22 Uber Cool Ways To Style Your Micro Braids

Color, beads, updos – you'll love how your braids get trendier with the right tweaks.

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Originating in Namibia, Southwest Africa, braids have remained a staple of modern culture. Micro braids may look feminine, delicate, and intricate but make no mistake; they are fiercely badass too. If micro braids are your staple hairstyle, and you want new ways to style these braids, keep reading. We have suggested a few top ways to style your micro braids so you can flaunt a new way daily! Micro braids are quite similar to box braids, only differing in size. Tiny sections of hair are braided with hair extensions from the roots to the ends of your hair. These super tiny braids provide a faux natural textured look to your hair. They do not make your hair look uber-stylish and protect it from damage. Rumor has it that it may even aid hair growth, but you did not hear that from us.

However, if you weave your micro braids too tight, they can damage your hair. The tighter you weave your braids, the more they pull on your hair roots. Also, tight braids may cause hair breakage. So make sure your hair is healthy before you weave micro braids. You can try deep conditioning treatments, oiling your hair, and avoiding any coloring or chemical processes before braiding your tresses. Also, steer clear of heat styling tools that cause fragile hair and damage.

Now that you have been fairly advised, keep reading to learn how to weave micro braids!

Before You Get Started
  • Micro braiding may cause hair breakage. It’s unsuitable for weak, dry, fragile, chemically processed, and relaxed hair.
  • Micro braiding is low maintenance. However, the braiding and removal processes are time-consuming and can take up to 3-11 hours.
  • Micro braids are a stylish way to protect your hair as they allow minimal manipulation. However, getting the hair assessed by a professional is a must.

How To Micro Braid Your Hair At Home

What You Need

  • 5 packets of synthetic braiding hair
  • Rat tail comb
  • Water
  • Hair gel
  • Sectioning clips
  • Hair elastics

How To Micro Braid

  1. Start off by parting away a horizontal section of hair that is about 1/4th inch in width at the nape of your neck with the help of the tail end of your rat tail comb.
  2. Pin up the rest of your hair above this section with the help of a sectioning clip.
  3. From one corner of this horizontal section, pick up a small 1/8th inch section of hair and wet its roots with your fingers.

a). If you are micro braiding your natural hair: Simply divide this section of hair into 3 strands, braid it tightly right till the end, and secure the ends snugly with a small hair elastic that matches the color of your hair.

b). If you are adding extensions:

Add a little bit of hair gel at the roots of your section of natural hair.

– Separate a 1/4th inch section of hair from your packet of extensions and wrap it around your section of natural hair, right at the roots.

– Now with the hair extension acting as the 2 side strands and the section of natural hair acting as the center strand, start braiding.

– With each stitch of braid, keep adding hair from the natural hair strand into either strand of the hair extensions so that each section maintains equal thickness throughout the braid and so that the extension is securely braided in place.

– Once you have reached the end of your micro braid, secure it with a slip knot. To do so, combine the tail ends of all 3 strands and wrap them around your index finger to form a loop. Remove the loop from your finger and carefully insert the tail of your braid into it and pull it tight to knot it in place. You can do this a couple of times to secure the ends completely.

– Once you are done braiding all the hair in one horizontal section, section another horizontal section and repeat all the steps until all your hair has been micro braided.

To get a clearer picture of how to micro braid your own hair, you can follow this easy video tutorial by hair vlogger Miss Rubys Beauty.

Micro braiding hairstyle first gained popularity in the 1990s when Brandy from the hit show “Moesha” sported it.

How Long Can You Keep In Micro Braids?

Since micro braids are braided quite tightly into very small sections of your hair, it’s best that you remove them after about 2 months.

Favour Akinjiyan, founder of Favoured Beauty, says “I recommend keeping your braids in for a maximum of 6-8 weeks. Keeping your braids in longer can lead to excessive buildup and hair loss.”

This too should preferably be done by a professional as your hair can be extremely prone to breakage after staying braided for so long. Make sure you deep condition your hair thoroughly after removing the micro braids to restore moisture in them.
Now that you know how to micro braid your hair and how long you can keep them in, let’s jump into all the cool ways that you can style them!

22 Ultra Cool And Funky Micro Braids Hairstyles

1. Red Micro Braids

Red Micro Braids

Image: Shutterstock

While neutral hair shades are most appreciated, it surely doesn’t hurt to have some fun with vibrant colors. Micro braids have often been worn in humble shades like black, brown, and blonde, but donning hues like red can guarantee to bring the much-needed charm to the hairstyle. A perfect shade for the bold and experimentalist in you!

2. Dual-Toned Micro Braids

Dual-Toned Micro Braids

Image: Shutterstock

Still not over the Barbiecore? No worries, we got you covered. If you wish to go beyond the classic shades for micro braids and bring in your love for everything pink and purple, then this hairstyle will definitely satiate you. The dual-toned micro braids exude playfulness and allure, ideal for any bubbly personality.

3. Ombre Micro Braids

Image: Instagram

Let’s start off with a bang, shall we? Now, picture this – you are walking down the streets of New York in your oversized fur coat and catching everyone’s eye. What hair are you sporting in this scenario? Ombre micro braids, of course! This gorgeous style that starts off as dark rooted cornrows at the top and fades down to warm blonde micro braids is as trendy as it gets.

4. Cool Toned Micro Braids Cat Ear Buns

Image: Instagram

Since watching Disney’s insanely popular movie Frozen, all I’ve wanted is to give off the same cool toned vibes as Queen Elsa. Have the same childish fantasy as mine? Then it’s time you sported this multi-toned micro braids style! These brown, white, and sky blue micro braids have been tied up in half cat ear buns to create the most adorable hair look ever.

5. Emerald Green Micro Braids Half Knot

Image: Instagram

If you describe your style as rich and opulent, here’s a micro braid style that you will absolutely love. This dual toned black and emerald green style looks like something fit to be sported by royalty. Tie these gorgeous micro braids in a half knot style to showcase them in all their glory.

6. Jet Black Micro Braids

Image: Instagram

Like to keep things simple and basic? No frills and fancies for you, huh? No problem! If you truly believe that less is more, then you have to check out this simple micro braids style. These understated jet black micro braids left long and loose keep things elegant and classy without calling for too much attention.

Micro braiding is believed to have originated in Africa several centuries ago.

7. Curly Micro Braids

Image: Instagram

It’s weird, right, to even think about using a heating tool on a protective style? But, believe it or not, you actually can do it! Provided that you read the instructions on the packet of extensions about the maximum heat that can be applied to them. So whip out that curling iron and give your micro braids some nice, tight curls to make them look even more striking!

You can also get the curly look by using curling rods on your braids and setting it in hot water.

8. Half Up Blonde Micro Braids

Image: Instagram

Always wanted to dye your hair blonde but were too afraid of the damage it would cause to your hair? Then here’s a simple solution for you! Just invest in some blonde hair extensions to make your dreams come true. Add these gorgeous extensions to your hair in micro braids and tie them up in a half up style before you walk out with a swagger in your step.

9. Bubblegum Pink Micro Braids Half Bun

Image: Instagram

Fancied yourself as the princess of CandyCaneLand when you were a kid? I know I did! Fulfill your childhood fantasies by going for this cutesy as hell half black/half bubblegum pink micro braids style. Tie your braids up in a half bun to show off the striking contrast created by the light and dark shades.

10. Micro Braids Undercut

Image: Instagram

If a badass look is what you’re going for, then a badass look is what you’ll get with this micro braids look. First, you’ve got the platinum blonde micro braids that are a class apart all by themselves. Then there’s the undercut at the back that makes the style as edgy as it gets. Now, add in a cute little powder blue dyed heart at the nape of your neck and you’ve got some adorbs thrown into the mix as well!

11. Accented Micro Braids

Image: Shutterstock

Ahhh Gabrielle Union. Besides being a supremely talented actress and having the coolest last name ever, she also rocks the most gorgeous micro braids in Hollywood. And she does this in the simplest way possible by going for a few silver beaded accents and sweeping all her braids over to one side to create an elegant yet sexy look.

12. Silver Grey Micro Braids

Image: Instagram

If the mighty cute arctic fox is your spirit animal, then this micro braids style will suit your personality perfectly. These silver gray micro braids will make you look like you’ve stepped right of the future (or the pages of a really cool alternative magazine). Just throw on a casual baseball cap to shoot the cool factor of this look out of the roof.

13. Micro Braids Half Updo

Image: Instagram

Be it a full day of classes or a casual day out with friends, this is one style that will suit any occasion. Just tie up your jet black micro braids in a simple half up style to create an understated and graceful look. And it only takes a minute to perfect!

14. Unicorn Micro Braids

Image: Instagram

Forgive me but no hair trend list is complete without featuring a unicorn do. And can you blame me for it? Just look at this technicolor style! The various shades of blue, pink, and yellow come together to create an epic micro braids style. The giant half bun on top only adds to the drama of this look.

15. Super High Micro Braids Ponytail

Image: Instagram

Now here’s a summer micro braids style that you need to check out if you live in a particularly hot city. The cornrows at the top ensure your scalp can breathe while the micro braids tied up in a super high ponytail keep all your hair off your neck. The bright red shade of the micro braids jazz up the hair look in a jiffy!

16. Micro Braids Shaggy Bun

Image: Instagram

These dark micro braids are dynamic all by themselves thanks to their peach tinted edges. But what adds to the beauty of these braids is the high bun that they have been styled in. The shaggy edges of this bun add some quirk to the whole look.

17. Colorful Boho Micro Braids

Image: Instagram

Fancy yourself to be a free spirited boho chick? Want to express that side of your personality to the world? Then you need this micro braids style in your life. These super long micro braids in shades of blonde, beige, and khaki green have been accessorized with colorful beads and threads to create a gorgeous boho chic look.

18. Blonde Micro Braids Loose Bun

Image: Shutterstock

When it comes to styling micro braids, no one does it better than Zoe Kravitz. And ‘effortlessly chic’ are the only words that come to mind when looking at her hair looks. Here she has gone for a simple low bun that she probably did in under 2 minutes by pulling her hair only halfway through the last loop of her hair elastic.

19. Hippie Micro Braids

Image: Instagram

First, let’s take a moment to appreciate the ethereal beauty that is Zoe Kravitz. Now, take inspiration from her sense of style that knows no fear or apprehension. With some decorative butterflies and fresh flowers balanced precariously on her blonde micro braids, she looks like a wood nymph right out of a fantasy novel.

20. Simple Black Half Knotted Micro Braids

Image: Instagram

Having one of those days when everything (including your hair) is getting on your last nerve? Or maybe you’re just feeling hot and want to keep your hair out of your face? Whatever the reason, this simple half knot done with your micro braids will fulfill your purpose while leaving your hair looking oh-so-chic.

21. Beaded Micro Braids Bun

Image: Instagram

The term ‘avant garde’ takes a whole new meaning with this bun hairstyle that’s one for the ages. As if the blonde micro braids weren’t cool by themselves, they have been topped off with heavily beaded faux micro braids bangs to make the whole look even fresher and funkier. But the real highlight of this look is the big jumbo braid bun at the back that makes her look like an absolute goddess.

22. Black And White Micro Braids Half Dutch Braid

Image: Instagram

Now, this is what I call trippy. This is a look that knows just how to play with the contrast created by its black and white micro braids. A chunky half Dutch braid blends the dual-toned micro braids beautifully to create a look literally no one will be able to take their eyes off of.

Micro braids are already cool, but if you are in the mood to take your game up a level, we are here for it! Who knew that there were other cool and unique ways to style them to take your coolness up a notch! This article will tell you everything you need to know about micro braids and how you can get experimental with them. So, take some inspiration from our uber cool ways to style your micro braids and get loud and bold with your self-expression. Lastly, remember to talk to a professional about maintaining them and regularly deep condition your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my micro braids?

Yes, you can wash your micro braids with dry shampoo or with diluted shampoo in a spray bottle to keep your hair smooth and moisturized.

Can you comb micro braids?

No. Micro braids are generally prone to unraveling so it is not a good idea to comb them. If you are referring to combing the natural hair root, this is also not advisable since you may end up with tangled hair.

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