8 Vulture Tattoo Designs For Men & Women

Get ready to turn heads with a vulture in ink perched on your skin.

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Vultures are a scavenging species, known for their distinctive features and diet of carcass and carrion. In many cultures, they symbolize protection, power, and rebirth, which makes them great additions to body art. Vulture tattoos can seem intense and convey a range of ideas, from victory over death to acceptance of mortality. They are often large, detailed pieces with the striking use of bright colors, such as yellow, red, orange, and white. So if you are looking to cover a considerable area of your body with a powerful and bold statement piece, you can get a vulture tattoo to evoke a sense of both awe and reverence. Keep scrolling to take a look at some trendy vulture tattoo designs.

Meaning Of A Vulture Tattoo

Vulture symbolism is a mixed bag. Where on the one side, vultures are also known for wisdom, intelligence, and foresight, they are also associated with death and considered a bad omen because they feed on carcasses. Elsewhere, they are also considered lucky as they are seen as a cleansing presence, clearing nature of decay and signifying rebirth/renewal, protection, patience, and new beginnings. Vulture tattoos can encourage the wearer to remember to look beyond the surface and look at life from a bird’s eye view, taking in the bigger picture rather than being stuck in the smaller details. Vultures are also admired for their ability to soar high in the sky, which can also serve as a source of inspiration for you to strive for greatness and break free from the shackles that limit you.

8 Best Vulture Tattoos For An Awesome Look

Vulture tattoos on your skin make you look badass. While they carry their own significance, you can combine them with customized details to make them uniquely yours. The tattoo designs below also exude power, confidence, and protectiveness as well as show delicate artistry. Check out these designs for some much-needed inspiration.

1. Black Vulture Tattoo

A woman with a black vulture tattoo on her forearm
Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

If you are someone who naturally gravitates towards big, bold, and powerful artworks, then consider getting this black vulture tattoo. This tattoo symbolizes courage and strength in the face of insurmountable challenges. The impressively done gradual shading using just black instills realism into the tattoo. The inkwork features a black vulture surrounded by green foliage to provide the design with a refreshing framework. The sky in the backdrop is painted in pink, orange, and red hues to indicate the break of day and symbolize renewal.

2. Flying Vulture Tattoo

A man with a flying vulture tattoo on his thigh
Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Vultures get a bad reputation for being around death and their diet of carrion, but this glorious flying vulture tattoo shows us just how majestic this being truly is. The heavy shading along with the clever use of black and gray colors lends a realistic feel to the bird’s plumage. It also helps to add depth and dimension to the tattoo.

3. Vulture And Skull Tattoo

A woman with a black-and-gray vulture skull tattoo on her forearm
Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Sometimes tattoos without any colors make the boldest impact! This tattoo features a vulture with a disfigured skull at the bottom that helps play up the gothic vibes. Thematically, the design with the skull and the somber appearance of the vulture emphasize the idea of how they are seen as harbingers of death. The graduated blackwork shading helps make the artwork look more dynamic and lends it an aura of eeriness. Consider this if you are a fan of Edgar Allan Poe and the gothic lifestyle has you hooked.

4. Vulture Chest Tattoo

A man with an open-winged, black-and-gray vulture tattoo on the chest
Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

The gradient shading on this vulture chest tattoo helps to seriously add edge to the overall look. The wide-spread, open-winged vulture encourages embracing life with open arms and mustering the courage to deal with whatever comes your way. The negative spaces in the black-and-gray tattoo help to draw attention to the fine linework, whereas the textured shading technique helps successfully mimic the texture of a vulture’s feathers.

5. Bearded Vulture Tattoo

A man with a bearded vulture tattoo on the upper arm
Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Though vultures tend to be a sign of death, they can also be associated with luck and happiness. For instance, in Iranian myth, the bearded vulture is considered a symbol of good luck and joy. It is a rare vulture sighting, but it is always a positive one. Thus, in this design, the bearded vulture appears stoic and calm. Moreover, the burnt orange tones and black-and-gray shadowy effect lend the plumage a depth, while the black of the eye makes his stare more intense. Finally, the blackwork structure makes for a striking contrast and helps to visually balance the look.

6. Vulture Neck Tattoo

A woman with a vulture neck tattoo
Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

The vulture neck tattoo is a stunning idea that involves complex design work but within a small area. The subtle use of red/brown and black tones along with negative spaces helps lend the design depth and create a visual impact. Also, the use of white ink makes the eyes appear shinier and the beak look more illuminated. Furthermore, the tattoo narrows towards the end, which flatters the neckline and gives perspective to the design.

7. Old-School Traditional Vulture Tattoo

A man with a traditional vulture tattoo on the upper arm
Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

This tattoo style pays an ode to the traditional American tattooing style defined by heavy linework and the use of bright hues. The red and yellow hues make the tattoo appear more vibrant yet sinister. The slightly ovular framework surrounding the vulture with the rough geometric lines makes the background seem like it is a stained glass frame, lending it a timeless allure. Interestingly, the eye of the vulture, which is symbolic of evil and fear, has red and gray tones instead of white on the sclera, which portrays the aggressive and wild spirit of the vulture.

8. Realistic Vulture Tattoo

A man wearing a realistic vulture tattoo on the forearm
Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

If you fancy a tattoo but like to keep it real, then this hyper-realistic vulture tattoo is just what you can go with! The piercing eyes, hooked beak, and texture on the features almost makes it feel like the bird is alive and staring! The directionality of the feathers around the face and varying line weights help to beautifully bring out the facial features of the vulture. Placed on the forearm, this tattoo makes for an eye-catching and powerful design that is sure to shock people.

Vulture tattoos symbolize death, wisdom, power and sometimes even purity and renewal. Be they inked on the chest or shoulder, these tattoos make for a bold statement and make you feel cool. Vulture tattoos can also inspire you to overcome adversity in life, accept fate, and face challenges head-on. Furthermore, these tattoos also represent survival and resilience, and they encourage the wearer to adapt to the changing environment, just like the vultures. If you like the old-school tattoo style, then consider getting these impressively large and technical vulture tattoo designs that are sure to lend you an aura of mystery.

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