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Venus Factor Weight Loss Program Review – Everything You Need To Know

Venus Factor Weight Loss Program Review – Everything You Need To Know May 10, 2018

It is time again! Time for what? Time to bring forward to you yet another weight loss program that WORKS! For those of you who constantly battle weight issues, this Venus factor weight loss program is just the thing you need to stay fit and feel fit!

Will you believe me, if I say at this very second while you are reading my post, at least 9 out of every 10 women are frantically hunting the internet for tips to lose weight! If you feel exasperated and can’t seem to understand why no weight loss program works, it is time you first understood the basics. Venus factor, the latest weight loss program causing ripples, helps you get down to the basics of weight loss.

What is Venus Factor Weight Loss Plan, and Is It for Me?

Venus factor weight loss program is not for a specific age group, you, me, or just about any woman can reap the benefits of this program. The Venus factor program, unlike many other diet plans, understands that losing weight for women is different when compared to men, and this system throws light on those small differences that make a large impact.

An online diet program that is easy to download, read and implement, the VF is nothing but a diet plan that is tailored to meet your needs, taking into consideration all your requirements. While weight does play a primary role in defining your weight loss chart, but other factors like your age, height, and your existing diet plan is also taken into account. Most importantly the diet plan is tailored keeping in mind your female genetic makeup!

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12 weeks from flab to fab!

Uh oh, not again! I am sure this is what comes to your mind when you read about long farfetched claims of several diet programs that are propagated day in and out, on television, the internet, and even newspapers. But believe me, when I say this works. Though I have been blessed with a very active body metabolism and barely put on any ounces, I do know several people who have immensely benefitted from this plan! It was a life changing experience for many, who regained their lost confidence, thanks to this simple yet highly effective plan.

So what is it that you need to do, to get back in form? All that you are asked of is to make slight changes to your daily diet, and start working out, if you aren’t already! That sounds easy, doesn’t it?

The Male Factor @ Venus:

John Barban, a rather popular figure when it comes to fitness and nutrition, is the mastermind behind this diet program. This man, who is known to be a great fitness professional, spent a majority of his time understanding and guiding men in their fitness goals. Lately, he has put in the time to understand the female physiology and how women can lose those stubborn pounds. He discovered that Leptin has a major role in weight loss, and came up with a program to benefit all those pretty damsels trying hard to get slim and fit.

Basics of the Venus Factor Weight Loss Program:

Let us begin with what this program is all about, what it offers and how will it benefit you! This program focuses on.

  • A new lifestyle: Yes, you heard it right. It is now time to bid adieu to your couch and make some life changing shifts from your daily routine.
  • Strong figure: John Barban, insists that it takes just 12 weeks, to shed those pounds, and go from chubby cute to lean and toned. Not only will you look slimmer and fit, you will also see a remarkable change in how strong you feel!
  • Problem areas: They are called problem areas for a reason, aren’t they? Those hips, waist, and thighs refuse to listen to you no matter whatever you try! This program effectively helps you target those problem areas and tone up in just a few weeks.

If you have done the rounds checking up on various diet programs, you will agree that most of them talk exclusively about carbs, sugar, fat, and protein. While one propagates protein another propagates carbohydrates! The Venus factor program talks exclusively about LEPTIN!

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A few words on LEPTIN:

Leptin is a hormone that is said to regulate metabolism, weight, and most importantly appetite. Studies suggest that those who are overweight generally have a leptin resistance. Women have twice as much of leptin when compared to men; but women bodies are 3 times less responsive to this fat burning hormone. This is one of the key reasons why women struggle to lose the extra pounds they piled on. And this is more common among women, our bodies do not react to leptin the way men’s bodies do.

Leptin peps up your metabolism levels and triggers an improved fat burning rate. Nevertheless, studies have proven that when women undergo dieting the levels of leptin drop twice – in quantity and dip rate – than men. And, this is why women gather back all the weight they lose once they quit dieting.This simple plan propagates the need to eat food rich in leptin and begin a mild to moderate exercise regimen.

Leptin cannot be ingested orally, and you need to control its levels in the body through what you eat.

Here is how you can increase leptin in your blood streams:

  • A recent study suggested the intake of African mango seed extracts, will help up the levels of leptin in your body.
  • Sleep well, yes; sleep can help in the production of leptin in the body.
  • Do not eat after 7 pm!
  • Eat fiber, the more the better!
  • Exercise for at least 45 minutes a day!
  • Keep your body well hydrated to improve metabolism


No special equipment, no unpalatable health drinks, no pills too! Just eat the right food to go from voluptuous to size zero. What does it take? Just a sign up to the Venus factor program! And you get a step to step guide on what to eat, what to steer clear from, how to exercise, and HOW TO GET FIT in just 3 months!


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