Best Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends

Add your personal touch to your friend's special day with these heartfelt words.

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If you are looking for wedding anniversary wishes for a friend, you have landed on the right page. It is important to congratulate your buddy on hitting a milestone. You have probably witnessed their long-term relationship and given them advice whenever they needed it. But it is not always possible to meet people in person as we all lead busy lives. That’s when some sincere, sweet, and funny messages become helpful. And do not worry if you cannot find the appropriate words to express your thoughts and genuine happiness for them. We have got that part covered. From newlyweds and new parents to the mature couple and the ones who kept their promise of growing old together – we have compiled a list of wishes for them all. Let them know that you cherish them and always be by their side. After all, a commitment so strong and sincere deserves some celebration. So, what are you waiting for? Swipe up and explore our list of wedding anniversary wishes.

Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends

Below are some amazing wedding anniversary wishes for your best friend that you can use for their D-Day. They will fit like a glove for your friends’ first, 15th, 50th anniversaries or even more. So, go on now. Read them:

  • Happy Anniversary Buddy! May the love between you two grow closer than ever. I hope you write many more chapters in your love story!
  • Happy wedding anniversary, my compadre! May you both continue to celebrate more such milestones! Sending you truckloads of good wishes for completing another fantastic year of togetherness with the woman of your dreams.
  • Anniversary cheers to you both. May you two continue to be the best versions of yourselves; together! Here’s to completing many years of togetherness.
  • Hurray! One more year, one more reason to celebrate and party hard! Feliz Aniversario, peeps!
  • You guys are our all-time favorite couple! Happy Anniversary, folks! Can’t believe the anniversary is already here.
  • Congratulations on making your marriage a success, you two! We knew you would do it. Happy Anniversary!
  • No matter what, you both stood by each other in thick and thin! This is so heartwarming! Happy Anniversary, my people!
  • Cheers to the best couple on earth who makes Eagles’ “Love will keep us alive” so much more believable! Happy Anniversary, my tribe!
  • A very happy wedding anniversary wishes, my best friend. Words just fail to express how happy and content I am, seeing you in a successful marriage!
  • It is as though you both were destined to be together, no matter what! And now that you really are together, happily married, have a wonderful anniversary, both!
  • I can see the true meaning of love when I think about your beautiful marriage. And look, it is already a year since you both tied the auspicious knot. Happy Anniversary, love birds!
protip_icon Trivia
Officially, the longest recorded marriage lasted 86 years, and the couple celebrated their 87th wedding anniversary a few days before the husband passed away at the age of 110.

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends

And when you don’t wanna sound all sweet and emotional, instead bring that bubble of laughter to your buddies, then here’s a list of funny wedding anniversary wishes for best friends that you can totally rely on. Go, check’em out:

  • Happy Anniversary, dear buddies! Glad and beyond grateful that you both swiped right at the same time!
  • Blow up them balloons, love birds. We are almost there, gonna pop open the champagne bottle. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon! Oh, and happy anniversary, by the way!
  • You just got super lucky, my man. You better celebrate your anniversary with us now. And, yes, happy anniversary!
  • After going the extra mile to introduce you both to a common ground and end your silly fights every day, I deserve the best treat on your anniversary. C’mon, where at?
  • So I was going through some of those “inspirational wedding anniversary wishes for friends” online, and then I thought to myself, “Why?” I mean, of course, you both inspire us big time, but all I want now is some super expensive treat at a super expensive place. So, make do with this simple wish: “Happy Anniversary, you lucky,” and take me out, you both. Right Now! I am starving.
  • When you both married, my wish to see Joey and Phoebe as a couple was fulfilled. A totally unapologetic woman with a childlike man who has the most beautiful heart. Okay, I can’t be so emo anymore! So thank God you guys tied the knot. Happy anniversary. Treat! Treat! Treat!
  • Wake up, you sleepy heads and check your “you two” notifications on your phones and thank us back! And yes, Happy Anniversary!
  • You both successfully put up with each other for this long. Now, better treat yourselves with a grand celebration. You both deserve it. And also have us at the party. We all deserve it too. Who would have sorted your issues if not us? So let us know when to drop in, and happy anniversary.
  • Now that you know you both are stuck for life, you should as well celebrate this anniversary and celebrate it grand. We’re on our way with a cake. Keep them champagne bottles ready!
protip_icon Did You Know?
The tradition of giving specific gifts for each anniversary year, such as paper for the first year and diamonds for the 60th, originated in Victorian England. These gifts were thought to bring luck and prosperity to the couple.

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends

First anniversaries are always special! It commemorates the passage of time since two people started a very different life together as life partners. Below we have a list of happy first-anniversary wishes you can choose for congratulating your friend, or friends.

  • It’s been 365 days of your togetherness. I hope you both are still crazy for each other like you used to be. Happy first anniversary, buddies!
  • Of all the love stories in the world, yours will be my favorite, my dearest friend. Happy first anniversary!
  • Wishing you a happy first anniversary, friend! May your love continue to grow and be this beautiful forever.
  • Big congratulations on your first anniversary! May your love be as pure and genuine as it is now!
  • You two are the epitome of true love. Happy first anniversary guys!

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends

Oh, now, look who just completed a decade with their spouse…Your friend, of course. And 10 years is a huge thing. Isn’t that right? Yes. So, below, we have a crazy list of “10th wedding anniversary wishes for a friend” that you must find apt. Let’s go ahead and read’em all:

10th wedding anniversary wishes for friends
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  • The love and commitment you both shared for these ten years together really inspires all of us. We are so, so proud of you two! Happy Anniversary to the best couple ever!
  • You both are the Rachel and Ross of our gang, and I am sure even they could celebrate a decade of their lives together, just like you are today. Happy Anniversary!
  • It’s been 10 years, and yet you both manage to share that love and commitment just like the newlyweds you both were once. Ahh! Glad to see you both in love so fresh. Happy Anniversary, fella!
  • Your marriage gives us hope, a belief that “happy ever after”s are not just those concluding sentences of fairy tales. Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary, you both!
  • An excellent companionship of 10 long years…Ahh! And many more to come. Lovely! Happy Anniversary, beautiful couple!
  • You both already completed a decade of your marriage, and it still feels like yesterday when you hit me up to say how much you loved this girl in college (now your wife). No words! Happy Anniversary!
  • To the most inspiring couple, I have ever met, happy, happy, happy anniversary! May you both live happily ever after!

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends

25 years of togetherness? Wow! Now that’s really something. From sharing happy moments and other milestones to traversing life’s very many unexpected ups and downs, they have done it all. So won’t you wanna do something special for them? Sure, you do. Start with these beautiful silver wedding anniversary wishes for friends we have listed below for you. They’ll love it! Trust me!

  • When Serius Blake says, “Always,” I can’t help thinking about you two. Ah! My heart melts knowing that it has been 25 long years of your companionship. Stay this way forever, beautiful people! A very joyous 25th Wedding Anniversary!
  • 25 years of togetherness, and I am sure you both are going really far together. Stay blessed, you both. Happy Anniversary!
  • You both proved that fairy tales do not exist just in those books but in the real world too. Wish you a joyful silver wedding anniversary, my best pal!
  • From awkwardly liking each other during childhood just like Julie Parker and Bryce Loski to coming a long way and sharing adorable kids as the Mondler did, you both have shown us the most accurate meaning of love and companionship. Happy 25 years of togetherness, lovely couple!
  • So happy to see you celebrate the silver jubilee of your companionship. Wishing you both a fun anniversary!
  • You both make the D-couple of our tribe. 25 long years of living together as a happily married couple is commendable! May you maintain this harmony forever. Happy Anniversary!
  • When people lose trust in love, I tell them about you. The unconditional love that you both have shared all these years gives them new hopes!

Wedding anniversaries are as important as marriages. They bring back fond memories of the D-day to the couple and the journey together thereafter. So, it is of utmost importance to celebrate these anniversaries with pomp and gaiety. And as a friend, you should leave no stone unturned in surprising the couple. So, now that you have a clear idea about how to write wedding anniversary wishes for a friend roll up your sleeves and get started. Show them how their marriage inspires you and makes you happy. After all, you were perhaps among the first people to know about their love lives and were probably the one who offered them a shoulder to cry on when they needed it. So, your wishes mean the world to them. So, now go on and send them your love through words. But do not forget to bring that champagne bottle and pop it open.

Wedding anniversary wishes capture the essence of the couple’s beautiful journey together. Celebrate their love story with these warm wishes on their special day. Click play now to check out the quotes and messages.

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