VLCC Pedicure & Manicure Kit Review

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We have just what you need if you are looking for the best pedicure and manicure kit review. Especially if you are a person who loves to pamper your hands and feet with DIY skincare routines, you are going to love this. Well-manicured hands and feet speak highly of how well you maintain yourself. The best part is, you don’t have to wear covered shoes to hide your chipped nails. As much as we enjoy treating our nails, going to a salon now and then is not feasible. What you need is a home kit that includes all the products you need to have a perfect spa treatment at home. Doing a mani-pedi by yourself does not need rocket science, and doing it yourself gives you an absolute bliss of pampering your feet and nails on your own. VLCC offers a wholesome mani-pedi kid that covers all the products and helps you plan what goes after what. Once you get your hands on it, there is no waiting for an appointment to treat your nails right. So who is ready to give your nails the much-needed spa treatment right at home?

VLCC Pedicure And Manicure Kit Review

I’d been on the lookout for a fuss-free, DIY pedicure and manicure kit that I could use at home for a while now. Considering its cost-effectiveness, VLCC’s Pedicure and Manicure kit was one amongst two-three others I picked up at my local store (reviews to follow). Right off the bat, the cost-effectiveness and ease of application were a winner, but did it deliver on all that it promised? Let’s see.

Main Items In VLCC Pedicure And Manicure Kit

The VLCC Pedicure and Manicure Kit is a comprehensive package that contains-

  1. The Pediglow Hand & Foot Cleanser- 50 ml
  2. Myrrh Cuticle Oil- 10 ml
  3. Pediglow Hand & Foot Scrub- 50 gms
  4. Cocoa Butter Hand & Foot Cream- 50 gms
  5. Orange Anti Tan Pack- 50 gms

Description And Packaging

The VLCC Pedicure & Manicure Kit is best described as a home treatment that combines a good mani-pedi that cleanses the skin and exfoliates dull layers of dead skin on the hands and feet, smoothening it in the process. While it helps maintain healthy nails, cuticles and supple skin on the hands and feet, it could potentially help the prevention of nail diseases and disorders too!

Ek teer, teen nishan you say? I’d have to agree.

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The packaging of the kit itself is quite simple. Contained within a plastic box, you’ll find the four lotions alongside the myrrh cuticle oil. Considering that VLCC promotes the use of natural ingredients, the warm colors used seem to reflect that spirit. The packaging of all four tubes is the same, however, so make sure you read the name right or mark them separately for yourself, lest you mistakenly use one for the other (wouldn’t be the end of the world if you did, but why not avoid the blunder when you can?). Also, while the outer box details how to use the kit, individual instructions for each tube are provided on the back of the tube too, along with the ingredients, so that’s a plus.


Though the ingredients are mentioned at the back of each tube, I highly doubt if it’s the entire list. Nevertheless, here’s a list of a few of their key ingredients-

  1. Pediglow Hand & Foot Cleanser – Extracts of Soapnut, Daruhaldi, Shikakai, Cinnamon and Margosa, Lemongrass Oil, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate
  2. Myrrh Cuticle Oil – Sesame Oil, Groundnut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Almond Oil, Myrrh Oil, Geranium Oil, Orange Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Carrot Seed Oil
  3. Pediglow Hand & Foot Scrub – Walnut Shell Powder, Lemongrass Oil, Fenugreek Extract, Glycerin, Triclosan. Allantoin
  4. Cocoa Butter Hand & Foot Cream – Extracts of Neem Bark, Lodhra Bark, Wheat Germ and Cocoa Butter
  5. Orange Anti-Tan Pack – Orange Peel Extract. Silicon Blend, Vitamin E, Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide, Gum Acacia

VLCC Pedicure And Manicure Kit Benefits

This comprehensive mani-pedi kit from VLCC is a fun and effective way to give yourself a manicure and pedicure at home. Considering how cost efficient it is (check out our price section for details), it can-

  • Save you the hassle of salon appointments
  • Reduce risk of infections from unhygienic equipment
  • Provide a quick fix for the hands and feet at any given time
  • Provide constant care and nourishment to the hands and feet

All of this at just one tenth of the price of a regular pedicure at your local salon!


  • Attractive DIY manicure and pedicure kit
  • Affordable
  • Ease of use
  • Abundance of natural oils and extracts
  • Effective- visible results right from the first application
  • Sturdy packaging- no fear of the bottle breaking or spilling


  • First-time users, or someone unaware of the mani-pedi treatment, might find doing this routine by themselves complicated/exhausting
  • Though not required by the kit, not everybody has mani-pedi tools at home, and so, one might need to invest in those for best results

How To Use VLCC Pedicure And Manicure Kit?

While it is possible to use just the products contained in the kit, for best results, we’d advise you to have certain mani-pedi tools at hand. If you don’t, consider buying them since it’s a one-time investment that will last you long.

To do a manicure and pedicure using the VLCC Pedicure & Manicure kit, you will need-

  • A bowl of water to soak your fingers in
  • A bucket/tub of water to soak your feet in
  • Hand towels
  • Cotton swabs
  • A bottle of hot and cold water each
  • Loofah/Pumice stone
  • Nail cutter
  • Nail buffer
  • Nail polish (optional)
  1. To start, remove your nail polish (if you have any). Cut/trim your finger- and toe- nails to the desired size (avoid digging deep into the flesh as you cut your nails as this may cause ingrowth of nails). Next, file your nails using a nail filer (always in one direction, and never back and forth) followed by a nail buffer to smoothen out any rough or jagged edges.

2. VLCC Pediglow Hand & Foot Cleanser – How To Use?

  • Add a small amount of the hand and foot cleanser to a bowl of warm water to start your manicure. Add double the amount of that to a bucket or tub of warm water for your pedicure. If you’d like to have some foam for your mani-pedi, add some extra quantity of the cleanser.
  • Soak your hands and feet in the warm water for 15-20 minutes. Once done, rinse and pat dry using the hand towels (warm towels preferred).
  • The idea behind using a cleanser at the start is to remove the dirt from underneath your nails, while also softening the thick, sometimes callused, skin of your fingers and toes.

3.  VLCC Myrrh Cuticle Oil – How To Use?

  • Take a small quantity of the Myrrh cuticle oil, enough for the fingers and toes, and massage it into the cuticles and the skin surrounding the finger and toe nails.
  • Use a cuticle pusher to gently push stray cuticles back towards the nail. If you’re comfortable using a cuticle clipper, use it to trim your cuticles (take care while cutting your cuticles, however, as cutting too deep, or using an unsterilized/dirty cuticle clipper, might infect your nails)
  • This step helps nourish and revitalize nails, and the skin surrounding them.

4. VLCC Pediglow Hand & Foot Scrub – How To Use?

  • Soak your feet in warm water again for 5-10 minutes. Use a loofah or pumice stone to gently remove the accumulated dead skin.
  • Once done, take an appropriate amount of the Pediglow Hand & Foot Scrub and massage it into the hands and feet for 5-10 minutes.
  • The consistency of the scrub is granular to help remove the dead skin cells. Wash it off using the water in the bowl/tub.

5. VLCC Cocoa Butter Hand & Foot Cream – How To Use?

  • Take a generous amount of the Cocoa Butter cream and massage well over the hands and feet for 10 minutes.
  • Wipe the cream off using a hot towel. Using a hot towel helps the pores of the skin to open up, allowing the cream to seep into the skin more effectively.

6. VLCC Orange Anti-Tan Pack – How To Use?

  • Take an appropriate amount of the Orange Anti-Tan pack and apply it evenly over the hands and feet. It has a creamy consistency and spreads well.
  • Leave the pack on for 20 minutes. Once the 20 minutes are up, wipe it off using moist cotton followed by a plain water rinse.
  • Top it off by moisturizing your hands and feet with a moisturizer of your choice.

If you find that your skin has dried out in the process, use a small quantity of the Cocoa Butter to rehydrate. As stated on the product, regular fortnightly use will give excellent results.

My Experience With VLCC Pedicure And Manicure Kit

Different Products In VLCC Pedicure & Manicure Kit
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My first time using the kit was a breeze thanks to the fairly wholesome range of mani-pedi essentials that it contained. Since the kit is a comprehensive package that includes a hand and foot cleanser, scrub, cream, and anti-tan pack, alongside a cuticle oil—there wasn’t much I needed to have on standby, apart from my handy tools.

The directions for use being fairly simple to follow, the process didn’t really require too much thought on my side. Which was great because I got to do what I mostly get a mani-pedi for—just kick back and chill! Salon-like treatment right from the comfort of an armchair has never sounded better. Also, the description reads that if you have cracked feet, regular use of this kit can go a long way in removing the dead skin and revitalizing them. Now, while I can’t vouch for that (since I don’t have cracked feet), I can certainly say that having used this pack 3 times in the past two odd months, I have seen good results. My feet and hands are soft and seem polished, pretty much like what you see after a salon treatment. Full marks for that.

Another reason you might want to try a mani-pedi routine by yourself is that salons always carry the risk of unhygienic equipment. I’ve heard of countless women who’ve developed infections due to bad salon practices, a headache you won’t have with a DIY kit that you’ll be using with your personal grooming tools—a huge plus if you ask me. Also, the sheer affordability of this kit means that you can use the same pack nearly 8-10 times (depending on the amount used) at nearly one-fifth of the price you’d pay at a salon for a similar treatment. The results, like I mentioned earlier, are instantaneous, and regular use can keep your hands and feet feeling smooth and healthy for a long time.

The only con I think of is that the process might be a little overwhelming for a first time user. Keep at it nevertheless. With just 2-3 attempts you’ll get the hang of it (it isn’t rocket science), after which you’re going to be looking forward to your pampering sessions with yourself. Remember, practice makes you perfect!

Shelf Life

The VLCC Pedicure & Manicure kit has a shelf life of 3 years. Considering that each kit has enough quantity to last you at least 8-10 applications (depending on the amount used), 3 years is more than enough time to go through all of it without having to trash left over product due to ‘expiry’ issues.

Top scores considering the fact that the VLCC Pedicure & Manicure Kit delivers much more than what you pay for. Constant nourishment and care for your hands and feet, while saving you the hassle of last minute rushes and long queues at the salon—this mani-pedi kit certainly delivers on all counts.

But if you’re looking for some good deals, my advice would be to always shop online and thank the online world of competitive pricing for some kick ass discounts! (Psst, buy multiple things together to forego shipping charges).

Buy VLCC Pedicure And Manicure Kit Online

VLCC’s Pedicure & Manicure kit is available on various online marketplaces and beauty stores such as Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Nykaa etcetera.

Buy Now

Will I Recommend It?

Hell, yes.

Think of it this way—a regular mani-pedi at a local salon is under ₹500, more if you go to a high end one. For the price listed above, VLCC allows you to do at least 8-10 full mani-pedis right from the comfort of your home. That’s nearly 3.5-4K saved on all those sessions! I mean, what more could one ask for?

Happy feet (and in this case, hands too) maketh a happy woman, or so says me :)

This pedicure and manicure kit review discusses the DIY kit from VLCC in great depth and detail. The kit includes a cleanser, a cuticle oil, a hand and foot scrub, an anti-tan pack, and a hand and foot cream. You can cleanse, exfoliate, de-tan, and nourish your hands and feet for a smooth and polished look. This kit offers an affordable and effective way to treat your hand and feet without visiting a salon. The instructions are clearly provided with the kit, so even beginners can get right down to business. However, it does not come with any tools, so you may have to invest in the toolset if you do not own one already. Overall, the VLCC pedicure and manicure kit is a good investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the VLCC Pedicure & Manicure Kit suitable for all skin types?

The VLCC Pedicure & Kit is generally suitable for all skin types. However for individuals with sensitive or allergic skin, it is recommended to perform a patch test before buying or using it to check for adverse reactions. .

Can the VLCC Pedicure & Manicure Kit be used by both men and women?

Yes, the VLCC Pedicure & Manicure Kit is suitable for use by both men and women, as it is designed to cater to the common hands and feet skincare needs, regardless of gender.

Does the VLCC Pedicure & Manicure Kit help in improving blood circulation in the hands and feet?

The VLCC Pedicure & Manicure Kit’s massage and exfoliation steps may promote improved blood circulation in the hands and feet due to the stimulating motions applied during the process.

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