Wear Pencil Eyeliner The Right Way – Tutorial

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Whether it is a pen eyeliner, gel eyeliner, or pencil eyeliner, this wonder makeup product makes your eyes appear stunning. If you are a novice who wants to know how to wear pencil eyeliner perfectly, this article is just for you. Here, you will read about a step-by-step guide that helps create perfect thick lines on lashes.

Numerous pencil eyeliners are available in the market, and you should know how to choose the right one for the perfect lines. You can also use a kohl pencil to achieve subtle lines, but you can craft your eye makeup to perfection just with an eyeliner. It also defines your eyes by giving a shape to them. In addition, you can also add color or shades to make your eyes look more significant. However, a thick eyeliner can give an artsy look when you prefer nude lips. Moreover, eyeliner can assist in giving your eyes a smoky look. But the most crucial point to remember is your hand must be steady while applying eyeliner.

Beginners can start applying the eyeliner from thin lines and move forward to thick lines. Applying eyeliner is no magic; you need to practice a lot for perfection. Keep scrolling down to know all about the art of applying eyeliner!

Here are a few simple steps that will help you to properly wear the eyeliner using an eye liner pencil:

  • Clean & prime your eyes. If you have oily lids apply some loose powder as this will make the eyeliner stay longer on the lids.
  • Start drawing a line from the middle of the lid along the upper lash line to the outer corner. If you don’t get a line properly along the lash line, don’t worry, as you can always fill in the gap afterwards. Tracing a proper line is important.
  • Again from the middle of the lid trace a line to the inner corner along the lash line. Make sure that you trace a thin line.
  • Once you have finished doing this, fill in the gap between the traced line and the lash line by moving the eye liner pencil in light strokes. It is ok if you get a thick line for the first time. After practicing a few times, you will get used to it and be able to create lines the way you want.

  • From the outer corner along the lower lash line draw a line towards the inner corner. Start drawing from the point where the line on the outer corner of the upper lash line ends.
  • Once you have finished doing this, use your fingers or a smudge brush. Smudge the line on the lower lash line a bit.

Take a little amount of loose power in an eyeliner brush and apply it below the smudged line. This will prevent your eye liner from smudging further. You can do the same thing for the upper lash line also. Finish off with some good coats of mascara.

Lining the eyes may seem challenging in the beginning. It’s because using an eye pencil requires precision. However, with practice, you can easily master this skill. This step-by-step tutorial is easy to follow and is beneficial for those who find it tough to maneuver eyeliners and eye pencils. Don’t forget to dab a little bit of loose powder to limit smudging. Now get your hands on the eyeliner you want to add to your eye makeup kit, follow this article on how to wear pencil eyeliner, and start practicing.

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