Should You Wash Your Hair With Coca-Cola?

Get all facts and learn the truth before jumping on this bizarre drink hair wash bandwagon.

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In the battle for the craziest new hair trend, we have a winner. Suki Waterhouse has given us the Coca Cola hair rinse! If you ever wondered whether you could wash your hair with Coke, keep scrolling down.

Ms. Waterhouse, an English model, started this weird hair fad by raving about its benefits. She swears that Coke transformed her limp, fine hair into a lovely tousled work of art (we are paraphrasing). This, of course, sent many vloggers and bloggers into a crazed frenzy to buy Coke and wash their hair with it. Keep reading to know if there is any merit to using this soda pop on your hair or if you are only making your hair sticky.

Why Wash Your Hair With Coca-Cola? How Does It Work?

Coca-Cola or Coke is an acidic soft drink containing carbonated water, sugar (corn syrup), phosphoric acid (a weak acid), caffeine, natural flavoring agents, and artificial food color. It is commonly consumed for refreshment.

When you wash your hair with this carbonated beverage, which is a sticky-sugary drink, all the ingredients deposit on your scalp and hair, giving it the “body” that everyone is raving about. These ingredients add texture to the hair (much like a salt spray).

Ellko, a vlogger, shared her experience of using a coca cola rinse for her hair in her vlog. She said, “The hair texture is different than my natural hair texture. My hair has some waves in it. I’m absolutely going to do this again, and I’m really impressed with the results (i).”

protip_icon Did You Know?
Coca-cola’s earliest formulations contained cocaine.

Moreover, because of its acidic pHi  A scale that measures the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, with the ideal pH level of the hair being 3.67 and the scalp being 5.5. , Coca-Cola closes the hair cuticlesi  The outermost layer of the hair shaft made of layers of dead cells to form scales that strengthen and shield the hair. and makes them appear shiny. Coke does not contain any surfactantsi  Cleaning agents that bind with oil, fat and dirt to remove them from the hair and may irritate and injure the skin and eyes. , so it does not cleanse the scalp and hair, as claimed by the proponents.

Here is the tricky part – leaving a sugary and acidic drink on your hair as a hair treatment can be damaging. The corn syrup and other ingredients can build up on the scalp and lead to issues like greasiness, itching, dandruff, and hair fall.

If you want to go ahead and give it a try, follow the steps mentioned in the next section.

How To Wash Hair With Coca-Cola

You Will Need

  • 1-liter bottle of Coke (or get two 500 ml bottles)
  • A large mixing bowl/colander
  • A towel
  • A blow dryer

Before washing

  • Detangle your hair.
  • Arrange all the things that you will need.

The Process

Step 1: Put the bowl on the table, gather the hair into it.

Wash your hair with coke step 1
Image: YouTube @beautyklove

Step 2: Saturate your hair with Coca-Cola. Be careful not to spill.

Wash your hair with coke step 2
Image: YouTube @beautyklove

Step 3: Dip the hair a few more times in the Coke and squeeze the excess liquid out of your hair.

Wash your hair with coke step 3
Image: YouTube @beautyklove

Step 4: Shampoo your hair to remove all traces of Coke and air dry your hair.

Wash your hair with coke step 4
Image: YouTube @beautyklove

You will see a difference in your hair texture. It may appear soft. However, you may or may not notice any shine or volume.

Before and after you wash your hair with coke
Image: YouTube @beautyklove

If you want more texture and waves, avoid shampooing. Just rinse your hair thoroughly after washing it with Coke. Check out this tutorial:

To prevent any damage to the hair, follow these tips when using a Coke rinse for your hair.

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You can also scrunch your hair from the roots to the tips to get that textured, beach hair look.

Tips To Remember While Using Coke Hair Rinse

  • Coca-Cola is a sugary drink, not a leave-in conditioner. So cleaning after using it is important. Rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly after washing them with Coke.
  • Don’t pour freezing Coca-Cola directly onto your scalp. Allow it to reach room temperature.
  • Saturate your hair and scalp with the drink. If not, you may have gummy patches of hair with trapped sugar.
  • Do not use the Coke hair rinse frequently. It may strip your hair of its natural sheen and moisture.

Yay Or Nay?

The major purpose of pouring Coca Cola over hair is to coat it and offer that extra hair volume and better texture. This happens as the corn syrup sugar in the Coke envelops the hair shafts. This can be detrimental to hair health if it is split, broken, weak, or over-processed by chemical or mechanical means. This can also affect hair growth.

However, healthy hair may not experience as much damage as damaged hair. The coke may also cause scalp irritation, scaling, burning, redness, and sensitivity.

That said, if the scalp is in good condition, Coke may not cause harm as long as it is not left overnight but washed off. However, those with scalp issues should refrain from including Coke in their hair beauty regime. It is advisable to not use Coke as a replacement for real hair products.

The best practice would be to wash your hair and scalp before and after using Coke (only if your hair and scalp are in good condition).

Infographic: Tips To Remember Before Using Coca-Cola Hair Rinse

Before you try out this crazy online hair hack, ensure you do it properly and follow the correct measures to protect your tresses. The infographic below gives you an overview of what you must follow before, during, and after using Coke as a hair rinse. Take a look.

tips to remember before using coca cola hair rinse (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

So, what do you think of this crazy haircare fad? Coke contains some nutrients that could add body, texture, and shine to your tresses, making hair maintenance an easy task. However, it is important to note that coke contains a lot of sugar that could affect your hair health and hair hygiene. It could leave your hair sticky, too. So, don’t skimp on the right hair care precautions to avoid any hair damage or breakage if you want to try this craze. Oil your hair regularly, consume a healthy diet, follow a good lifestyle, and exercise to keep your hair healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Coca-Cola make your hair fall out?

Coca-cola contains corn syrup and other ingredients that can build up on your scalp and clog your hair follicles. Since it is sticky, it can snag dirt and product residue causing hair damage and hair fall,

Does rinsing your hair with Coca-Cola make it thicker?

Coca-cola can only make your hair shiny. Since it has an acidic pH, it closes hair cuticles, which may help with frizz. However, this is just based on anecdotal evidence.

What happens if you wash your hair with Coca-Cola every day?

You should not wash your hair with cola daily as it may cause scalp buildup.This could lead to damage, dryness, breakage, and hair fall. However, washing your hair once in a while with this drink is alright.

Key Takeaways

  • English model Suki Waterhouse started the crazy trend of rinsing your hair with Coca-Cola, a carbonated drink.
  • According to anecdotal evidence, it adds texture and shine to your hair and transforms limp tresses.
  • You can soak your hair in Coca-Cola for some time, but be sure to rinse it off thoroughly with water and shampoo so no sugar residue remains.


Wash Your Hair With Coke

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Ready for a hair experiment? Dive into the Coca-Cola hair rinse challenge and uncover the surprising results in this intriguing video. Watch now and satisfy your curiosity.

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