Wedding Vows For Him: The Declaration Of Love And Commitment

Written by Sushmita Barman

Preparation for your wedding is all set with flowers, lighting, foods, outfits, and music, and more, for your big day is knocking on the door. Now, all you have to do is to prepare your wedding vows for him. Well, that moment of exchanging vows is one of the strongest moments of a wedding ceremony and also the one most feared by lovers because messing it up is not an option (only if you can make it funny somehow, you’ll be fine). Wedding vows are an opportunity to express feelings, to stand as a manifesto of love between the couple in the new stage of their life. This is why they should be written with care. While writing vows for him, as a bride, you will ask specific questions to yourself, wondering how to write some of the unique vows for your husband-to-be and the like. I know the pressure’s mounting already. Don’t worry. We’ve prepared some tips and examples for the same that will help you. Read below and find them.

How To Write Wedding Vows For Him?

Let me tell you, your inner questions for the best wedding vows ever for him are actually leading you on the proper path, and this may indeed give you some ideas for preparing your speech. Here are a few tips that can help you in writing your wedding vows.

Think about your love story: While writing the sweetest vows for him, do not hesitate to pick out the questions. This will allow you to think about your story, your meeting, the love you have for your other half, what appeals to you about him, why you decided to get married, and more.

Keep it simple and sincere: You don’t have to give a 30-minute speech flaunting or exaggerating every detail of your life. Keep it simple! A genuine “I love you” will be worth much more than an unnatural and forced speech.

Best Wedding Vows For Him Examples

So, given that it has already been established that the wedding vows are a fundamental part of the wedding ceremony, we urge you to check this list of wedding vows that you can use according to your feelings and emotions. Go on!

Vows For Him: Fabulously Fun

It’s true that the tone of wedding vows is often serious. But nothing prevents the bride from adding a touch of humor to her speeches, especially if it reflects her personality.

Here are a few examples you can use to start your speech and grab the attention of your relatives and friends who are busy sipping the wine! Yes, these below ones are the funny ones because you so want laughter at your wedding!

  • To marry is to find two solutions to problems that you would never have had alone.
  • A single person might be as dumb as a married man. But he hears it repeated less often during the day by a wife.
  • The secret to happiness in love is not to be blind but to know how to close your eyes when you have to.
  • A mother is a lady who sends her lovely daughter to marry a pure yet horrible monster so that they together make the most beautiful children in the world.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, today I want you all to know that I’ll love this man until he gets on my nerves.

Marriage Vows For Him: Heartfelt Words

  • From the first day of our meeting, I knew you were unique, I knew I wanted to understand you better, and I knew my feelings were shaken.
  • From the first day that love appeared to me, I knew I wanted to spend my life with you, and I knew I wanted to tell you everything about me; I knew I was going to start to blossom.
  • I knew that we were exceptional as a couple; I knew my body and my soul were on fire forever.
  • The moment I realized our love and affection, I just realized that I wanted our love to last forever.
  • If we hadn’t met, I would always seek happiness, and I would still think that love is only a mirage.
  • I want to thank you for the day when we met.

Wedding Vows For Him: Traditional Tones

Traditional vows are very classic, easy, and as close to foolproof as possible. Read on to find some of them:

  • You are my life partner and my reason for living. I will always cherish this union, and I will love you even more every single day. I will always trust you, I will respect you, I will laugh along with you, and I will even shed tears with you. I will love you faithfully no matter what obstacles we encounter in our lifetime.
  • I promise to understand that sometimes your views may differ from mine, but I promise to stay by your side and share everything in your life.
  • With kindness, honesty, and trust, I will work alongside you to create a wonderful life together.
  • I will never let you down in difficult times. I promise to cherish you, to respect you, to take care of you, as well as to protect you. I’ll be with you everywhere for eternity.
  • I give myself entirely to you. I will help you all the time, especially when you are sad or discouraged, and I will come to you when I feel the need for a guide.

Best Wedding Vows Ever Heard For Him: Romantic Route

There are moments that taste like forever. This is particularly the case with marriages. Below are some romantic vows that you should definitely read:

  • You are the best thing in my life, and I promise to accompany you in difficult times and grow together every day of our lives.
  • I will love you at all times when we are together or even apart, and that is why I promise that I will do everything possible to build a home full of honesty and sincerity.
  • I take you as my spouse, and I choose you as my life partner, my friend, and confidante in good times, knowing that I am your perfect complement.
  • With these words and all the others that I keep in my heart, I offer myself to you as a companion of adventures and to make you happy for the rest of our lives.
  • You, [Your partner’s name], are the person I want to walk with all my life, in the sun and in the rain, between the shadows and the light, forever and ever.
  • I, [Your name], promise to be by your side, enjoying your joys and supporting you in moments of sadness, growing together, and being happy forever.
  • I promise to respect you, love you, and honor you for the rest of my days.

Wedding Vows For Him That Make You Cry

Wedding Vows For Him That Make You Cry


Marriage is the ultimate romantic day. We cry with the joy of loving someone so much that we promise to be with them for the rest of life. To say words that give all those happy tears, read the vows mentioned below:

  • “Love is not an emotion, but an impulse, a need, my need to be by your side.”
  • “May the tears that are rolling down my eyes right now be the aspect of blessings.”
  • “You are my life partner, my other half; without you, I am nothing…”
  • “I accept the commitment to be everything you have dreamt of all your life, and that means staying by your side for the rest of my existence.”
  • “I promise to accompany you to live thousands of adventures and try to make us happy each day for the rest of our lives.”
  • “Knowing that I will remain by your side from now on is a commitment that makes me feel delighted, so I accept it without fear and with gratitude.”

So, my dear people, especially the ones who are soon to be tying that auspicious knot, I hope that by now you have been able to acquaint yourself with some really catchy vows that you can use at your wedding. Of course, this article is only to assist you in your task; you are free to add your personal touch to those beautiful words. Save the vows for the end of the ceremony and let it be the climax of so much emotion. Oh, and, yes, play some soothing music in the background, and keep the volume low for a better impact. The important thing is the words: express yourself as you are. Let them come out of you, natural and sincere. So, go ahead, get inspired by the aforementioned tips and examples, and rewrite according to the preferences of lovers.

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