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9 Ways In Which Running Helps You Increase Your Height

9 Ways In Which Running Helps You Increase Your Height September 19, 2017

To maintain a healthy and fit body, running is essential. It is an exercise that we practice right after we start learning how to walk. As a kid, we have chased cats, puppies and run away from our mummy whenever she brought those horrible foods to eat.

Running is a great way to help you get into shape. However, it is controversial if running actually helps in increasing the height of a person. But did you know that running has a lot more benefits to it than just keeping you healthy? Read on to know more.

Does Running Increase Height? Ways in Which it Helps

1. If you run regularly, your overall health improves. It boosts the immune system, thus preventing the body from being a victim to a lot of diseases. Running helps in the relaxation of the muscles. It also helps in toning the muscles. This results in the prevention of muscle fatigue. Running regularly also helps in decreasing the chances of an early heart attack. It reduces the chances of suffering from diabetes as it helps in keeping the sugar levels in check.

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2. Running may not help in increasing your height but it surely helps in decreasing the excess weight. If you lose weight, you will look thinner. And when you are thin, you can deceive a lot of eyes. In this way, running increases height indirectly. Isn’t it?

3. Running also helps in improving the mental condition of a person. It helps in relieving stress, eliminates depression, and prevents tension and headaches. Running helps in the secretion of some hormones in the brain which in turn help in elevating one’s mood and keep you in a good mood throughout the day.

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4. If you run even half a mile a day, your blood pressure stays under control. Your arteries maintain their elasticity if you run. When you are running, your arteries contract and expand harder than they usually do. Therefore, it reduces the risk of having a stroke and heart attack.

5. Asthma is caused due to difficulty in breathing. Our lung activity increases while running as inhalation and exhalation increase. So, the chances of having an asthma attack or the problem of bronchitis are reduced.

6. If you run on a daily basis, you can gain a personal control over yourself, the amount of medicines you take in, and the ability to control your own schedule, health, career and future. Running brings discipline to your life and discipline means success.

7. Everybody wants clear skin. Did you know that running helps you to maintain clear skin? Running helps in the stimulation of blood circulation which helps in transporting the essential nutrients throughout the body and also aids in flushing out the unwanted toxic substances from the body, thus allowing you to maintain clear skin.

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8. Running regularly also helps in increasing the physical strength of the person. It removes the fatigue of the tendons, muscles and joints, and prevents future injuries to these body parts.

9. Did you know that running also cures insomnia? Well, when you run a lot, your body is tired and wants some rest. So, when you go to bed at night, you get a nice, good night’s sleep.

Exercise does help in increasing your height but running miles will not help you increase your height. Running to increase the height is a lie and a myth. Got to know how to increase height by running?


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