11 Best Wedding Color Combination Ideas For 2024

Stunning color combination ideas to help you plan a grand and extraordinary wedding.

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When the wedding begins to knock at the door, everybody around you and, of course, you, yourself begin to feel super excited about the D-day. But it is also true that wedding preparations can make you overwhelmed, especially when you have to decide on the wedding attire. From invitations and table settings to bridesmaid dresses, everything requires a color scheme and coordination that looks beautiful and follows the recent wedding trends.

Well, to make things easier for you, today, we have dedicated this article to wedding color combination ideas that will come in handy big time. Yes, it is crucial for you to have a clear understanding of the color palette so that you can pick your outfits easily and plan your makeup and jewelry effortlessly. Now without any further ado, let us go ahead and discuss the color combinations below. Come on!

protip_icon Ace The Look
  • Eye Makeup: With purple and yellow lehenga, you can go for shimmery or matte blue eyeshadow or glittery golden eyeshadow with green eyeliner for red lehenga.
  • Height: Petite women should go for light colors that pop to add an illusion of height, while tall women can go for a monochromatic look.
  • Body Type: Women with apple and inverted triangle body shapes can wear pastel colors to emphasize their waist.
  • Day Or Night Wedding: For a day wedding, opt for lighter shades of yellow, pink, blue, and green. If you have a night wedding, go for dark shades of green, red, and blue.

List Of Wedding Color Combinations To Choose From

1. Fuschia Pink Color Combination

A color that is all over the place right now. Pink does not always have to be girly. Pink up your wedding with a combination of fuchsia and gold – it is both cheerful and celebratory. Fuchsia makes for a unique yet interesting choice of color for a wedding dress. The groom can go for a traditional Indian dress in gold with a touch of pink or a suit with fuschia square pockets.

You could incorporate these colors for vintage wedding themes where the focus is on flowers. Do this for all the decor and highlight it wherever you can, but also make sure that it is tasteful and well-balanced. Paper lights, cupcakes, wedding cake, seating arrangements, decorations, etc., are all opportunities to incorporate the color palette.

2. Blue Color Combination

Image: candracakeid, shopzters/Instagram

What are weddings without something borrowed or something blue? Take it a little further and make everything blue. I mean, why not? From sky blue to teal, turquoise to aqua colors, this spectrum will never fail you. First, decide on the shade of blue you love the most and incorporate it into everything. Blue and white is a classic combo, so any way you use the color is awesome. Also, remember to sparkle up the decor wherever you can to break it up a bit. If you want to move away from the typical blue, white, and bling family, you could go for colors like rose gold, tan or even taupe for an outdoor affair and make it a beachy affair.

Angita, a blogger, recalls her personal experience of experimenting with various shades of blue and other hues for the wedding theme. She shares her obsession and her go-to choice for a peach-and-blue combination. After great contemplation, the couple settled for navy blue and white. She adds, “I loved how it was much simpler and classier than the previous color scheme. My brain went wild for I just couldn’t stop daydreaming about every little detail of our wedding in navy blue and white. The more I thought about it the more I loved it (i).”

3. Orange Color Combination

Warm, welcoming, and vibrant – just how weddings should be. Tangerine, orange, burnt orange or anything in that shade card screams wedding like no other. For traditional weddings, you could go all out with orange and touch it up with a gold shade to add a little glam. For a more contemporary destination wedding concept, break the stereotype with a combination of blue. This is a color combination that is catching up, and like wildfire, especially with the coming of age weddings. Rest assured you will end up with one breathtaking wedding album because some colors add a glow to your face and work to your advantage. You can incorporate this color combination into a million things – from the background, seating arrangement, and the altar to the centerpieces.

4. Purple Color Combination

Image: eventswedo, amitasphoto/Instagram

A hot favorite of a lot of couples. One, because it is easy to execute and the options are infinite, and two, because it sets the mood right effortlessly. Combine purple with tangerine, yellow or even try ombre if you want, and it will stand apart like no other. Purple cupcakes or wedding cakes are some of the best-looking cakes and an excellent way to blend the theme. An idea that easily fits in with your bridal wear too. And as far as flower arrangements and wedding bouquet are concerned, your choices are limitless.

5. Peach Color Combination

Take this romantic story of yours and combine it with a peach-colored wedding – nothing short of a fairytale. There is something about this color that changes it all to set the mood for a sweet, sophisticated, and an elegant affair. If you want to break the subtleness of the muted peach, throw in some red for good measure. Bold red and a graceful peach take it up a notch.

6. Red Color Combination

We are at an age where the urge to do unique things is at an all-time high. Yes, I agree there is nothing wrong with it; do whatever it takes to be ‘cool’! However, working with colors that have forever been associated with love, romance, weddings, and fairytales, and blending them with contemporary colors sounds much cooler to me. Red and gold, red and green, red and satin, red and lime, red and pink, and so on. I could sit here and go on forever, that’s how much you can do with red. Hang on! How about diminishing shades of red, like an ombre effect? It’s surreal, so I’ll leave you with that thought.

7. Gold Color Combination

A wedding color that works just as beautifully either as a standalone color or in a combination. And, talking about combinations, like they rightly say – sky is the limit. If you have ‘a big fat Indian wedding’ in mind, go for gold with no second thoughts. Borrow sheen and glow from this lavish, luxe, and gorgeous color. Go all out with gold – you can opt for a monotone pattern or switch gears with neighboring colors like pastel or pink. Or, turn it around completely by going bold and preppy.

8. Navy Blue Color Combination

Again, navy blue is synonymous with wedding colors. A navy blue suit goes greatr with a white dress. And, one that most couples have in their final list. But, how about navy blue and gold for a little edgy look, or navy blue and peach? Wait! Did you hear about the eclectic navy blue and fuchsia pink combination that is in vogue right now? For combinations like these, you could also swing a little and use accents of gold, silver or other colors for shine and sparkle.

9. Yellow Color Combination

And, my obsession with yellow and Coldplay is never ending. It screams festive fervor. If you are anything like me, you are already sold on the idea of having a yellow wedding. Yellow and red are traditional wedding colors that have a vibrant, bright, and beautiful aura to them. I mean, don’t we all want that? Decor that adds up to the pleasant demeanor. Yellow goes with most of the bold colors as well as the undertones. So, be my guest and make it a knockout with yellow.

10. Off-White And Pastel Color Combination

You know what they say – right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives you a fairytale. If you’re a bride-to-be and reading this, I’m sure you agree. And, how else will you translate it into the physical world but with colors and themes that mean fairytale? Pastels, ivories, off-whites, and the other undertones can depict whimsical weddings. Shades of off-white or ivory with hues of peach, pastel or golden make for a romantic theme. You always have a choice of adding edgy or neon colors based on your outfits, location, etc.

11. Mauve Color Combination

Image: Shutterstock

The pale gray, white and mauve combination has a different aura altogether. The warm and soft shade of mauve is perfect for a minimalistic fall or winter wedding. Being a versatile, dusky shade, it allows you a lot of room to choose as per your preference. Mauve and gray make for a unique combination with pink, white, and ivory spurts. This romantic muted shade looks great as the dress theme, table throws, and cake as well. Play with lighter and darker mauve shades to cut the monotony. This color palette is also ideal for a beachside or destination wedding. You can experiment with shades such as navy blue or sage green for a warm, laid-back style.

Summer Weddings Color Combination Ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Choosing colors for your wedding is a big part of the puzzle, like we already discussed. If you are not sure of how to begin, let nature be your guide. Start with the time of the year or season you are going to get married – let’s say you’re getting married in summer. Think of the seasonal flowers in your part of the world. That’s your cue. Now, start narrowing the colors down by mapping them with your favorite colors. Use the combinations we have just given and match them accordingly. Choose soft and soothing colors for outdoor summer weddings to compensate for the summer brightness or go with a mix of bold and delicate hues. There are no rules as long as your decor does not give your guests a headache and is not in their face!

protip_icon Quick Tip
Use green, white, and copper for your summer wedding to create a modern minimalist atmosphere. Depending on the precise decor you use, this trio is one of the most adaptable color combinations; it fits almost all styles.

Winter Weddings Color Combination Ideas

Winter wedding color combination idea
Image: Shutterstock

Yes, winter weddings are all about dreamy and whimsical. And, it’s a good idea to stick with this pattern and go with gold, blue, pastel or pink. Or, you could add some warmth with colors like red, fuchsia, tangerine, brown, golden or yellow. Remember that there is no yardstick measurement of the proportions of these colors. Don’t be rigid about a theme and sticking to it. Be fluid and open – it will all fall into place. Take hints from the venue; it usually gives you a jumpstart.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You may also get ideas from cozy barns and Christmas tree farms by keeping it basic with rustic neutrals like beige & ivory. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, try for some glitz and glam—copper, metallics!

How To Choose Wedding Colors According To Your Skin Tone

Wedding color based on skin tone
Image: Shutterstock

So, before we get into details, there is a basis for choosing colors according to your skin tone. There are warm and cool skin tones, and there are a lot of ways to determine this. But, the easiest way I found is by determining the color of your veins under your wrist. If they appear green, you are warm toned, and if they swing towards blue, you are cool toned. Simple and straight!

  • Wedding Color Ideas For Lighter Skin Tones

Sorbet, glossy, raspberry, and hot or just about any shade of pink will work like a charm. Other brighter colors are emerald or midnight blue, navy, royal or emerald blue, magenta or pomegranate, teal, turquoise or mint green. You have a lot of options as long as they are not overpowering.

What You Should Avoid – Try and keep away from colors that make you look washed out. While reds and oranges work as we spoke, do not let them be over-the-top either. They can be quite overwhelming.

  • Wedding Color Ideas For Wheatish Skin Tone

Go for colors that are on the brighter side of the spectrum. They should not be too flashy, but, at the same time, cannot be too pale either. Strike a balance here. Tangerines, coral, golden yellow, peach, glossy or hot pink, some shades of red or colors around this and that add an instant glow to your face and also complement your skin tone. Navy blue, royal blue, emerald, olive green, etc. are the other options that do just the same for you.

What You Should Avoid – Dull or muted colors like ash gray, taupe, beige, galaxy colors, and some shades of green might not be a very good idea.

  • Wedding Colors For Deep Skin Tone

For olive or deeper skin tones, pastels are your go-to colors. Your reaction may be, “But, that does not suit me?” Yes, I’ve heard that before, so you will have to trust me when I say this – go with mint, pastel, peachy pink or other warm tones – they make your face radiant. You can also go a little heavy with this palette and try burnt orange, coral, etc., and you will come back to thank us.

What You Should Avoid– Stay away from anything that is over-the-top and bold. Like a fierce red or anything in neon might not sit well with your skin tone.

Infographic: How To Pick Your Wedding Colors

We hope you must have gotten some inspiration for your wedding color combinations from the above list. However, if you are still feeling lost about how to finalize the color palette for your wedding, check out the infographic below. We have listed a few points you should consider while picking your colors. Keep scrolling!

how to pick your wedding colors (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

This article provides some breathtaking wedding color combinations ideas to make your dream wedding come true. From fuchsia pink color combinations to winter-wedding color combination ideas, we have it all. All you have to do is pick the one that reflects your vibe and resonates with your persona before getting started with your preparations. Make sure to convey your ideas without ambiguity or any scope for errors to the people concerned so that your imagination is brought to life. And yes, don’t forget to enjoy your heart’s desire!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the wedding colors have a meaning?

Colors symbolize and set the mood of any place – that’s why it becomes imperative to choose the right ones. Choose colors that define you as a couple, your shared interests, the location, time of the wedding, etc. It says a lot about you without saying anything. Take time out of your wedding planning and understand what each color represents. You don’t have to get into the science and psychology of colors, but being informed while making a decision makes a lot of difference to the vibe your wedding will give out.

Do the colors in your wedding cake mean anything?

Yes, like we just discussed, they mean something. And, the easiest way is to go with colors that match your theme. But again, do not be hell-bent on matching the wedding cake with everything else. As long as they are not completely random, and most importantly, if the cake tastes good, it’s all good!

Can I use fall colors in a summer wedding?

Yes! It is acceptable to use fall colors in a summer wedding to add to the vibrancy of the occasion. Go for orange, yellow, brown, or red.

Key Takeaways

  • Amp up your celebrations or exude a classy look with the right pairing of colors.
  • Pastel and monochromatic are some of the popular themes chosen every year for weddings.
  • The weather, wedding venue, and even your skin tone can be important factors to keep in mind while choosing an appropriate color combination.
  • For a welcoming and vibrant affair, choose orange and shades of it.
  • For a more muted and subtle tone that’s soft and romantic, mix it up with shades of peach with a hint of red.
wedding color combinations ideas

Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

Find the perfect color palette for your special day. Check out this video for the top 10 wedding color combinations!

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