to his school insanely awesome. Or he has been making plans to buy a gadget? How about surprising him with the same on Valentine’s? Even if nothing comes out of your interactions with them, it is always a good idea to know who his friends are.

Quick Tip
Always make sure the people you contact for ideas are trustworthy. Let them know it’s a surprise for your partner, so they shouldn’t give away any hint to him about it.

6. Make A Video

Alright, this requires some work, but you will be glad that you did it. Find out some videos of your boyfriend – with social media that shouldn’t be a problem – and weave them together with his favorite track and make a video. You can also make a cameo appearance and tell him why he is so special. Try to make it as fun as possible.

If you can’t do it on your own, there are plenty of services – both online and offline – that will do it for you. If you can get his friends and family to appear and say their bit, it will take it to another level altogether. This is where the previous idea of contacting his friends and co-workers sounds even better. The good thing about a video? It will be there forever. Remember, if done well, this has the potential to go viral on social media. By the end of Valentine’s, you and your boyfriend could be the talk of the town for the right reasons.

7. Get A Website Done

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Get a site done that is devoted to him, with all his likes and dislikes and writings or other artistic creations. It need not be daunting as there are hundreds of developers out there who will do it in a jiffy. In fact, it is easy to do it yourself on a number of publishing platforms. All you need to do is collect whatever you would like to go to it. Remember that you can keep it private until you show it to him.

Even if it doesn’t look like stunning, relax. You can always tinker around and improvise later, knowing that he will be eager to help as he knows it is his site. To get started, it would be an excellent idea to see if the URL with his name is available. If not, you will have to get creative and come up with a catchy but short name.

8. Organize A Short Trip

You have to figure out a destination. It shouldn’t be too far away from your place. A nice, quiet place outside the city is ideal. Leave early in the morning to beat the traffic and enjoy the wind in your hair as you listen to your playlist. Once you get there, keep the ceremonies to the bare minimum. Maybe a short walk or hike is all you need. If there’s a pool, make the most of it. Forget the city and your daily chores and focus on just the two of you.

This will surely make him appreciate all the work that you have put into it. And don’t forget, it’s totally Instagram-worthy. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that it shouldn’t be too crowded. This kind of vacation needs to be booked in advance to avoid last-minute rush and price hikes.

Quick Tip
Napa Valley, Aspen, Oahu, Charleston, and Jackson Hole are some gorgeous locations for a Valentine’s Day trip.

9. Get His Favorite Star’s Autograph

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There are many reasons this won’t work. His favorite actor, musician, writer, or sportsperson is too busy to respond to you and clearly stays in a different world. But what if you could reach out, let’s say, on Twitter with a custom message and request for an autograph? You may have to do this week in advance, but imagine the rush if it actually works!

You know that crazier things happen on social media, so why not give it a chance? This would be the kind of once-in-a-lifetime-experience that he will never forget. This will make you not only invaluable in front of his eyes, but will forever be termed as the greatest gift from a girlfriend by all his friends. Girl, you can be a living legend. Why not give it a shot?

10. Invite Him To A Hotel

This is a bold move, and guys never expect their women to do it – which is why you will stand out. Make sure that he doesn’t have any plans for that day. Check into a decent hotel and then call him. Ask him to just come over, no questions asked.

It will be pretty difficult for him to believe it, but once he arrives, he will realize that some of his fantasies are coming true. Guys love when you take control like that. Wine, jacuzzi, and soft music are just some of the things that will amp up the mood quite a bit. Do keep in mind that it has to be a credible, trustworthy hotel. Also, it would help if you can book it weeks in advance as the last-minute prices will set you back quite a bit.

11. Go All Out As A Seductress

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No half measures here. Get into the role of a seductress and seduce the living hell out of him. Think of it as many gifts rolled into one – whether it’s gift wrapping yourself, flooring him with some dance moves you learned from the net or the use of accessories that he has only been dreaming about. Remember all the things he has been requesting you to do for months. Go on, it’s time to woo, tease, tickle, and make him tremble.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing your partner how much they mean to you. Your search for the most exciting, easy-to-execute, and romantic Valentine’s Day surprises for them ends here! Remember, you don’t need to go overboard to impress your partner. Even the simplest gestures can help you convey your love for them. Some of these surprises may get raunchy, so make sure you choose the one that suits you and your partner’s preferences. Here you can find something for every taste and personalize it with a unique twist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make Valentine’s Day special for him at home?

It is simple. You can cook a romantic dinner, plan a backyard picnic, play games, learn a new craft with him, or cuddle up and watch a movie with him.

What do guys really want for Valentine’s Day?

A pair of wireless headphones, tickets to a sporting event or concert, a piece of signature jewelry, or a personalized money clip are certain things guys may really want for Valentine’s day.

Key Takeaways

  • Surprising your man on Valentine’s Day is a great way to make him feel appreciated and loved.
  • To make a lasting impression, you can write a note detailing everything you like about him.
  • You can also surprise him with concert tickets or a slideshow of all your pictures together.”Henna or mehendi is a part of South Asian wedding rituals, and it is said that the darker the color, the deeper the bond between the newlyweds.
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