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3 Weight Loss Belts You Should Know About

3 Weight Loss Belts You Should Know About October 25, 2017

Stress, hectic lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits are the main reasons behind sudden or prolonged weight gain. With less time to exercise and lack of open spaces, physical activities are more and more restricted. This too leads to weight gain. However, with the progress of technology, losing weight and getting a well-toned, fit and healthy body can be as easy as wearing a belt.

Slimming belts are no-exercise belts which help to reduce weight by wearing it around the abdominal region. A lot of research has gone behind developing this gadget that can be used by those who don’t have enough time for proper workouts. You can easily carry on with your day to day activities while wearing this belt for weight loss.

There are two underlining theories of weight loss based on which these belts are designed. The first way is by stimulating the muscles around the waist through vibrations and micro impulses. These in turn cause contraction and relaxation of muscles that are equivalent to doing sit ups and crunches. The second way is by warming up the area around the waist which causes the heat to melt the fat around the region. Apart from this there are other benefits of Slimming belts. They can act like corsets which compress the stomach and make one appear thinner. Due to this compression, one tends to feel satiated more easily, thereby curbing the appetite. They also improve the body posture and relive back ache, as one tends to sit upright and straight after wearing this belt. Following a healthy diet and appropriate lifestyle along with wearing this belt regularly can promote quicker, sustainable and healthier weight reduction. Utmost care is taken that the electrical wirings and the material used are of good quality so that the person wearing doesn’t suffer any shock. One must also wear these weight loss belts as per the doctor’s advice. Those who have any medical condition or have had so in the past should consult with their physician.

Weight Loss Belts:

Here are a few slimming belts that have proven to be effective:

1. Sauna Belt:

It is a belt that is worn around the abdomen and has a warming sauna like effect on the tummy. It helps to shed off the extra pounds effectively. This cumber band’s look-alike works by warming up the abdominal region with the help of electrical batteries. They are made of fabrics within which the heating mechanism is embedded. The rise in temperature around the midsection of the body heightens the metabolism and prompts the body to burn fats and calories. Sauna belt also helps to reduce the excess water stored in the abdominal area, which is responsible for increase in body weight. Sauna belts also aid to strengthen and fortify the core abdominal muscles, helping the midsection of the body to appear leaner and toned. Thus these belts promote weight loss and help to get rid of unwanted flab without physical exercise.

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2. EMS Belt:

EMS belt or Electrical Machine Stimulation belt is an electrical slimming gear which renders the benefits of a rigorous workout session at the gym. This belt is battery powered like the sauna belt. But it does not create the slimming effect by warming the abdominal region. Instead, it generates electrical impulses or micro stimulations that stimulate the muscles and tighten or loosen them effectively. These stimulations render the effect of a core abs workout by generating muscular spasms like ones produced by exercising. The intensity and speed of these stimulations can be adjusted according to one’s choice and endurance level. This slimming treatment helps to create stronger and toned abdominal muscles, thereby helping one lose weight effectively.

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3. Magnetic Belt:

The concept of using magnets for weight loss has been long acknowledged. Magnets and gems are known to improve blood flow and cell respiration. This further promotes rapid disintegration of fats to improve metabolism and causes weight reduction. This magnetic belt for weight loss also renders core massage benefits to the body which helps relieve pain, stress and tension of muscles. It also leads to sweating and reduction of water retention in the body thereby causing a fall in body weight.

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While these slimming belts are easy to use and render good results, regular physical exercise and outdoor activities, combined with healthy eating habits, is the most natural and safest way to lose weight. Do tell us your thoughts on the above weight loss belts and let us know if you have tried them.

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