Wedding Guest Book Alternatives For Your D-Day To Stand Out

Unique non-traditional guest book ideas to make your wedding more fun.

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Surely you just don’t wanna get out of that beautiful moment when you were united with your person in holy matrimony. And you also wanna hear those good wishes your folks said to you, congratulating you on your new journey. Some wedding guest book alternatives ideas will help. Usually, people place a wedding guest book on a card or gift table for the invitees to express warm wishes, but today, they opt for wedding guest book alternatives to add more uniqueness and oomph to the ceremony. And since this priceless book holds significant value, we are here with a roundup of unique ideas to try while you’re deciding on some unique wedding guest book alternatives. So without any delay, scroll down to find out what we have in store for you. Come on!

Best Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Let us make reliving your beautiful wedding moments much more enjoyable with the following alternative wedding guest book ideas. We are confident that these ideas will allow you to make your ceremony stand out in the crowd. So read on to find out some cool non-traditional guest book ideas!

Vinyl Records: Music people, are you? Then this one’s for ya. Grab those vinyl records of your favorite artists and take your guests on a trip to those grand old days. Place them on a guest book table with marker pens, and let your guests write beautiful notes for ya and sign them!

Vinyl Records as a wedding guest book alternative
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Polaroid Photographs: Polaroid photos are back in trend and really for obvious reasons. They are, oh, so cute. You can place them literally anywhere. So, have your guests click polaroid selfies and write cute, little notes for ya on those white borders in the photographs. This playful and modern guest book idea is perfect for adding a fun element and creating memories.

Caroline, a blogger, shares her experience of incorporating a polaroid camera with the guest book for her wedding. She writes, “My cute cousins, Natalie and Madeline, took pictures of guests and sent them towards the guestbook where they put their photo in and wrote a note (i).” She continues, “It was a fun way to remember the evening and I’m so happy we have it as a keepsake to look back from the evening.”

Wooden Slab: If you are into woodworking like Ron Swanson from the series “Parks And Recreation,” then you must show your love for it at your wedding and after too. Provide your guests with a nicely polished wooden slab and ask them to write their wishes on it. You can have rustic decor pieces to decorate your house with later when the wedding responsibilities are entirely handled. And you will know, this wood speaks of love!

Wooden slab as a wedding guest book alternative
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Fill That Shadow Box: Those cute shadow boxes used as guest book alternatives will not only store warm wishes from your folks, it will also be a decor piece for the ceremony. An easel adorned with greens, holding a shadow box containing beautiful messages……, this is way too beautiful. So, grab these along with some heart-shaped pieces of wood and ask your guests to write their sweet notes on them, sign their names there and let them slip those into the box.

How About Surfboards? If yours is a destination wedding in some tropical location, then this one’s undoubtedly for ya. Grab a surfboard and place it at the venue for your peeps to write their wishes on them and sign their name alongside. Once your wedding festivities are over, you can clear a little space in your hall for the surfboard to stand on it as a display. And this way, you will constantly be reminded of the beachy vibe you were blessed with at your wedding. Just Perfect!

Surfboard as a wedding guest book alternative
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Ask For Honeymoon Suggestions: For a change, let your people put in their honeymoon suggestions. Place a sign instructing them to share their suggestions, have some chits next to it, ask your guests to write their ideas on them, and sign them. Put a wooden bucket next to the papers for the people to put their chits in it. This way, you wouldn’t have to break your head to plan your honeymoon destination, and your guests will feel much value too.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You may also ask for ideas on what the couple can do in their first year of marriage. The result would be a glorious bucket list for the couple.

Fingerprints Fun: You got a unique keepsake here, buddy! You and your would-be should use your fingerprints to create a heart shape with a custom print. Display it at the wedding and ask your guests to write their wishes around the heart shape. Such a beautiful piece of art to display in the living room after the wedding!

Wooden Pieces Again: We can’t get enough of wooden decor ideas ever! They are classic, long-lasting, and give out that environmental-friendly vibe. Grab those wooden pieces carved into different cute shapes and place them at a table with a marker pen. Ask your guests to write their notes on them. Once the wedding is over, assemble those pieces and glue them to a signboard. Won’t this be the best rustic decor item to adorn your living room with?

Let The Oars Do The Magic: If you are all about the waters, this is perfect for you. Collect oars and paint them in the colors of your choice. One color for all is preferable. Place them at the venue with a marker and find out what your guests have to write on them.

Oar as a wedding guest book alternative
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Quilt Of Love: So offer square pieces of comfy fabric and fabric marker pens to your folks. They can write their wishes on them. After the wedding parties are over, you can sew those fabric pieces into a lovely quilt and literally enjoy the warmth of love with it. Use it as a display for your hall or your bedroom. You can hang them on the wall like a tapestry.

Baseballs: For sports enthusiasts, this one will top their list of creative guest book ideas. Attach those cute white baseballs atop wooden blocks and let your guests convey their messages by writing small notes on them.

Go Global: Met your partner in one of those adventurous trips? Have the super easy and super unique guest book alternative. Place a globe that is preferably colored in white or any other subtle color. See what your guests have to write on them.

Thumb Printed Tree: Draw a tree with branches in abundance. No, don’t draw the leaves yet. Put an ink pad next to the sketch where your guests will tap their fingers. Now they can place their fingerprints on those branches as leaves and write their messages on them like a guest book tree. You can frame this piece of art and add it to your home decor later when the wedding functions are over.

Jar Full Of Love: This one’s the cutest because jars are adorbs! If you too find these containers cute, then you execute this idea. Get those beautiful jars and some message cards too. Place them on a table at the wedding venue, let your guests write their messages on the cards, and put them into the jar. Isn’t this really a jar full of love now?

protip_icon Quick Tip
Instead of cards, you can also keep cute, little pebbles and ask your guests to write their wishes on them. You can then fill the jar with these pebbles.

Let Your Guitar Speak: Here is another music-themed alternative to standard wedding guest books. If you and your partner like to strum the six strings, or if music plays a crucial part in your love story, grab your guitar, which you wouldn’t mind keeping as a decor piece after the wedding is over and not play anymore. Give your guests some markers and let them write their wishes on the guitar.

Recipe For Never Ending Love: Congratulations apart, let your kith and kins guide you towards living a life full of immense love with your beloved forever. Ask them to write their thoughts on the recipe for that everlasting love story! This is definitely one of the best among those guest book ideas.

Wine Bottles For The Win: This idea is great if you both love the same wine. You can get a magnum-sized bottle of that favorite wine variety and ask the guests to write their wishes on the bottle with metallic markers. Ahh! What a fantastic piece for your house’s bar decoration, too, that screams positive wishes like no other! This will always make you smile whenever you reach for your bar to celebrate something special or just party too.

Post-It Notes: Why settle for a standard wedding guest book when you can opt for a playful and interactive experience on your wedding day by using Post-it notes? Set up a corner where your guests can jot down their heartfelt wishes and advice or sweet anecdotes on these vibrant paper pieces. It not only adds a fun element to your celebration but also creates a lively and colorful keepsake filled with love and personal touches from your nearest and dearest that you can revisit whenever you want.

Library Card Catalog: This can be a unique and nostalgic alternative by allowing you to build a library of love and wisdom from your loved ones. Your guests can jot down their messages on the cards and file them under different categories, like poetry, humor, etc. This will result in a cherished keepsake, filled with personal notes to revisit for years to come.

Also, ensure that the wedding guest book is displayed in the area with the highest traffic. To make sure it catches people’s attention, consider placing a guest book sign as well.

Wine bottle as a wedding guest book alternative
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So there you have it! Your fun wedding guest book alternatives for your dream wedding. We don’t want your guest book to stay put at some random corner in your house and collect dust, which is why we have acquainted you with the aforementioned personalized guest book alternatives. Now you don’t have to break your head scouring for unique ideas. So, then, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your wedding a memorable one and adore your guest books for the rest of your lives. And yes, let your guest book also bring out your personality better. Add your own flavor to these alternatives to traditional wedding guest books, let your interests reflect on these priceless books! Go on!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have a wedding guest book?

It is entirely up to you! Although not necessary, a wedding guest book is an adorable keepsake you may cherish long after the big day.

Do people still have wedding guest books?

Yes. People are using guest books more than ever, most likely due to the abundance of creative and unique guest book ideas. And everyone appreciates a souvenir with the blessings and messages from their near and dear ones.

What are some eco-friendly wedding guest book alternatives that prioritize sustainability and reduce waste?

Wine bottles with guest signatures, a tree-shaped template where guests can add their thumbprint and signature as leaves, an old but freshly painted surfboard on which the guests can write their names and messages for the couple, or a canvas with the couple’s initials and wedding date where guests can add their signatures or leave messages for the couple are all sustainable wedding guest book alternatives.

Can a wedding guest book alternative serve multiple functions, such as doubling as a wedding favor or table decoration?

Yes, some sustainable wedding guest book alternatives such as a wishing tree or a message-in-a-jar book can double as a wedding favor or table decoration.

Key Takeaways

  • If you are a music buff, you can use vinyl records as a wedding guest book alternative. You can also use polaroid photographs.
  • If you like wooden decorations, you can go with nicely polished wooden slabs or oars to write their wishes on it.
  • You can also use cute jars and message cards so that your guests can write thoughtful messages on them and put them into the jar.
  • Another alternative is to offer square pieces of fabric and fabric marker pens to your guests to write their wishes. Afterward, the pieces can be sewn into a beautiful quilt and used as a tapestry.

Capture precious memories of your special day with a personalized wedding guest book. Check out the video below to find inspiration for the perfect guest book to complement your unique style and budget.

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