Wedding Toast: Tips, Speech Ideas, How To Write, & How To End

Written by Sushmita Barman

A wedding toast is often short and sweet. It involves a few anecdotes and wishes for the couple from a friend or family member who represents them the best and is the closest to their relationship. It can, however, be a nerve-wracking experience to put together as it contributes to one of the most memorable days in a couple’s life. It is important to go above and beyond to give your best friend the most memorable toast. A good toast is delivered with a lot of love, warmth, and genuine sentiment. So, do strike the right balance between being fun and light but also meaningful and emotional.

We have put together a few ideas to ease the process for those confused about how to give a toast at a wedding.

Tips On How To Propose A Toast At A Wedding Ceremony

Below are a few tips guaranteed to make your toast a hit include the following:

  • Introduction: It is essential to let the audience know who you are and the part you play in the couple’s life before delving into your toast to get the audience’s attention. Keep it brief and simple, and super catchy to get everyone’s attention focused on you before you get into the actual toast.
  • Congratulations: Represent the collective wishes of everyone gathered for the day to share in the couple’s happiness by congratulating them on behalf of all their friends, family, and well-wishers. Further in this article, we have included some quotes and ideas that you can use too.
  • Personalize: Once you establish your relationship with the couple and wish them on behalf of everyone gathered, it’s time to get up close and personal. Share an intimate story that’ll help the audience relate to the couple, with consent, of course. You don’t want to reveal your friends’ secrets on their wedding day. Poking fun at the couple should be done cautiously.
  • Be Inclusive: It is mostly possible for you to be friends only with either the bride or the groom and not both but ensure that you give both of them equal attention in your toast. It is crucial to address both halves of the couple. If you do not have enough information about your friends’ partner, recall instances of when your friend has mentioned them, like their first meeting, for example.
  • Be Relatable: Remember that weddings often include large, mixed crowds, and your inside jokes and first-hand experiences with your friend may fall flat with the larger audience. Remember that it is a toast and not a roast. Pick out those stories and anecdotes that will work for a diverse audience and have something for everyone. Always make sure to keep the matter relevant to the occasion.

Who Gives A Toast At Weddings?

Traditionally it is the best man who kicks off the evening by acting as the primary soul of the ceremony and starting off with the toast raising speech for wedding. He is also responsible for ensuring the order and passing the mic on to the right person to keep things going in order. He is usually the best friend or the sibling of the groom or a very close family. Since these toasts seldom go well when they are impromptu, it is important to establish the order and time parameters well in advance and follow it to perfection. It is also essential to have a parental figure give a speech.

Types Of Toast Delivered At Weddings

While the number of people delivering toasts is entirely up to a couple’s preference, the below are traditionally followed.

  • Toast from the best man to the bride
  • Toast from the maid/matron of honor to the groom
  • Toast from the father of the bride to the couple
  • Toast from the couple to each other
  • Toast from the couple to their guests

Wedding toasts can be funny, sentimental, or traditional based on the dynamic of the couple’s relationship and the equation shared by the person delivering the toast for them.

What Does The Couple Do During The Toasts?

The couple should first be invited onto the stage or central point of the venue. The choice of drink for the toast, which is traditionally wine or champagne, is distributed to the guests and the couple. The couple takes center stage, and the person delivering the toast stands on the side, well within visibility but not drawing too much attention away from the couple. The ones delivering the toast should angle themselves slightly towards the couple and make eye contact when they call out their individual qualities to add a personal touch to the speech.

Toast Speech Ideas For Weddings

Here are some fun ideas to express your heartfelt wishes for the couple if you feel tongue-tied. Use these wedding toast examples as starters before you get into your personalized message, or use them to wrap your speech up with a bang.

  • May your love keep each other warm on the coldest days.
  • May your love constantly evolve to match modern times but stay steadfast and age like old wine, getting better with time.
  • May your marriage be as awesome as (name of the bride and the groom) are looking today!
  • Wishing you both health and wealth all the time in the world to enjoy them with each other.
  • May your marriage be poor in sorrow and rich in blessings. Through dark days and bright, may you hold each other tight.
  • May you always be faithful and true to each other as you have been so far, the bond only strengthening with the promise you have entered into today.
  • Don’t forget to fall in love every single day but ensure it is with the same person.

How To Write A Wedding Toast?

While writing a toast for weddings, one of the basics to keep in mind is to greet the crowd with a cheerful good morning/afternoon or evening followed by a brief introduction of yourself. In terms of sequence, talk about a few of your best memories of the bride and groom and then move on to specific traits that make the couple perfect for each other. Pause when there’s applause, and make sure to nod in the couple’s direction when you speak specifically of them. Editing and rehearsing are vital in getting these nuances right; however, you must remember to keep it organic and let emotions flow freely. Surprise the couple with the contents of your speech to get their authentic first reactions. It, however, won’t hurt to give them a brief in case they would like to add certain things; after all, it’s their big day, and everyone else is only playing a part. Not every couple wants a traditional toast, so it is also important to check in on the couple’s theme for the evening before deciding on the tone of your toast whether, light-hearted, classic, or short, simple and sweet.

How To End A Toast At A Wedding?

The ending of the toast should summarize everything the wedding stands for, particularly if there is a theme. It is also essential to add wishes for the couple’s future, such as wishing them good health and happiness in their new life together in your wedding toast closing line. The speaker asks everyone to raise their glasses to toast the couple.

The toast is given before the couples first dance as husband and wife, so the best man invites them to the dance floor as soon as the toasts are made.

While your toast can run the gamut from being entertaining and lighthearted to being an emotional tearjerker, the best wedding speeches are the ones that come from the heart, and nothing can make up for the lived experience with the couple that you can share through little stories. It is the ultimate way to pay tribute to a couple’s love. So, learn how to make a toast at a wedding from our aforementioned tips and examples and bring joy to the day!

Being asked to give the wedding toast is an honor and a big responsibility. While you can always draft a toast that is a good mix of entertainment, light-heartedness, and tear-jerking emotions, the best wedding speeches are the ones that come from the heart. Nothing can make up for your lived experiences with the couple that you can share through little anecdotes in your speech. It is best to pay tribute to a newly-wed couple’s love as a close well-wisher. So, use the tips mentioned above to make a toast at a wedding and bring more joy to the day!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the champagne toast made at a wedding?

A champagne toast is typical for a formal wedding and is made as soon as all the guests have been seated in their assigned seats at smaller weddings and when guests have gathered by the stage/around the couple in the case of larger weddings. It is delivered only once all attendees have a glass of champagne to raise to the couple.

What is the purpose of a toast at a wedding?

The purpose of a toast is to drink to a couple’s long-lived health and happiness. They also unify the wedding party and appreciate the essence of a couple’s relationship as every couple is unique in their own way.

Key Takeaways

  • There is nothing sweet or more memorable than the wedding toast, where you drink to the couple’s long life and happiness.
  • The best toasts are based on a spirit of love, warmth, and sincerity and filled with heartfelt anecdotes and tear-jerking moments.
  • Whether your speech is lighthearted, entertaining, or emotional, the most memorable speeches come from the heart.
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