Ideas & Examples For What To Write In Wedding Thank You Cards

Written by Sushmita Barman

Thank you cards have become fashionable in recent years, and as newlyweds, you will not want to miss the opportunity to surprise your loved ones. As your wedding ceremony is settled, now your mind must be blowing a gasket over what to write in wedding thank you cards. In this case, always remember that, in a wedding, the importance of small details can bring the best tales. Let your guests know that you’re very grateful to have them on your wedding day by sending wedding thank you cards, for these cards have in them special words of love that can emotionally fill a person with good feelings. And if you’re wondering what to write in wedding thank you cards, we shall rescue you. First, know that it is obvious that emotional blissfulness is just beyond words, but remember that you should take time out for these cards and send them within three months of your wedding. Before the stack of card ideas bumfuzzles you, let us help you with the sample wedding “thank you” cards.

What To Write In Wedding Thank you cards

While writing your wedding thank you cards, you and your spouse will have to take some great acknowledging content into consideration to make the day of your guests. Write something lovely for those who supported and witnessed you both on the best day of your lives. The words that you will choose should reflect you and your partner’s personality and harmonize with the rest of the ceremony. A standard wedding “thank you” message not only consists of great content but also includes amazing calligraphy, design, and high-quality paper. You can order these cards online and personalize them according to your needs.

But this is not all. You will still have to collect more items and ideas that will create the finest cards. Without further ado, let us help you with the content you need. Follow the tips given below while writing your “thank you” card:

  • Word Of Love: Share some words that will bring laughter to your guests’ faces. You can prepare special cards for the closer ones or design and write them differently for each guest. A word of love is nothing but writing how grateful you both were to see them at your wedding. Make your guests feel the wind that blows the smell of love and chocolates.
  • Appreciation: Show respect for their beautiful presence at your wedding and value their patience and coordination to complete the wedding successfully. Make them feel that you both are grateful for what they have done to bring the lights like diamonds to your wedding.
  • Use Of Their Gift: Mention a special thanks for their valuable and thoughtful presents. Tell them how overwhelmed you both were by their gifts. This is to make them realize that they have done a great job by buying the most useful things as wedding gifts.
  • Greetings: Mention that their kind and warm words reflected your mood and atmosphere of the wedding. Also, thank them for bringing a great vibe and energy to the celebration. Let them know that their smile is like a gift that you and your partner will treasure forever.
  • Something About Your New Life: Share with them how you are doing and tell them that you both discuss the special day during the evening tea time. Lastly, please mention that you both will be forever grateful for their blissful presence.

Wedding “Thank You” Card Wording Examples

While giving life to the lines of gratitude, your brain must be coming across a series of ideas. In thank you cards, not only do the words matter, but also the sense of emotional touch is significantly required. “Thank you” wedding cards are the finale of a wedding ceremony; therefore, taking care of the words and decorations are very important. As thank you cards are the reflection of your big day, here are some sample wedding “thank you” notes that you can pick while writing.

  • Thank you for arriving at our wedding ceremony to share a special day. You have contributed to making two lovebirds into one. We will forever appreciate your support, wishes, and thoughtful gifts.
  • We are delighted and grateful for your blessings and gifts at our wedding ceremony. Your smile and laughter created a wholesome atmosphere on our wedding day.
  • Your kindness and generosity will be forever in our hearts. Thank you for your great presence.
  • The joy we felt on our wedding day was much more amazing with your support and love. We hope to keep seeing you on every special occasion.
  • A simple word of thanks may not be enough but let us show you our heartfelt gratitude with this note. We couldn’t have successfully completed the wedding without you.
  • Thank you for gifting the tour package gift card; it was so wonderful to receive it, and the trip went terrific! Thank you for your kindness and love.
  • The day was remarkable with great food, drinks, and definitely, it was delightful because you joined us on our big day. Thank you!
  • Thank you for letting us share our happiness with you; this joy can’t be described in just words. Please accept this card as a token of love for our great union.
  • This grand celebration couldn’t have been the same without you. We’ll forever appreciate the love and support you showed us on our big day. Thank you! Wishing you a great life.
  • We both are blessed to be surrounded by people with great hearts like you. Our wedding wouldn’t have been this memorable without your laughter and joy. Thanks a ton!
  • Thank you for your gorgeous smile and words of love; our wedding evening wouldn’t have been this eminent without your company.

When To Write Wedding “Thank You” Notes

Write the perfect wedding thank you note


After planning on what to write in wedding thank you cards, your head must be jumbled up with the timing and target date to send all the cards. Every guest hopes for a “thank you” note within one month or two. But don’t worry, a month of extension, that is, three months after the wedding, can be the maximum finishing time that you must follow. A short and sweet wedding card is much more appreciable than writing paragraphs of thank yous; it’s the most concise word with thousands of meanings that matters. So, please don’t spend time planning to write an essay or procrastinating because you think it will take you a lot of time and energy to finish. Either you write it differently for everyone or the same for all guests, in both ways you and your partner have to write what is inside your heart. Therefore, once you both settle down and start to get adapted to your new life, you can start looking for some sample cards. For more detail, here are some tips that you can follow to shortlist every “thank you” card:

Take your main guest list and add a column for gifts. This way, you’ll know who gifted you what. At times you might want to send the special card to the one who gave you something that became your favorite of all. Although, on an honest note, it never really matters. You can also make the guest list, and accordingly, you and your partner can start writing the wedding “thank you” messages after dinner or during the wedding. Dividing the work will allow you both to be more thoughtful.

How To Make Wedding Thank you cards Look Aesthetically Pleasing?

This last idea will blow your mind because it’s about the personal aesthetic and creativity of you and your partner. There are many platforms to search for wedding “thank you” card templates, but for your closing ceremony, you wouldn’t want to rely on something that is already going gaga over the internet. Take these tips for aesthetically pleasing designs because sometimes, even the beauty of a book cover matters.

  • Flowers: Mostly pastel and sage green will show the ultimate subtle beauty. Rocking colors can also be used. Basically, show whatever your personality is.
  • Golden Touch: This will brighten up the card and work as a highlight.
  • Your Happy Picture: A candid shot or the entire group picture with guests. This way, your “thank you” card will be preserved by your guests forever.
  • Elegant Font With Amazing Backdrop: Choose colors or designs for the card that will match your font.

Wedding thank you cards are a great way of thanking your guests for their valuable presence on your wedding day. But many are confused about what to write on a wedding “thank you” card. For example, you can write a word of love or appreciation, mention special thanks for their gift, or mention something about your new life. You can send your wedding thank you cards within a month or two by planning with your spouse. You can also make these cards aesthetically pleasing by adding flowers or pictures.

Key Takeaways

  • You can use beautiful calligraphy, designs, and paper of the supreme quality to prepare the wedding thank you cards.
  • Let your wedding thank you cards express how you like the recipients’ gifts.
  • You can brief the recipient on how your new married life is doing on these cards.

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