What Causes Cracked Heels?

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As a saying goes, a man is judged by his shoes and a woman by her feet!

Poems have been written in the history about the beauty of a woman’s feet. Also, there are amazing paintings depicting female feet. Apart from all these acclaims, there are so many advertisements which boast about beautiful feet. However, having heels in the perfect condition is a time-consuming task.  Regular work and busy schedules may put you off from taking break and concentrating on your feet.

Cracked Heels Causes

The causes of crack in foot heels may may be due to several reasons. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Prolonged standing can lead to hardening of the skin on feet, which may later crack up. The only way to avoid such conditions is by wearing cushioned footwear. Also take frequent breaks by moving around while standing for a long time.

2. Hard floors may also cause cracks in your feet. Constant pressure on the skin may aggravate the problem. In the long run, the bone of the heel outgrows, which leads to severe pain.

3. Obesity, along with prolonged standing may lead to increased pressure on your feet.

4. Constantly wearing the same kind of footwear, especially flat ones can cause cracks. The exposed portion of your feet can also lead to cracked heels.

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5. Continuous exposure to water leads to cracked heels. This is mostly an occupational hazard.

6. The skin on the heels thickens with age and may crack-up with time. With increasing age, your skin tends to lose its elasticity and moisture.

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7. Too many hot showers have the same effect on your heels as they remainder of your skin. Avoid using steaming hot water even during pedicures. Washing your feet twice a day and drying the skin dry towel after each wash helps to keep the heels protected.

8. Medical conditions such as vitamin deficiency, diabetes, thyroid conditions and psoriasis can cause cracked heel.

9. Avoid using harsh soaps on your heels. It strips the moisture out from the skin!

10. Too much scrubbing can lead the removal of too many layers off your skin which results in excessive dryness and cracks.

11. But one of the most important of causes is the lack of hydration. Drinks a lot of hydration.

Tips to make feet attractive:

• Regular pedicures: Pedicures help in getting rid of dead skin at regular intervals. Regular pedicure helps to maintain the feet in a good condition.

• External moisture: Before going to bed wash your feet, towel dry, and apply a foot cream. Foot creams are designed to deeply nourish the hard skin on the feet. You can see the wonders in a week.

• Change your footwear frequently.

• If your job requires long-standing, don’t forget to wear comfortable footwear.

• If you are suffering from a medical condition, consult your Physician.

These are some of the most important things to remember when it comes to care for heels. Hope you tried the above tips. Do leave a comment and share with us you what worked for you.

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