101 Funny Ways To Say Hello To People

Written by Harini Natarajan

When meeting people for the first time or after a long while, the most common way we greet them is by saying, ‘Hello!’, ‘What’s up?’ or ‘How are you?’ Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, except that they are, well, super borrrrring. People tend to like you way more when your greetings are funny and different. But, worry not! You don’t have to burn your brain cells trying to say something unique every time you meet someone. Nearly any greeting can be made funny if you say it in the correct way. Here are a few tips to try to ensure you amuse your buddies!

a. Try accents – Add a silly or foreign accent to your hello.

b. Silly voices – Try it out, especially if you are speaking to a kid.

c. Impersonate someone – If you try impersonating someone, it will make your greeting extra funny!

d. Tell a joke – Starting the conversation with a joke is sure to win hearts.

e. Try a foreign greeting – Switch it up by saying it the way foreigners do, along with your classy attitude!

I know you still need some inspiration! Well, here’s a list of fun and funky greetings to help you sound less generic. If you want to give the old way of greeting and conversing a break, here is your bible! Try some of these and get creative.

Different Ways To Say Hello To People


  1. Hello, sunshine! How are you? Oh, your rays are already making my day brighter!
  1. Howdy, partner!
  1. Hey, howdy, hi! How is it going?
  1. What’s kicking, little chicken?
  1. Howdy-doody! Tell me what’s new!
  1. Hey there, freshman! Wassup?
  1. My name is (your name), and I am a bad, bad guy. I like you!
  1. Hi, mister! What is going on?
  1. I come in peace! Chow chow.
  1. Ahoy, matey!
  1. Hiya! Hi!
  1. Hello, governor!
  1. Top of the morning to ya! Wass es going on?
  1.  What’s cracking, hot thing?
  1. GOOOOOD MORNING (the name of the person you are greeting)!


  1. Wassup, homey?
  1. Tring tring…this call may or may not be recorded for training purposes.
  1. Howdy, howdy, howdy, mister!
  1. I am Batman. Who are you, gorgeous?
  1. Hi! At least we meet for the first time for the last time!
  1. Hello-hello! Who’s there? It’s me (your name) talking.
  1. Knock knock…(who is there?) It’s me, (your name)!
  1. Ghostbusters, watccha want?
  1. Yo! Wassup.
  1. Whaddup bro?
  1. Greetings and salutations, my man/woman!
  1. ‘Ello, matey. Wassup?
  1. Hiiiii, baaaaaby!
  1. Hi, honey bunch!
  1. Yoooouhoooo! Toodle doo, toodle dum.


  1. How you doin’?
  1. I like your face. Are you an angel?
  1. What’s cookin’, good lookin’?
  1. Howdy, missus! How are ya?
  1. Hello there, daddycool!
  1. Hey, boo. Wacch ya doing? You just brightened up my day!
  1. Aloha princess! (Hawaiian)
  1. Hola paapi! (Spanish)
  1. Que pasa, madam! (Spanish)
  1. Bonjour monsieur! (French)
  1. Hallo miss! (German)
  1. Ciao babydoll! (Italian)
  1. Konnichiwa! (Japanese)
  1. Bing bing! How’s it going?
  1. Good day, young man!


  1. Morning! So good to see ya, good looking!
  1. Hello! There is my pumpkin! I miiiissed you <3
  1. What’s up with you, old soul? Wanna chat?
  1. Hello belle! You are glowing!
  1. Hey, munchkin! Why so chweet?
  1. Hey, hiiii. How is your weekend going? Mine just got better 😉.
  1. Hey there, little thing. You made my day by giving me a glimpse of yourself!
  1. Hey love!
  1. Hi, cutie pie, sugar bun!
  1. This is where my bae is at!
  1. Hi, butterfly! Holaaa!
  1. What’s up, handsome? You are making the temperatures soar this season!
  1. Hello, babycakes! How are you?!
  1. Oooo la la. You are a gorgeous sculpture made by the God Almighty!
  1. Hello, sugar. Come and give me a good morning hug.


  1. Waddup chica!
  1. Welcome to the club, boss!
  1. Hey homey! Welcome!
  1. Hey beautiful! I am blinded by your charm!
  1. Hey Slayer, what’s up?
  1. Whaccha up to, dude?
  1. Bro, hey, how are you doing?
  1. Hi, lost buddy! Long time no see!
  1. Yo man, where were you?
  1. How are you doing, old man?
  1. How have you been, crazy coo?
  1. What’s sizzling?
  1. Hey mistaa, how do you do?
  1. What’s new? Tell me everything!
  1. Whazzup?


  1. What’s good in the hood?
  1. Ogenki desu ka? (Japanese)
  1. Namaste! How long has it been, dost?
  1. How are things going, bandhu?
  1. Sup!
  1. Comment allez-vous? (French)
  1. Ni hao ma? (Chinese)
  1. Como estas? (Spanish)
  1. Jal jinaess-eoyo? (Korean)
  1. Wagwan? (Jamaican)
  1. How farest thou?
  1. Hi homey! How’s life treating you?
  1. What’s up, buttercup?
  1. Hi, I just met you, and yes, this is crazy. Here’s my number – call me, maybe?
  1. Ua mai oe? (Samoan)


  1. ‘Sup, my homeslice?
  1. Hey bud! Mind if we catch up? I saw you like eons ago.
  1. How is life sailing?
  1. Hey Einstein, still cracking the old theory?
  1. Pos eisai? (Greek)
  1. Come va? (Italian)
  1. What’s the word, hummingbird?
  1. Habari yako? (Swahili)
  1. Como voce esta? (Portuguese)
  1. What’s smokin’? Tell your pal everything!
  1. Hey friend! What’s the latest buzz in your world?

You might have noticed that nowadays, people would rather look down at their phones, pretending to do something important, just to avoid saying something as simple as a greeting to other people. This is not even applicable for just strangers, but acquaintances as well! Greeting people nicely is a common courtesy that is slowly fading away as we get more and more obsessed with social media.

In the virtual world, we are so used to talking to people electronically and impersonally that we have forgotten how to do it face-to-face. Just admit it, when a friendly stranger simply smiles and says hello as s/he walks by you, it makes your day just a little bit better. So, pass the kindness on!

Be social and present, and make your day better with real human interaction – while you also brighten up someone else’s day! And if you use these cute greetings, it is guaranteed they are going to smile for the rest of the day. All the best, Señorita!

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