8 Best Virtual Worlds For Teenagers

Written by Harini Natarajan

If you love playing virtual games with your squad, you are on the right page. Virtual world games are essentially computer-based environments wherein players create a second life with their online avatars and participate in several challenges with friends and family. And, the best part? You can communicate with other players in many different ways, through graphics, text, voice commands, gestures, or sounds. These games cater to a wide variety of audiences. Be it entertainment, building structures, medical, social networking, or cars – you can play them all.

Let us take a look at some of the most exciting online games for teens that you can play with your gang right away!

Best Virtual Worlds For Teenagers

1. Disney Superbia

Superbia by Disney is an online virtual world and social simulation game that involves the fantasy-based city of Superbia. It is populated with several other players and features various Disney-inspired places from shows like Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Jessie. It is a great platform to experiment with self-expression and let your energy out to create something unique.

Being citizens of the city, players have the liberty to choose their customized avatars by donning different hairstyles, choosing their eye colors, and designing their outfits. Players can renovate their virtual homes using different decorative pieces and items and visit the virtual homes of their favorite Disney characters.

You can interact with other players, make new friends, navigate through the city, and hang out with others, making it a great place for a new social experience. This is one of the best virtual worlds for teenagers in which players can create desserts for the ice cream parlors from scratch and undergo a fun series of other such cool challenges to earn coins and unlock a variety of decorative items, fashionable outfits, and new furniture. They can also visit new rooms in the society. It is available for both Mac and Windows users.

2. Thrillville

Thrillville, developed by Frontier Developments, is a life simulation, strategy, and virtual world game that involves building and creating a theme park for tourists and other players. There are five theme parks in total, namely Thrillville, Thrillville Timewarp, Thrillville Paradise, Thrillville Adventures, and Treasures of Thrillville. Each theme park is divided into three parts functioning on separate themes, such as Battleville, Winterville, Spaceville, and Aeroville that tie into an overall similar concept.

Your character acts as the manager of these theme parks, which are owned by Uncle Mortimer. Since these parks are extremely popular, there are frequent attempts to take them down by your rivals, especially Vernon Garrison, who operates another chain of theme parks that go by the name Globo-Joy.

Your main goal is to ensure that your guests stay happy by keeping them entertained throughout their visit. There are 34 different mini-missions and games that you can choose from, which include upkeep wherein you operate the staff and keep the park up to date; games, where you have to entertain, play, and win games across the parks; build, wherein you need to build and upgrade the top park attractions and facilities; business, that involves managing ad campaigns and finances for the park; and lastly, guests, wherein you can interact, joke, and play with the park’s guests and even make them your friends.

You also have the option to create death-defying coasters outside of the main game that include hotrod stunt, pedulizer, and escape drop. There is an option to customize all your rides and coasters using different animatronics, flowers, and flaming hoops to make the experience truly your own.

3. Social Life

Social Life is an online multiplayer life simulation, massively multiple online game (MMO), and social networking game, available on Facebook. This is one of the best online games for teens that involves a unique virtual world with excellent graphics, social events, happening parties, adventurous mini-games, and regular updates. You can customize and create your online avatar for the game.

The best part is its social networking element that gives you the option to meet other players, make new friends, and participate in fun activities with them. Some of these include building and renovating your virtual home, buying items from the in-game store, decorating your house using new objects, and even inviting your friends into your beautiful abode. Overall, if you are looking to have an all-engaging gaming experience with a new social clan, Social Life is the one to try out today!


IMVU is probably one of the most immersive 3D gaming experiences out there that has become quite popular among teens online, with over 10 million registered users. It is a browser-based, social life, virtual world simulation, and MMO that allows customized challenges for users based on their age, making it ideal for teens and adults alike.

It extends the option of designing your personal avatars in the game, meeting new people, hanging out with others to make new friends, creating new stuff from scratch, and exploring the virtual game world with your cool new squad. This game takes the term “squad goals” to a whole new level.

You can build a virtual life with people you meet on the endless chat rooms like Ethereal Jewel Box, The Furry Forest, Max’s Party Island, Paradise Island, and Wedding Under the Stars, etc. And, hey, if all works out well, you can even explore your romantic side with IMVU’s adult chat rooms and have an experience of a lifetime.

5. Avakin Life

Experience the perks of a happening virtual life with the Avakin Life video game and seek a world full of endless fantasies, social networking, and role-playing. It includes customizing your online character using about 1000 different items like hats, shoes, glasses, outfits, etc., before entering the game world.

This game involves a thousand other online players and operates on Android and iOS. You can interact, chat, go on adventures, and play mini-games with other players. These can involve renovating your apartment with unique items and accessories according to your preference, inviting friends into your crib, role-playing, exploring different locations, and partying on the beach with them.

Not only that, you may even find love and go on dates! There are various occupation options for you to choose from, including engineers, models, doctors, firefighters, and so on, with the option of earning and spending your money as well. Another cherry on the cake is the special Christmas content, which you can unlock after completing a few challenges and collecting a specific amount of coins.

6. SuperSecret

SuperSecret is one of the best online games for teenage girls out there. It helps you build your own virtual social life where you can be as expressive as you want even if you are shy in the real world. It is a fun online MMO and social gaming platform built especially for girls who are 10 to 16 years old. However, others are welcome to play too!

It involves buying new accessories, trying on outfits, and changing your hairstyles using the style bucks you earn. This game is a great way to explore your inner self while enjoying a world full of entertainment. Whether you want to indulge in a dance-off, a fashion show, or a rodeo racing, SuperSecret has everything for you!

7. Habbo

Habbo is a community-based, 3D, MMO virtual simulation game designed for teens and adults alike. It has remained one of the most exciting virtual worlds for teenagers even after being around for over 15 years. It has players worldwide and is known to be the largest virtual social hangout available online.

Users are supposed to build a virtual avatar for getting into the game zone where they can indulge in role-playing, chat with other players, design hotel rooms, take part in different quests, play games, solve puzzles, and even take care of each other’s pets. You can also earn your own money and spend it on gadgets, updates, and various decorative items for decorating the room.

8. WoozWorld

If you are into fashion and want a world where you can customize your avatars using different looks, along with experimenting with a community-based game, WoozWorld is the game for you. It is an online virtual world where one can enjoy role-playing, social simulation, and massively multiplayer online games designed for tweens and teens.

With an increasing player base, WoozWorld allows you to indulge in different life-like activities – like building your own house from scratch, hosting parties, starting your own business using in-game currency, selling clothes, and trading your items by chatting with other players around.

Now that you know the best online virtual world games to indulge in, it is time to go ahead and try your hands on all of them. Each of these games come with their own set of quirks and qualities, be it with a team or even solo. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find your fun!

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