58 Awesome & Trendy Short Hairstyles For Women

Give your mature mane that ultimate twist with these very many ways of styling short hair.

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We live in a world where all things androgynous are accepted. And what a wonderful world it is indeed! This has opened the door for a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to short hairstyles for women! Women are now opting to cut their hair extremely short and style their tresses with undercuts, mohawks, and other edgy hairstyles. If you want to get on board with this, we can help! Scroll down to discover the short hairstyles you can try out.

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Your cool short haircut will require frequent trims, about every 1-2 months.
  • Know the features of your face and body. A short pixie will look good on a gamine body type with angular facial features, but a long band pixie will look better on a tall, rounded person.
  • Get an edgy look with a pulled-back bob, and for a soft romantic look, try a cute pixie cut with front fringes.
  • Since short hair for women can’t just be thrown up in a bun on a bad hair day, it takes a fair bit of styling, hair products, and perfecting the style.

58 Stunning Short Hairstyles For Women In 2024

1. Brown Pixie With Choppy Bangs

Brown Pixie With Choppy Bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Pixie with choppy bangs can create some much-needed volume that a classic pixie haircut lacks. Don’t be shy to show your hairstylist this picture of Katie Holmes for reference and seamlessly revamp your brunette strands with some added choppy texture.

2. Platinum Blonde Bob

Platinum Blonde Bob
Image: Shutterstock

An easy way to level up your classic bob haircut is to just bleach the tresses to a modish hair color like platinum blonde. The shade is suitable for almost all skin tones and is a humble tone that can be experimented with well for innumerable hairstyles. The polished, straight hair creates a neat look that you can flaunt on all occasions. If you are looking to bring some change to your hairdo without going overboard, then this minimalist chin-length cut will be ideal for you.

3. Pulled-Back Bob

Pulled-back bob short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

This pulled-back chin-length cut is definitely stealing hearts! Sometimes, a small pull can go a long way in terms of a hairstyle. It adds maximum volume to your tresses, even if you have fine hair! Whenever you leave your hair loose, keep pulling it back with your fingers. If you want a slick look, tease your hair at the crown and apply some styling gel to it. Then, comb it back to finish off the look. Celebrity hairstylist Samuel Ashcroft suggests, “Use dry shampoo or hairspray to achieve this type of texture.”

If you struggle with dry hair, you can apply some moisturizing hair cream followed by some mousse to keep your hair hydrated, healthy, and in place!

4. Long Bangs Pixie

Long bangs pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Shutterstock

Long bangs paired with a pixie bob look super cool. If your face is too wide or angular, long bangs will draw attention away from it. It also adds a lateral focus to your face, accentuating your eyes. Long bangs make your face look longer as they streamline your jawline. Try this choppy hairstyle for a fun appearance!

5. Spiky Mohawk

Spiky Mohawk short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

The mohawk is one of the coolest punk looks that any woman can sport. Apply some hair gel or mousse to create the mohawk. If you want a slightly messy hairstyle, use your fingers to style it in spikes.

“As this texture is dry, apply a gel or mousse to wet the hair and then blow dry. Follow it up with a dry shampoo or spray to hold,” recommends Ashcroft.

6. Full Mohawk

Full Mohawk short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

If your short edgy haircut is growing out, opt for this classic mohawk that gives you a unique look with lots of volume. Simply apply some gel or mousse to your hair and lift it up with your fingers. You can also use a comb if you want to add some defined lines and make this edgy haircut look chicer.

7. Cool-Up Pixie

Cool-up pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

If you already have a pixie haircut, here’s one way you can jazz up your dark hair. You’ll need some mousse and hairspray to achieve this look. Apply some mousse to your hair, lift it with a round brush, and blowdry it in place. Then, spritz on some hairspray to set the ‘do in place. You can add a subtle lift with a comb or your fingers to give your hair some ample volume. Then, spritz on some hairspray to set the ‘do in place.

8. Sculpted Pixie

Sculpted pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Rowan Blanchard shows us how to rock the red carpet with short hair with this edgy look. This sculpted pixie hairdo is achieved with the help of some steel clips, a curling iron, and lots of hair gel. You can also just style your hair in waves with some gel in your hands to get a more flat-laying look.

9. Baby Bangs Bob

Baby bangs bob short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Baby bangs make a bold edgy style statement, so it cannot be sported by the faint-hearted. So, get them only if you want to go for a really fierce dark hair look. Morena Baccarin sported this look with aplomb by keeping the rest of her simple and unstyled.

10. Layered Pixie

Layered pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

When it comes to inspiring haircuts for women, layers never miss a beat! Layers look stunning on brown hair. This summer, opt for a dark shade like a rich mahogany brown. Go for a classic pixie haircut with heavy layers. Trust me, your hair will look extra stunning in the sun.

11. Cutesy Pixie Cut

Cutesy pixie cut short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

When in doubt, go with a pixie haircut. This cute pixie cut works for women of all ages. The sharp layered bangs draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. The subtle layers give your hair texture, making it look fuller. .

12. Classic Short French Bob

Classic short French bob short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Audrey Tautou looks so pretty in this short French bob haircut. It’s messy and perfect for all seasons. The layers add to the messy vibe of her wavy hair while balancing her face shape and features beautifully.

13. The Audrey

The Audrey hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Audrey Hepburn turned heads when she cut her hair short for The Roman Holiday. It is a firm fan favorite to this day. The small layers add depth and thickness to the hairstyle, and the heavy, thick wispy bangs frame her eyes perfectly.

14. Short Upturned Pixie

Short upturned pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Charlize Theron is a Goddess when it comes to hairstyles. She’s one of those women who look good in just about every haircut for women. The added gray hair color gives her tresses a lovely silver shine. Unless you have a thin face, I wouldn’t suggest you try this upturned pixie look.

15. Wavy Bob

Wavy bob short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

This is a 90s-inspired popular hairstyle that you just need to try out if you are in the mood for a short classic haircut. This wavy bob is super short on one side and slightly longer on the other. The best way to style it is in a deep side parting as it accentuates your overall wavy hair texture!

16. Auburn Mohawk

Auburn Mohawk short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Ruby Rose never goes wrong with her style, especially with this unique crop hairstyle. You can style this auburn mohawk in spikes to draw attention to your facial features. The spikes add a vertical focus, which accentuates your nose and jawline.

17. Heavily Layered Pixie

Heavily layered pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Layered pixies have always been stylish. They are chic and work no matter what the year or season. But if you really want to take your hairstyle up a few notches, opt for a heavily layered elongated pixie. Feather out the face-framing layers to make your hair look thicker.

18. Sleek Pixie

Sleek pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Part your hair on one side and comb it down with lots of hair gel. This cute hairstyle suits women of all ages. It flaunts the thickness of your hair while adding some style to the overgrown pixie haircut. I love the “wet” look of this sleek pixie. To achieve this wet finish, use gel when the hair is still damp.

19. Bleached Blonde Pixie

Bleached blonde pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Feathered pixies are all the rage right now! Anne Hathaway is a stunning brunette, but blonde looks good on her skin tone too. If you have been a brunette your whole life, take a fresh idea from Anne and go for a blonde pixie hairdo. It’ll add life to your pixie cut.

20. Glossy Pixie

Glossy pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Shutterstock

Michelle Williams is the poster child for short hair. She looks so good with it. The baby bangs cover just enough of her forehead to make sure it doesn’t look too big. The glossy blonde hair color tends to reflect light better, enhancing hair shine. Pick a blonde shade that goes with your skin tone and flaunt the confident woman that you are!

21. Long Side Pixie

Long side pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Shutterstock

Sometimes, a comb can be a girl’s best friend. If your pixie had feathered layers and it’s now grown out, you can backcomb it to add some style. To keep it in place, spritz on some hairspray all over the darker roots and locks. This also gives your regular cut a faux asymmetrical pixie look.

22. Neat Pixie

Neat pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

This popular hairstyle is very edgy. The best thing about this slicked-back look is that it makes you look sophisticated. It also adds an effortless texture and depth to your classic pixie bob without having to try too hard. Use a shine spray to create an expensive-looking finish.

23. Brushed-Back Bob

Brushed-back bob short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

The big question is, how do you get your hair to look this shiny? The answer: coloring it blonde, of course! To make it look more intense, go for a champagne gold blonde shade. If you have a square-shaped face or a diamond face shape, this will soften those sharp facial outlines. It also gives your hair desired volume.

24. Faux Side Cut

Faux side cut short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

I really like this pixie with a side cut. But if you look closely, you can see that Scarlett hasn’t really shaved off the side hair. It’s simply gelled down with a thin comb. You too can recreate this chic hairstyle for your next night out easily.

25. Long Center Cut

Long center-cut short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Scarlett Johansson gives us the best idea to flaunt overgrown hair. Slick down the sides and let the top be messy. Add some shine with the help of some mousse and tousle your hair with your fingers.

26. Curly Mohawk

Curly Mohawk short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Blonde hair and curly locks create an ethereal hairstyle. There are many ways to achieve these curls, both with and without heat. You can use a curling iron or hot rollers. You can also sleep on damp, pinned curls. The trick is to make the top of your hair look like one huge curl!

27. Silver Pixie

Silver pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Silver hair is all the rage right now. It speaks of maturity and intelligence. So this year, opt for the silver fox pixie to blend age and style gracefully. This chic hairstyle will surely make some heads turn.

28. Curled Quiff Pixie

Curled quiff pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Victory rolls are very vintage and punk. They exude a chic style and look edgy, especially when you style them with short blonde hair. Instead of multiple victory rolls, why not go for just one big rolled-up curl?

29. Messy Curled Mohawk

Messy curled Mohawk short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Add a light pink shade to your blonde locks to bring some life and color to your hair. Style the top of your undercut in curls. Your curly hair will make you look like a queen. Once you curl your hair, mess it up with your fingers to make it look natural.

30. Sharp Auburn Pixie

Sharp auburn pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Auburn can add extra texture and dimension to your hair. This means that it makes your hair look thicker and deeper than it is. This auburn pixie sported by Kate Mara is a perfect idea for those who do not like spending too much time styling their hair.

31. Short Blunt Pixie

Short blunt pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Blunt haircuts for women are tricky. This is especially true for short hair. So, take a page out of Zoe Kravitz’s lookbook and go for a simple blunt pixie haircut. This will draw attention to your face and accentuate your features.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Legendary Hollywood actors Audrey Hepburn and Jean Seberg rejected the long waves and promoted the blunt pixie cut as a symbol of empowerment and nonconformity in the 1950s.

32. Wind-Swept Pixie

Wind-swept pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Wind-swept hair is art in itself. If you have long hair, you know how messy it can be. But, the wind favors shorter hair comparatively. This is why overgrown pixie cuts look incredible when they are wind-swept. Her darker roots make her hair look fuller. Just make sure to spritz on some hairspray before you head out, especially on those windy side-swept bangs.

33. Long Layered Bangs

Long layered bangs short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Instead of going for an all-out contrast, consider this lovely light beach blonde hair color blend. The honey-blonde highlights blend effortlessly into the lighter blonde tips. These face-framing bangs also frame your face beautifully. Overall, this elongated pixie is perfect!

34. Pulled-Back Highlighted Bob

Pulled-back highlighted bob short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Gelled-back hair looks are great and uplift your features, but what about volume? Jennifer Lawrence gives us a solution. Apply lots of mousse to slightly wavy hair and tease it in the front to add height. Neatly arrange the top of the hair, then brush it back with your fingers.

35. Pointed Cut

Pointed cut short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

If you’re petrified of coloring your hair but want to try something new, opt for highlights. Contrasts always grab attention, so go for a sandy brown or blonde top layer that will contrast well with your dark tresses. This layered haircut creates a dimensional look that makes your hair look thicker and facial features more prominent.

36. Messy-But-Cute Pixie

Messy but cute pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

See how pretty Lena Dunham looks in this messy hairstyle? Simply allow your pixie to grow out. Then, part it on one side and mess it up with your fingers. Make sure your pixie haircut has blunt ends as it will help frame your face.

37. Blonde Layered Bob

Blonde layered bob short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Analeigh Tipton looks super cute with this heavily layered hairstyle. The choppy layers and bangs draw attention to her facial features. The blonde brings out her eye color really well and shows off her cheekbones.

38. Side Buzz Cut

Side buzz cut short hairstyle for women
Image: Shutterstock

The buzz cut was big back in the ‘20s and ‘30s. It’s now making a joyous comeback among women. How brilliant is that! Katy Perry flaunts the modern buzz cut with baby bangs like a boss. Those blonde bangs and dark eye makeup really bring out her eyes!

39. Ashy Bob Pixie

Ashy bob pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Cara Delevingne isn’t one to shy away from risky haircuts. She slayed with this short ash bob look because she has got the perfect face shape to flaunt this cute hairstyle. If you have a rounder face, I suggest getting longer bangs.

40. Close Shave

Close shave short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

I have these moments when I just want to shave off all my hair. Though I haven’t tried this ultra crop, it’s on my list. Kate Hudson pulls off this popular hairstyle effortlessly because of her slender face shape. This crop hairstyle is definitely a summer look!

41. Dark-Rooted Pixie

Dark-rooted pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

If you have fine hair, opt for this stunning pixie. The dark roots make Kate Hudson’s hair look thicker. The tips are cut thin, which makes the rest of her hair look thicker. It also draws attention to her jawline and cheekbones.

42. Forward Pixie

Forward pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Elsa Pataky is gorgeous. This short pixie haircut only enhances her facial features. This is because of the forward face-framing bangs. Her hair in the front is pushed forward, which covers her forehead partially. If you have a large forehead, try this look.

43. Moussed-Back Hair

Moussed-back short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Need to jazz up your regular pixie cut or chin-length bob? Go the Hollywood way with some mousse. Apply mousse to your hair and comb it back. The mousse will keep your locks looking slick and in place for a long time.

44. Defined Pixie

Defined pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Getting highlights near your face has many face-framing attributes. The blonde highlights and almost chin-length bangs soften your facial outline and highlight your features. This means if you have wide cheeks or a sharp jawline, these highlights can subdue the harshness. You can use hair wax or wax spray to help with definition.

45. Two-Toned Pixie

Two-toned pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Kristen Stewart is the queen of pixie cuts! She knows how to rock a new pixie with style. Just create a stark contrast by getting thick chunks of your brown hair blonde. With the help of a brush, some mousse, and a hair dryer, lift your hair to recreate this flawless crop hair look. No matter your hair type, you can recreate this gorgeous look!

46. Bleached Blonde Short Crop

Bleached blonde short crop hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Kristen Stewart was always known for her long brown locks. Then, she stunned us with this hairdo. This normally cute crop hair looks so badass on her! The bleached blonde hair color makes her eye color pop.

47. Contrast Pixie

Contrast pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Brown and blonde have always been placed at odds with each other. Why not combine the two and get this stunning contrasting pixie?The dark roots and light ends add some dimension to your hair, making it look thicker.

48. Lifted Pixie

Lifted pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

If you have a wide or angular face, take some hair styling inspiration from Kaley Cuoco. The stacked layers at the top are cut so as to add height to her pixie. It makes her face look longer and leaner.

49. Silky Balayage Pixie

Silky balayage pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

When you have light brown hair, adding some blonde to the mix can give you a whole new hair color like this surreal blend. While dyeing your hair, add more dye to the roots and lessen it as you reach the ends. This will give you some dark-rooted dimension. This pixie bob hairstyle looks perfect with a deep side part accompanied with bold eye makeup!

Ashcroft offers a key point to note, “This color look can only be achieved right by a professional as executing this blend is a skilled technique.”

50. Short ‘Fro

Short 'fro hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

I absolutely had to add the classic short ‘fro to this list. It looks so effortlessly beautiful! Lupita Nyong’o’s hair has been left to dry naturally while the shape is wet-set instead of the coils being defined. It adds some great volume to this popular hairstyle.

51. Chiseled Afro

Chiseled afro short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

I love how Lupita Nyong’o always keeps her hairstyles fresh and edgy. Lupita’s locks are still in an afro, but they have been cut short on one side. This adds a chiseled feel to the classic African hairstyle.

52. Designed Undercut

Designed undercut short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

This undercut has taken my breath away. Danai Gurira shows us how you can do more with your undercut with this look. Get an intricate design shaved on the sides to jazz up your buzz cut. Trust me, this stunning idea won’t disappoint.

53. Undercut With Mohawk

Undercut with Mohawk short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Who said natural curls can’t be styled well? Danai Gurira slays in this mohawk undercut hairdo. Instead of defining her curly hair, she has stretched them out to make the mohawk longer. What’s even better is that this curly haircut is paired with a gown and not leather pants!

54. Elfian Pixie

Elfian pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

This sharp, chin-length pixie look is one of the most sought-after hairdos of the decade. It’s got style and edge while staying true to the elfian pixie look. But, this look will work only with thick hair.

55. Highlighted Pixie

Highlighted pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

If your short hair is growing out, trim it to a slick bob haircut. Then, add some strawberry blonde highlights and let it shine. The best thing about having grown-out straight hair is being able to add stacked layers to your cuts. The layers, though gelled back, add a nice contrast when highlighted. Don’t forget to comb down those long side-swept bangs! This would look awesome on anyone with a diamond face shape.

56. Light Bangs

Light bangs short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

If you had bangs with your pixie cut, they’ve probably grown out faster than the rest of your locks. They also get greasy faster. Try this light bangs look so that they look fresh even when they start growing out. They can even enhance your natural hair texture!

57. The Bowl Cut

The bowl cut short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

The bowl cut has always been considered uncool, but Zendaya is here to change that. She sported this iconic choppy haircut with dark roots and a sandy blonde hair color with subtle blunt bangs. Try this look if you are feeling especially brave. It also accentuates your facial features as a bonus.

protip_icon Did You Know?
The bowl cut for women was first created by the legendary hairdresser known as Vidal Sassoon in the 70s.

58. Long Golden Pixie

Long golden pixie short hairstyle for women
Image: Gettyimages

Revamp your pixie cut with a blonde makeover. Go for light ash or white blonde hair color that enhances your natural hair’s texture. If you have hazel eyes, the golden tips are sure to bring out the golden flecks in them. This hair color goes really well with neutral-toned skin.

59. Blonde Balayage Pixie

blonde balayage pixie
Image: Shutterstock

This blonde balayage pixie cut looks super sweet on the Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus. The pixie cut highlights the delicate features of her face and draws attention to her stunning blue eyes, while the blonde shade adds a touch of warmth and dimension to her overall look. This chic and sophisticated choice is all you need to embrace a more mature and fashion-forward image.

60. Dark Pixie Cut with Layers

Dark Pixie Cut with Layers
Image: Shutterstock

If you need a style to add depth and texture to your hair, this pixie cut with dark, rich tones and layers is the one for you. The look with eye-grazing side-swept bangs and subtle highlights looks stunning on Tyra Banks and creates a striking contrast against her flawless complexion. The haircut is perfect for those who need a modern and edgy look to complement their dynamic personality.

Infographic: 6 Classy Short Hairstyles For Women

If you are looking for some fun and edgy hairstyles for women to experiment with, you have come to the right place. While long hairstyles have a charm and beauty of their own, short hairstyles accentuate your beautiful facial features effortlessly. To help you out, we have compiled a list of 6 classy short hairstyles that you should know about in the infographic below!

6 classy short hairstyles for women (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Short hair is very cool and edgy. But it is also very easy to maintain and style. Most people think that you can only opt for a few basic hairstyles or cuts if you want short hair. They could not be more wrong. While you could be brooding over how short hair can’t sport hairstyles like updos, braids, ponytails, chignon, buns, or half-up hairdos, you can still ace some hairdos like the shag haircut paired with curtain bangs and asymmetrical bob that look stunning on short tresses. There are many short hairstyles for women to experiment with, from classic bobs, and edgy pixies to androgynous shortcuts and cute crop hairstyles that look utterly fabulous. Take inspiration from your favorite celebrities- Rihanna, Jamie Alexander, Michelle Williams, Janelle Monáe, Coco Rocha, Halle Berry, and more, known for their impeccable style. And with our top 58 styles, your short hair will never look boring or monotonous! It’s time to set a new hair goal and make a bold fashion statement with any of these popular hairstyles!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does short hair make a woman look younger or older?

Short hair can provide a youthful and energetic look when styled correctly. A great cut can add volume and definition to your locks, giving you a confident and energized appearance. Working with your stylist is crucial to ensure that you find the perfect cut that works for your face shape and enhances your hair’s natural texture.

What’s trending in short hair?

From the classic lob to the boho bob haircut, the French bob to the long pixie, there are plenty of styles to choose from. You can also consider the pixie with an undercut or curtain bangs for a bold statement and stylish look.

What factors should be considered when choosing a short hairstyle?

Face shape is the top consideration when choosing a short hairstyle. The choice of hairstyle should elevate your facial features. Other determinants include hair texture, basic personality, dressing style, lifestyle, and hair health.

Will a short hairstyle suit any face shape?

No, not all short hairstyles suit every face shape. You have to ensure that you choose a haircut that enhances your face shape and features. The wrong hairstyle harshens your face shape and gives it a washed-out look. Talk to a professional stylist to know which short hairstyle will best suit your face shape. You can also take inspiration from a renowned celebrity stylist to get a better idea.

How to maintain a short hairstyle and keep it looking fresh?

Short hairstyles are easier to maintain and need very little brushing. You can mostly finger comb short tresses to keep them looking chic. Go for frequent trims at regular intervals to keep your hairstyle fresh. Avoid or reduce heat styling as it can cause damage to the hair shafts. Short hair must be washed more frequently than long hair, as natural oils flow quickly and coat the strands. Use hair products such as hair serum, shampoo, and conditioner according to your hair length, type, and natural texture.

Can we add color to a short hairstyle?

Color trends like dark roots, highlights, babylights, and low lights can add an edge to your short hairstyle. You can also go for a complete color change and try vibrant shades like red or purple.

Key Takeaways

  • One needs trims every 1-2 months to maintain a perfect look with short hair.
  • You can experiment with different short hairstyles such as sleek bobs and textured pixies to flaunt your versatility.
  • Minimize heat styling or excessive use of products to prevent hair damage.
  • Highlights, lowlights, and bold shades can add dimension to short hairstyles and enhance the look.
short hairstyles for women

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Need funky new short hair styling tips? Check out this video of some simple pointers for 7 easy-to-do fun hairstyles for short hair!

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