28 Samples Of Wedding Announcement Wording

Letting the world know you are getting married is an emotional affair. Make sure you get it right!

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You need wedding announcement wordings as perfect as the big day itself. Despite your desire to share your special day with everyone, you cannot invite everyone when you take your wedding vows. A wedding announcement can help you fill that gap. In addition, they are an attractive option for people who cannot attend your wedding or were not invited.

Personalized wedding announcements are a lovely way to let your loved ones know you have found your ‘one and only’. We have noted some important points you should review to ease your worries. We have compiled some samples of wedding announcement wording below to help you make the perfect wedding announcement. Before we get started, let’s go over everything you need to include and consider when you write it.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Before you announce your wedding to the world through social media, tell the people who are very close to you and your family.

How To Write A Wedding Announcement Wording

Wedding invitation layout
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When it comes to writing a wedding announcement, there is a basic structure that needs to be followed. There are certain rules of wedding etiquette to follow to make sure that the good news of your wedding is correctly shared with your friends and family. A wedding announcement card does not ideally have too many wedding details. Rather, it just needs to get the message across in a courteous manner. And here is a template that you can follow:

  1. The names of the hosts (usually the parents of the bride and the groom)
  2. The announcement
  3. The names of the couple
  4. The date and time
  5. The city where the wedding was held
  6. Reception information (location and time) (optional)
  7. If a wedding website has been set up, include the link.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Remember to include the time of the wedding reception if it is not immediately following your wedding ceremony.

Now, let’s look at a few samples of wedding announcement wording according to different situations.

28 Wedding Announcement Wording Examples

Formal Wedding Announcement Wording


Mr. and Mrs. David Smith
are delighted to
formally announce the union of our daughter,
Sarah Smith,
Mr. Michael Johnson.
in holy matrimony on the
tenth of July
Two thousand and twenty-three
at the St. Mary’s Cathedral in New York City.


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Jules Venetta
have the pleasure of announcing
the marriage of their children
Elizabeth Anne
Martin Jules
on the twelfth of February
Two thousand and twenty
at the Church of the Holy Trinity
Boston, Massachusetts


Brittany Peterson
Jeff Berringer
are pleased to announce
Their Marriage
Saturday, the Second of October
Two Thousand and Fourteen
Berkeley, California


Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gregory Boles
Have the honor of announcing
The marriage of their daughter
Jacqueline Ellen
To Mr. Joshua Louis Stiller
Saturday, the sixteenth of May
Two thousand and twenty
Ellicott City, Maryland


Olivia Rose Smith
John Michael Reyes
Together with their parents
Are pleased to announce their wedding
Saturday, the seventeenth of May
Two thousand and twenty
New York City, New York


Together with their families
Ms. Jane Brigante and Mr. Robert White
Are delighted to announce their wedding
That took place on
Saturday, the 10th of July
Church Richmond, Virginia

Informal Wedding Announcement Wording

Informal Wedding Announcement Wording
Image: Shutterstock


Mr. and Mrs. Thompson
Take immense joy in announcing
The union of their daughter
Emily to Alex
At the Garden Terrace, New York City
On the 12th of September, 2022


Mrs. & Mr. Charleston
Have the honor of announcing
The marriage of their son
Jake to Lily
At the Church of the Holy August, Boston
On the 24th of June, 2017


John and Eliza Smith
Request you to share in their joy
At the marriage of their son
Jack Alexander
Mason Jacob Kim
Scranton, Pennsylvania


Caroline and Andrew Boles
Have the pleasure of announcing
The marriage of their daughter
Joshua Stiller
Saturday, the sixteenth of May
Two thousand and twenty
Ellicott City, Maryland


We said Yes!
We’re over the moon
To announce that
Hannah Miller
Michael Garcia
Were married on August 12th
In a small ceremony along
The shores of Lake Michigan
Thank you for your love & support!


Please share in our joy
At the marriage of our daughter
Andrea Jane
Robert Holden
that took place on the 10th of July, 2020
at the Congregational Church
Richmond, Virginia

Casual Wedding Announcement Wording


We are thrilled to share
That we exchanged vows
On May 25th
In the enchanting city of Florence, Italy
Grateful beyond words for
The love and encouragement
That guided us to this unforgettable day!


John and Eliza Smith
Along with Mark and Sally Kim
Share with you the good news
Of the marriage of their children
Jack Alexander
And Mason Jacob
On Saturday, May 17, 2020


Caroline and Andrew Boles
Announce the marriage of their daughter
Jacqueline to Joshua
On Saturday, the 16th of May, 2020
Ellicott City, Maryland


We’re happy to announce
That we were married
On October 12th
In Montego Bay, Jamaica
Thank you so much for
Your love and support
That brought us to this day!


Jacqueline Boles and Jonathan Stiller
Announce their marriage on
Saturday, the sixteenth of May
Two thousand and twenty
Ellicott City, Maryland


Rachel & Zach
were happily wedded
on October 19th 2013
At the
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Wedding Announcement Wording For Uninvited Guests


With great joy, we announce that
we were married on
Saturday, June 4th
in Austin, Texas.
Our painfully small guest list
Meant there were many loved ones
we were not able to invite.
We deeply missed having you there,
but you were in our hearts.
We missed your presence!
We hope to see you soon!


In a private ceremony,
A new love was celebrated.
Jack Alexander
Mason Jacob
Tied the knot in the presence of their close circle.
We would love for your blessings and wishes!


We would have loved
To have you attend our wedding,
But we decided to host a small gathering
Just for immediate family.
But we hope that your blessings are with us!


Our venue has a strict capacity limit,
So we’re keeping the guest list limited
to our family and close friends.
We hope you understand and
Shower us with your love!


We said our vows amidst our families!
Bless us as we embark on our
New journey as a married couple,
Your love and support as
We begin our lives together
Will be a gift beyond measure.

Wedding Announcement With Reception Invitation Wording

Wedding reception invitation
Image: Shutterstock


Stephen and Andrea are tying the knot.
Eat, drink, and be merry!
Saturday, 14th September 2020
At 2 pm
At Stanhem House, Brighton
Don’t forget your dancing shoes!


Come for the cake,
Stay for the party!
Charles and Alexis
Invite you to their wedding reception.
Saturday, 14th September 2020
At 6 pm
At Stanhem House, Brighton
Dinner and dancing to follow!


Together with their families,
Charlotte and Alex
Invite you to join them for their wedding reception
On Saturday, 14th September 2020
At 7 pm
At Stanhem House, Brighton


Together with their parents
Eliza Ann and Christopher Baron
Invite you to celebrate their union
At a wedding reception following the ceremony.
Join us for hors d’oeuvres, drinks, dessert, and dancing
At Calamigos Ranch in Malibu
At 4 p.m. on April 15, 2018


We’re married!
Please join Dahlia and Roger for cocktails, dinner, and dancing
And help us celebrate the happy occasion!
On November 3, 2018
At Perch in Los Angeles

Despite living in a digital world, there are some wedding traditions that are worth holding on to. Wedding announcements are a great way to let someone know that you got married. Even though they were not invited to the wedding, a wedding announcement shows them that they are on your mind and you want to include them in your happiness.

Sparked by a friend’s anniversary, a blogger reflects on various wedding invitations in her blog post. She mentioned, “They were all so different. Some were more standard and elegant while others more creative and unique. It made me wonder about all of the other wedding invitations out there (i).” She showcases images of unique invitations and expresses enthusiasm for the creative aspects but suggests it might not be helpful for those less inclined toward geekiness.

Another blogger expresses pride in the design and assembly of their wedding cards. Describing each element, they detail the creative process. Despite encountering challenges in layout and wording discussions, the blogger feels their effort was worthwhile, “I think I made out pretty well, considering nice invites cost upwards of $2 nowadays. I think for a similar style it would have cost at least $5/invite (ii).”

Infographic: Wedding Announcement Wording Samples

Letting your family and close friends know that you have found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with is a big deal. Whether it’s a casual ‘Save The Date’ or a more intimate and elaborate announcement, you need to put a lot of thought into your wedding announcement. We’d like to help!

First, congratulations! Second, check out the infographic below for a few wording samples. You can use these as they are or add your own personal spin to them.

wedding announcement wording samples (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Planning a wedding involves numerous preparations at multiple levels. Besides the venue, decor, food, and attire, the wording of the wedding announcement sets the tone for the big day. It should be written in a way to make your friends and family feel a part of the joyous celebration. With the samples above, you can get a fair idea of how your special announcement should sound. Make it warm and endearing to make sure your friends, family, and relatives look forward to being a part of your big day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a wedding announcement and an invitation?

A wedding announcement is made to spread the news of the marriage ceremony. In contrast, a wedding invitation is sent to potential guests to request them to attend the wedding.

When should you announce your wedding?

You may announce the wedding a day after the ceremony. However, doing it within a month of the ceremony is also acceptable, especially when the wedded pair wishes to attach a wedding photograph.

Do people still make wedding announcements?

Yes, people still make wedding announcements even though it isn’t mandatory. They might do it to share the happy news, especially if they had a destination wedding with a limited number of guests.

Key Takeaways

  • Sending out wedding announcements is a thoughtful way to share your joy and excitement with those who could not attend the ceremony.
  • Personalized wedding announcements convey the joy of finding your soulmate and sharing the good news with loved ones near and far.
  • Stick to the basic wedding etiquette and structure when crafting your announcements to ensure they are polite and well-received.
  • Your announcement wording sets the tone for your wedding, allowing friends and family to feel connected and involved in the celebration.
wedding announcement wording

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

You can make your wedding invitation slightly different by making a beautiful video invitation! Watch this video to find out how to create it.

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