9 Common Dreams About Crushes And What They Really Mean

Get to know what your subconscious mind commonly tells you about your love interest.

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Your dreams about your crush could be a signal from your inner self. “Dreams are powerful portals into our subconscious mind,” says Courtney Boyer, a certified life coach and sexuality educator. She further explains, “Analyzing your dreams can be fun and informative if you approach them with an open mind. Dreams are a tool that allows you to see into your subconscious and bring attention to thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that may or may not be serving you”.

Renowned psychoanalysis researcher Sigmund Freud believed dreams are nothing but real meanings manifested via sleepy thoughts. He believed that one could translate dreams to understand a person. According to Sigmund Freud, dreams are a ‘wish fulfillment.’ It means a person dreams about what he couldn’t fulfill in his real life.

Boyers adds, “When a love interest or crush shows up in our dream, it is likely because we have been spending a lot of our time (and mental energy) thinking about them. Our brain likes to play this out and, what safer place to do this than when the conscious mind is offline”.

So, if you’re still wondering, “What does it mean when you dream about your crush?”, you’re at the right place.

In this article, we will help you understand whether it is normal to dream about your crush or not. Does it mean something? Are you searching for possibilities subconsciously? Or is your mind just dreaming about what you are thinking? Continue reading to know the answers.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Keep a dream journal and record your dreams in detail as soon as you wake up. This is a helpful practice if you want to understand the dreams about your crushes, as even the tiniest of details in dreams can have significant meanings.

Why Do I Dream About My Crush?

Why do I dream about my crush
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Why one dreams about their crush may have several answers. The most common answer is they see what goes on in their mind. If you are thinking of your crush from the moment you wake up until you sleep, you may unconsciously manifest them into your dreams.

Cynthia Halow, a psychologist and personality expert, says, “Dreaming about your crush is a perfectly normal thing especially when you’re young and think about them a lot. When you think about something a lot, it is only natural for you to dream about it especially when you think about it before sleeping. Your mind is simply healthy and exploring possibilities.”

She also adds, “We tend to dream of things that make us happy, which is a way for our minds to help us fulfill our desires. If it’s a negative dream, it may mean that you are concerned about your crush and means nothing in real life.”

Many would tell that if you dream of your crush, it means they are dreaming of you. While our romantic hearts would love that to be true, it is, unfortunately, a myth. Dreams are a cognitive process, and as the brain never falls asleep, it manifests our desires, wants, and anything that may have made an impression on us.

Some attribute their dreams to meaning, while others do not believe they hold anything of depth. So, whether you are an astute believer of dreams or browsing out of curiosity because you have dreamt of your crush lately and want to know if it is a sign to take action, here are the 10 common types of dreams about your crushes. Read on.

9 Common Types Of Dreams About Your Crush

Common types of dreams about your crush
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1. Dreams About An Old Crush

The most common reason for dreaming of an old crush is that you have not gotten over your feelings for them. They still take up a chunk of your romantic thoughts. Another reason for such dreams can be your yearning, longing, or loneliness – this is most common for people who are single and looking for relationships. However, if you happen to be in a relationship but are still dreaming of an old crush, this may be a sign that you are not contented in your relationship. You may feel like something is lacking or are subconsciously unhappy in your current relationship.

According to Nadia’s personal musings on her blog, “The dreams in which he appears are warm and fuzzy because they represent everything that was good about my childhood. In so many ways, those dreams represent the little Nadia who still resides inside of me. I’m a very happily married woman. I am truly in love with my husband. But I also love that I have managed to hold onto my second-grade self after all these years (i).” She articulates how her dreams about an old crush have brought back the fond memories and innocence of her childhood.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Analyze what you saw in the dream and reflect on where you are in your current relationship. This may help you exactly identify what is making you feel dissatisfied and find ways to communicate or resolve the issue.

2. Dreams About Arguing With Your Crush

When you dream that you and your crush are arguing, you may be trying to end your crush on the person. If you have decided to stop liking your crush, your brain is letting you know about this through dreams. So, dreams about fighting with your crush may mean that you are ready to end your unrequited love or have already stopped liking them.

3. Dreams About Your Celebrity Crush

Dreams about your celebrity crush
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Celebrities whom we crush on are someone we admire, aspire to be, or find relatable. When you dream about your celebrity crush, it may mean you are extremely motivated to accomplish the goals you have set to become like them, achieve what they have, and acquire the star platform. Another common interpretation of this dream is that you want to surround yourself with people who share the qualities of your celebrity crush, be it friends, romantic partners, or workplace acquaintances.

4. Dreams About Your Crush Ignoring You

While this is a sad one, it is another common dream that may star your crush. If you dream about your crush ignoring you, it may mean quite a few things. It indicates that you have started to ignore yourself lately or not giving yourself the attention you deserve, which is manifesting in the form of a person you like ignoring you.

If there is a specific reason your crush ignored you in the dream, you may be thinking about that reason lately as something you lack. In simpler words, if your crush is ignoring you in dreams, it may just be you manifesting those scenarios unconsciously.

5. Dreams About The Death Of Your Crush

This is something you’d think is a definite bad dream or even put under the section of nightmares. But it doesn’t have to be all bad. Dreaming of the death of a person you know means you are ejecting the residual feelings for them. If you dream about your crush dying, it shows that you have stopped liking that person and put your feelings to rest.

6. Dreams That Your Crush Likes You Back

Dreams that your crush likes you back
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If you dream of your crush liking you back, we wish it a joyous and happy morning for you! A dream where the person you like likes you back holds a very strong meaning. It is a clear sign that you are confident about and love yourself. Your ability to trust and love yourself, self-esteem, and self-confidence are at the optimal level. This dream is all about showcasing your good side – something bound to wake you up happy.

7. Dreams That You Have A Crush On A Stranger

Dreaming that your crush is someone you do not know or is a stranger can mean that you are ready for a relationship. However, if you are committed but still have such dreams, it indicates you are unsatisfied and subconsciously wish to break up. Another interpretation of this dream is that you wish to meet new people and grow your connections.

8. Dreams That Someone Has A Crush On You

When you dream that someone has a crush on you, it has two meanings. The first is you are the one who has a crush on them in real life but has not yet realized. It is your brain’s subconscious way of letting you know that you have a crush on the person who had a crush on you in your dream. Another interpretation of the dream is you don’t know the person who had a crush on you, but they secretly like your qualities and specific attributes, which you are proud of. It means your positive traits are deemed as amazing by yourself as those around you.

9. Dreams About Having A Crush On Someone You Do Not Like

A woman troubled about the nightmare she woke up to
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This annoying dream can wake you up untimely and make you a grizzly bear. It may leave your mood all rotten for the day. But this dream doesn’t necessarily mean that you like them subconsciously. So, take a deep breath and calm yourself down. This dream means you like certain attributes about this person and cannot help but admire them. You have a grudging respect for their specific traits and want them for yourself.

As dreams are a part of your subconscious, maybe it is time to listen to them and follow where they lead you. Who knows, you may find your significant other half or get into a relationship with your crush (sounds like the plot of a Wattpad book, right?)! Understanding these nighttime experiences can either fetch you great results or leave you heartbroken over the rejection. However, never lose hope and try to find the answers you need to hear and not what you want to hear.

Infographic: Spiritual And Psychological Meanings Of Dreams About Crush

Dreams can give you insight into your deepest fears, desires, and beliefs. Though dreaming about your crush may be rooted in our fantasies and daydreams and can be fueled by your passion, infatuation, attraction, admiration, obsession, fondness, enchantment, or fascination with them. Check out the infographic to read about some interesting spiritual and psychological meanings of dreams about your crush.

spiritual and psychological meanings of dreams about crush (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Dreams have been a focus of much inquiry and may be considered a portal to the inner self and higher realms. They tend to play out what is on the conscious and the subconscious mind, and if you interpret them closely, you may find deeper insight into what is going on within you. Dreams about loved ones or objects of affection are common as often the waking mind is preoccupied with them. Dreams about your crush or someone you are enamored, infatuated, or smitten with can mean several things, depending on the events or moods in the dream. You can interpret what you have seen with the help of the dream meanings suggested above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that when you dream about your crush they are thinking about you?

Although you dream about your crush because they are on your mind, it has not been proven whether those dreams arise because they are thinking about you.

Is it true that if you dream of someone they dream of you?

While this is a popular belief many people hold, there is a lack of evidence to prove that it is true.

What does it mean when you dream about your crush more than once?

Having recurrent dreams about your crush means that they have been on your mind a lot lately. If you fantasize about them but rarely get to talk to them, chances are that you might see them in your dreams where you finally get to spend time together as this is what you subconsciously desire.

What should I do if I have recurring dreams about my crush?

Having recurring dreams about your crush simply means that you are thinking about them a lot. You might want to reign your feelings in and control them if you do not want to keep having them or think their frequency is bordering on unhealthy. Or you can also let your crush know how you feel about them.

Can dreams about my crush affect my behavior towards them in real life?

Your dreams about your crush might sway your feelings about them in real life. If you dream about them a lot, it might make you feel awkward, nervous, or uncomfortable when they are around. If you have had a bad dream about them, it might make you react angrily towards them.

Should I tell my crush about my dreams?

If you share a friendly bond with your crush, it might be okay to share your dream with them. But if you have never talked to them, it is better not to share it as it can make them feel awkward.

Key Takeaways

  • If you are dreaming about an old crush while being in a relationship, it may either mean that you have not gotten over them completely or that you may be unhappy in your current situation and find something missing.
  • If you are dreaming of fighting with your crush, it may indicate that you are getting over them and want to move on.
  • If you are dreaming of being ignored by your crush, it may indicate that you are ignoring your needs in waking and you need to practice more self-care and pay attention to yourself.

Do you dream about your crush and want to know what it means? Learn about 7 common dreams and their hidden meanings in the video below.

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