101 Cool And Different Ways To Say Hello And Greet People

Aloha, Konichiwa, Howdy, Namaste – discover fun ways to say 'hello' with a new greeting every day!

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Here is a simple trick to stand out when greeting someone – try different ways to say hello! If we meet someone new or after a while, we try to be enthusiastic about our conversation. We typically say ‘Hello!’, ‘How are you?’ or a casual ‘What’s up?’. The only problem with that is that they are extremely boring, as you might expect. It is usually easier to get people’s attention when you greet them funnily and uniquely. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, we have you covered. There is no need to spend all your brainpower trying to make a lasting impression every time you meet someone. Even a simple greeting can be humorous if said in a particular way. Try these tips to entertain your friends!
a. Put on an accent – Use a funny or foreign accent while greeting.
b. Use silly voices – This can be entertaining, especially when you talk to a child.
c. Use an impersonation of someone – This will make your greeting even funnier!
d. Tell a joke – Laughter always wins hearts.
e. Greet in a foreign language – Switch it up by greeting in a foreign language, and be classy!
It is time to give the traditional greetings and conversations a rest! Instead, take a look at these ideas and get creative. Hopefully, this list of fun and quirky greetings will help you sound less generic. Continue reading for more inspiration!

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World Hello Day is celebrated on the 21st of November every year to celebrate peace and the importance of resolving issues through open communication.

Different Ways To Say Hello To People

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  1. Hello, sunshine! How are you? Oh, your rays are already making my day brighter!
  1. Howdy, partner!
  1. Hey, howdy, hi! How is it going?
  1. What’s kicking, little chicken?
  1. Howdy-doody! Tell me what’s new!
  1. Hey there, freshman! Wassup?
  1. My name is (your name), and I am a bad, bad guy. I like you!
  1. Hi, mister! What is going on?
  1. I come in peace! Chow chow.
  1. Ahoy, matey!
  1. Hiya! Hi!
  1. Hello, governor!
  1. Top of the morning to ya! Wass es going on?
  1.  What’s cracking, hot thing?
  1. GOOOOOD MORNING (the name of the person you are greeting)!

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  1. Wassup, homey?
  1. Tring tring…this call may or may not be recorded for training purposes.
  1. Howdy, howdy, howdy, mister!
  1. I am Batman. Who are you, gorgeous?
  1. Hi! At least we meet for the first time for the last time!
  1. Hello-hello! Who’s there? It’s me (your name) talking.
  1. Knock knock…(who is there?) It’s me, (your name)!
  1. Ghostbusters, watccha want?
  1. Yo! Wassup.
  1. Whaddup bro?
  1. Greetings and salutations, my man/woman!
  1. ‘Ello, matey. Wassup?
  1. Hiiiii, baaaaaby!
  1. Hi, honey bunch!
  1. Yoooouhoooo! Toodle doo, toodle dum.

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  1. How you doin’?
  1. I like your face. Are you an angel?
  1. What’s cookin’, good lookin’?
  1. Howdy, missus! How are ya?
  1. Hello there, daddycool!
  1. Hey, boo. Wacch ya doing? You just brightened up my day!
  1. Aloha princess! (Hawaiian)
  1. Hola paapi! (Spanish)
  1. Que pasa, madam! (Spanish)
  1. Bonjour monsieur! (French)
  1. Hallo miss! (German)
  1. Ciao babydoll! (Italian)
  1. Konnichiwa! (Japanese)
  1. Bing bing! How’s it going?
  1. Good day, young man!

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  1. Morning! So good to see ya, good looking!
  1. Hello! There is my pumpkin! I miiiissed you
  1. What’s up with you, old soul? Wanna chat?
  1. Hello belle! You are glowing!
  1. Hey, munchkin! Why so chweet?
  1. Hey, hiiii. How is your weekend going? Mine just got better 😉.
  1. Hey there, little thing. You made my day by giving me a glimpse of yourself!
  1. Hey love!
  1. Hi, cutie pie, sugar bun!
  1. This is where my bae is at!
  1. Hi, butterfly! Holaaa!
  1. What’s up, handsome? You are making the temperatures soar this season!
  1. Hello, babycakes! How are you?!
  1. Oooo la la. You are a gorgeous sculpture made by the God Almighty!
  1. Hello, sugar. Come and give me a good morning hug.

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  1. Waddup chica!
  1. Welcome to the club, boss!
  1. Hey homey! Welcome!
  1. Hey beautiful! I am blinded by your charm!
  1. Hey Slayer, what’s up?
  1. Whaccha up to, dude?
  1. Bro, hey, how are you doing?
  1. Hi, lost buddy! Long time no see!
  1. Yo man, where were you?
  1. How are you doing, old man?
  1. How have you been, crazy coo?
  1. What’s sizzling?
  1. Hey mistaa, how do you do?
  1. What’s new? Tell me everything!
  1. Whazzup?

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  1. What’s good in the hood?
  1. Ogenki desu ka? (Japanese)
  1. Namaste! How long has it been, dost?
  1. How are things going, bandhu?
  1. Sup!
  1. Comment allez-vous? (French)
  1. Ni hao ma? (Chinese)
  1. Como estas? (Spanish)
  1. Jal jinaess-eoyo? (Korean)
  1. Wagwan? (Jamaican)
  1. How farest thou?
  1. Hi homey! How’s life treating you?
  1. What’s up, buttercup?
  1. Hi, I just met you, and yes, this is crazy. Here’s my number – call me, maybe?
  1. Ua mai oe? (Samoan)

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  1. ‘Sup, my homeslice?
  1. Hey bud! Mind if we catch up? I saw you like eons ago.
  1. How is life sailing?
  1. Hey Einstein, still cracking the old theory?
  1. Pos eisai? (Greek)
  1. Come va? (Italian)
  1. What’s the word, hummingbird?
  1. Habari yako? (Swahili)
  1. Como voce esta? (Portuguese)
  1. What’s smokin’? Tell your pal everything!
  1. Hey friend! What’s the latest buzz in your world?

You might have noticed that nowadays, people would rather look down at their phones, pretending to do something important, just to avoid saying something as simple as a greeting to other people. This is not even applicable for just strangers, but acquaintances as well! Greeting people nicely is a common courtesy that is slowly fading away as we get more and more obsessed with social media.

In the virtual world, we are so used to talking to people electronically and impersonally that we have forgotten how to do it face-to-face. Just admit it, when a friendly stranger simply smiles and says hello as s/he walks by you, it makes your day just a little bit better. So, pass the kindness on!

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Some of the most popular songs containing the word “hello” are “Hello” by Lionel Ritchie, “Hello, Beautiful” by Jonas Brothers, and “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s.

Infographic: How To Say Hello To Folks In Different Countries So That You’re Remembered

The world is our oyster, and a beautiful place it is. There are several countries with innumerable cultures. While we are habituated to just saying ‘hello’ when we meet our acquaintances or friends, that may not be the case across the world’s nations. What if you travel to a different land tomorrow? How can you greet the locals there and build bonds that last? The following infographic makes it easy for you – by telling you how you can greet people in different countries.

how to say ‘hello’ to folks in different countries so that you’re remembered (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

An interesting and quirky greeting can be the ultimate ice-breaker. It can set the tone of the entire conversation, add humor to the mix, and make you an entertaining conversationalist. A few ways to make your first impression memorable are greeting in a foreign language, cracking a joke, and impersonating a mutual connection or celebrity. While you may feel a little uncomfortable initially, we can assure you that people will remember you for your interesting personality and charisma if you commit to a style. So, take cues from the ideas above or make a unique signature greeting. Adios!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say ‘hello’ in American slang?

Phrases like ‘yo,’ ‘’sup,’ and ‘hey, there’ are used instead of ‘hello’ in American slang.

How do British people say ‘hello’?

The British use phrases like ‘alright,’ ‘How you doing?,’ ‘What’s happening?,’ and ‘Hello, mate.’ to say ‘hello.’

How do you greet your crush?

You should greet them politely like a friend and address them by their name.

What is a Greek hello?

People greet each other with a ‘yassas’ or a more informal ‘yassou’ in Greece.

How do you say ‘hi’ in Korean?

You can greet someone with ‘annyeong haseyo’ or a more casual ‘annyeong.’

How do you pronounce ‘hello’ in Russian?

You can use ‘privyet’ or ‘zdraste’ for informal greetings in Russian.

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